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  1. Kenny

    Stay Bae

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    2. Stay


      *silently lurks in corner sipping tea...*

    3. Kenny


      cuz he's a goon, why would you believe anything he says to you? LLL
      i love the guy
      also stay go to bed its past your bed time

    4. laby


      wow i’m gonna murder him 

  2. Merry Christmas everyone!!

    1. Joe


      merry Christmas to you too

    2. errasemedaddy



      Merry Christmas 

  3. I have officially reopened my siggy shop! Now introducing animated siggys! Go check it out~


  4. That feeling when you finish your last exam:


    1. Jochira


      *hugs* congrats, give me some lore now <3

    2. Miie
    3. Celery
  5. Guess who

    Now I won't get pings anymore muahahaha

  6. How have I not discovered Melanie Martinez until now? Her songs are amazing.

    Current song obsession:


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    2. Kenny


      you're so late

    3. Scarose


      @Alabaster so're you, replying to this status update 11 days later-

    4. Kenny


      thats the point :^)

  7. But legit why am I still getting lock requests when I've changed my forum username?? ;;;

  8. *glomps the Lore* an interesting Lore is right here >w<

    1. Jochira


      and mind if I add you at Discord? XD *totally did not forget to ask*

  9. When you have like 1bil shows on your 'to watch' list and you opt for rewatching the old goodies


  10. Guess who~

    Changed forum name cuz I felt like it~

  11. Hai Stay  , it's me , Miku!

    I have a question regarding the SS theme , "aesthethic" Welp...

    I thought I should I ask YOU since u were the one who suggested it lol

    The right definition means something like..... that is beautiful or has a good taste....But in ur post (the example for the theme) I saw pics with pastel colors...


    So , what exactly do I have to draw? A new outfit with pastel colors? Or any color? Seriously , I have no plain idea.......

    Hope u can help me ;-;

    1. Stay


      'Aesthetic' does mean beauty, but in this case it refers to a 'set' of pictures combined together to look aesthetically pleasing, or beautiful. So basically, just use the pictures as an inspiration.

      For example, if you got this:


      You could draw the OC holding the camera or backpack, you could colour their clothes pink, you could draw them with ice cream or chocolate, you could draw them sitting on a cloud, or you could draw a combination of those things.

      You don't necessarily have to use the same colours as the images, but most people do.

      There are no strict rules when it comes to aesthetics, just draw your assigned OC using the aesthetics as a guide!

      I also suggest you take a look at how other people use aesthetics to draw OCs;

      Mystery Aesthetic Adopts .:closed:.Aesthetic Adopts: Last one for $15! CUSTOMS OPEN

      I hope this helps!

    2. MikuHatsune


      Yes it did! Thank you SOOO much , Stay :3

  12. Hi Stay~

    How's your day?

    1. Stay


      Hi there! Not too bad thanks, how about you~?

    2. Natsume-kun


      Good to hear that. I am good too. 

  13. Thank you all for the for the kind words! Unfortunately I don't have the time to reply to each and every one of you, but I have read every message; your best wishes and support means the world to me! LF>@everyone function Also @Acowgi STEAK-SAN IT'S GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!