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  1. Your Name: Alex IGN: Caffeinate Main or Alt?: Alt Age & Timezone (optional): 20 + PST -8 About you: i'm a college student & meme connoisseur extraordinaire & i main devi but my aps needs a guild :'D Why would chu like to join?: i've reached peak dipshit (y'all look fun asf:D) i'm online now if u wanna whisper me or inv =D
  2. oh hey can i pop my cs in here *:・゚IGN: AIIura (capital i's) *:・゚ Main or Alt: Alt *:・゚ Previous Guild: n/a *:・゚ Reason for joining us: need a guild and y'all look friendly :3c *:・゚Best time to invite: weekday evenings (or anytime today rlly) (timezone pst -8)
  3. np! i'm online now, i just applied on board :D
  4. WOW WHAT A PRETTY THREAD :O IGN: Seychelles Main or Alt: Main Previous Guild*: Might Timezone*: PST -8
  5. AAAH SORRY I GOT REALLY BUSY WITH SCHOOL ;__; i just applied on board!! ty for ur patience :D
  6. okay hi um idk if anyone remembers me but i'm alex and i used to play this game religiously when i was like 15 and then i stopped but now i'm back LMAO :,) i'm 20, i live on the west coast of the US, am a college student, & i consume memes on the reg....also i've been an ara & aisha stan since day 1 so seeing their third classes??? THRIVING i have a lot of alts bc i like levelling characters but!! i'm usually on either Alex (devi) or Lyseila (aether sage) :D if you see me in game or want to run dungeons/chat/etc. just send a whisper/friend request!! lately i'm running mostly elrianode b/c i gotta get hella swole okay okay /end post, it's nice to meet you all!! :D idk when the forums got these lil emojis but honestly my posts are very sexy now
  7. howdy howdy!! IGN: Lyseila Why do you want to join?: i just came back from a several year-long hiatus and i need a guild :") also i only do pve and y'all look fun asf Age?: 20 i'm in game rn if you want to send me a whisper!
  8. ew

    1. chancey


      why is trash on the glorified trash profile?

    2. Alex


      why can't i be glorified too :(

  9. hi struct hows it going struct maybe you use masculine sentence structure
  10. steph was meant to be forgotten
  11. omg first post of 2016!!!
  12. you have to suck ran's dick first
  13. im literally so triggered right now