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  1. Puppy

    Old old player coming back

    Welcome back to Void!~ ^ ^
  2. Puppy

    Hello! new to Elsword.

    Welcome to Void Els!~ Also, here's a beginners guide to VoidEls
  3. Puppy

    Hello VoidEls!

    Welcome to VoidEls!~ I hope you enjoy your stay and have a happy holidays too. ^ ^
  4. Puppy

    Which characters do you fund the most?

    I always get stuff for my Elesis. c:
  5. Puppy

    The problem +10

    Yata said prices will be reduced next week in this suggestion thread. However, we don't know how much they're going to reduce it by.
  6. Puppy

    Hello Void O:

    Welcome to Void~ Please enjoy your stay!
  7. Puppy

    I am actually back

    Welcome back, Kid.
  8. Puppy

    [10/12/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Sending love to all of you guys who are still waiting.