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  1. LoIi

    Hello, not to disturb you or anything, just wanted to see if you're interested in joining my new discord server, that has currently 13 members (excluding the bots), and it would be great if you could join it, we accept memes, cursing, and literally you can do whatever you want!





  2. Hey Uni <3 Its been a grand while. I wanted to know if you're still the amazing Aisha main you've always been and help me with VP because its not like I'm bad with VP or anything a bitch needs help ;^)

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    2. Yomi


      Dang, its fine no worries :D, hope you're doing fantastic btw :)

    3. Universal
    4. Yomi


      If you ever wanna talk just DM me here or on Els, my IGN is Faeriess

  3. Hail

    Finally revealed yourself.

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    2. Hail


      Your post count is bad btw. 

    3. Yomi


      Maybe because I don't post a lot o;

    4. Hail


      let's fix that


  4. Hello Varren.

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    2. Yomi


      -sees ur profile picture- I hate you.

    3. Graverobber


      You can suck my bow <3

    4. Yomi


      Bitch MAYBE I WILL

  5. Uni <3 Haven't seen you in so long.

    1. Universal


      hiii yomiiiiii!!! good to know you are alive

    2. Yomi


      Likewise xD

  6. Hey, I heard your best DW in the world ;;;; Do you have any tips on gear for DW ?

    1. LordGostone


      Hmm, if you can afford it this is the best possible gear:
      1) Weapon: Apocalypse Type-Void
      2) Top: Vision or Wrath Heroic Top with Attack/Attacked effect (and Spurt/Supernova damage if possible)
      3) Bottom: Vision or Wrath Heroic Bottom with Physical Attack Party Buff (same skill damage as above if possible)
      4) Gloves: Vision or Wrath Heroic Gloves with Bravery Damage Buff Stackable x5 (same skill damage as above if possible)
      5) Shoes: Vision or Wrath Heroic Shoes with Damage to Bosses effect (same skill damage as above if possible)

      The Heroic combination should be 2/4 and 2/4 for -5% cd which DW needs, +5% skill damage and +10% both attacks. Of course the higher rank the better but you should mostly focus on the effects mentioned above (not the skill damage, both ranks and skill damage are like a bonus and they are pretty good but they are secondary). Other options for weapon if you cannot get a Type-Void is Heroic rank 26+ Weapon (the rank is important for the weapon, again here damage to bosses and supernova/spurt damage if possible). Cheaper options for top are damage to bosses, but you should try to get the bottom and gloves that were mentioned above. Secondary options for shoes are mp cost and ignore physical defense as damage to bosses only works against bosses (duh). 

      If Heroic is troublesome for you as well as Henir, then SD sets wise I'd suggest Dragonic Fear. If you got further questions go ahead.

    2. Yomi


      Okay! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me! Appreciate it a lot ; u ;

    3. LordGostone


      Glad could help. ~

  7. When your friend Yasmine doesn't give you some good dick
  8. You just want a extremely easy way to get MoS. Who cares about the amount of work you have to do just to get the title. Honestly, just do the work. I'm lazy as fuck and I want everything to be easy but at same time I don't because I actually wanna do the work. Doing the work makes you feel very accomplished. Doesn't matter what class you are, you're still capable to get whatever you want. Stop the laziness.
  9. H-Hi ; u ; I would like to apply ; ; ♡IGN: SlutWhore (dont judge o3o) ♡Class: Code Battle Seraph ♡Level: 31 atm ; ; BUT THAT'S OKAY THOUGH O; (Hopefully~) ♡A bit about you: I'm Yomi and I love games, kpop/kdramas, and anime (Panty & Stocking fan here) ; ;
  10. I've been seeing SOOOO many threads about when LuCiel is going to come here and other updates that we don't have yet. Well you know what, for those people who have their heads up there asses or pay no attention to the threads of the staffs. Here's a message for you o; Now stop asking for shit. Geez