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  1. I know the prices will go up again and people will want it again.. LIFE. So does this mean you are going to re-rotate old recolors? Should have rotated IW instead.. it costs more than SR for eve if you guys are talking about prices as a reason to rotate items.. so is IgC.
  2. Your siggy speaks the truth.

  3. Yuchii

    R> Lock

    Back on track to what I previously said I mentioned making it an event exclusive and recoloring misc items that aren't IBs. If you haven't noticed only the only thing recolored so far are IBs, not IMs or normal costumes, accessories, sit motions or even dance sets. Questions is if they can do it, which doesn't sound utterly impossible, (I mean people used to recolor skills and their hp bars..) Anyway, I am neutral on this being recolored. LF> cute normal costume recolors. :Eyes:
  4. Yuchii

    R> Lock

    One of the major assets that sets void apart from the main servers are the recolors. I also don't think there is anything wrong with an event exclusive recolor, if thats how you want to approach it. Maybe that'll get people to finally work hard for an event but honestly the question is how would this recolor be distributed or given out as a prize. I am surprised everyone brings out IB recolors but not IM stuff or recolors of goodies that haven't yet come to void. Then again all people want are IBs...
  5. I love Namjoon's dimples aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Much smort too.

  6. Let me just say... this hack wasn't made yesterday. It has been around for quite a while and I am honestly not surprised this happened.
  7. I don't run dungeons, my title is good enough, i already have fetch aura. I wouldn't be happy with that compensation.
  8. i don't get this "fresh" start option. Ya'know hackers got more control over the economy than ever. Then again... are we getting the ban wave or not?
  9. I thought this was a dressup game... who lied to me?!
  10. I knew it was a bait... I clicked anyway. Welcome fellow Elpeep!
  11. Forum Name: Yuchii Character Name: Cupid Category I Want To Participate In: 1,2,3 @StalkerChan ** Question! I thought Perkisas Horns weren't tradeable (including the weapons), I am confused why they are also included in category #4.
  12. Cupid it's Daniella ; w ; Oh my god your art, I suck so badddd wtf ; -;


    1. Yuchii
    2. UltimateDani


      Sniffs* ; - ; Can u teach me like for real


  13. I am alive.. for a bit. Sorry to the people i have caused trouble to, I am such a potato.

  14. I just remembered. . . it is almost our birthday.