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  1. As mentioned somewhere above, It's not a server issue. I used to come home from class and play this game for hours. My fingers bled from PvP, my brain cells died from Megas, my wallet vanished from IB's. But i loved it all. This game is just drop-dead boring now. Someone remind KoG that increasing level cap, adding new cancer characters, and adding shitty dungeons does not satisfy most players palate.
  2. I guess you can say your new name is....
  3. Does the item itself include any details on where it came from or the effects given upon activating?
  4. http://elsword.koggames.com/2017/02/2017-winter-casual-costumes-are-here/ Brb changing pants
  5. These 3 skill animations go pretty good together
  6. Takes a good hacker about 1 minute to clear HoB, so in around 5 mintues, 1 IC You're correct but 5 minutes for 1 IC is 12 ics an hour
  7. A determined hacker can have enough IC's for a full IB set in a few hours, and look fancy in their new red qipao ^This is the only thing that creates a void between implementing this new quest and not implementing it