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  1. In all seriousness, everything in this game annoys me. The new characters which made character balancing absolute shit Really bad storyline p2w PvE p2w PvP No fun in sparring because of lag Gameplay is terrible, and boils down to get better gear or die Events are shit and generic No exploration or anything of the sort Costumes are really not worth buying even with Magic Wardrobe Ice Burners The RNG The community in general KoG/Nexon and the fucking nostalgia I have because this is one of my childhood games that I really enjoyed and can't ever forget even if every part of this game is objectively bad
  2. It's mostly design than the character herself. As mentioned by other users: Very "graphic heavy" skills which become a nuisance An original character from another game which had 0 relation to Elsword that suddenly made an appearance and ruined the already crappy storyline The need for 4 jobs instead of the standard 3 which breaks a pattern Highly advantageous compared to other classes in certain scenarios, breaking the little balance the game had up to that point People who like Rose are those who appreciate her graphic design (aka looks) or the playstyle, or was a DFO player/enjoyed DFO. Anyone who doesn't really fit into that description will say adding this character to the game was a mistake. EDIT: I mean I like to shitpost, but I'm not sure if she's really a "low effort bandwagon material". I'm sure there are people who hate stuff for no reason (because come on; Void community's average IQ is probably single digits lol), but most people probably indirectly experienced one of the four points I made above which is why they might not like her as much. I myself played Crimson Rose for a bit but decided not to actively play Rose primarily for reasons 2, 3, and 4
  3. I still think Moderators should be compensated for at least a bit in terms of EC to actually incentivize the position because with all due respect the people who can fulfill the Moderator role best are the ones who will need some compensation for their work. Another rotation that doesn't really interest me; doesn't help that I barely have 600m in ED after that Winter Core event and still haven't sold my +11 (guess I'll try to hold onto it longer bleh). Best of luck to people pulling for it
  4. Basic psychology states that people prefer that 199,999,999 instead of 200m even because of the fact that the hundred million digit is lower. It gives the illusion that the item is much cheaper when it's actually not, which is why when you watch TV and stuff the prices are marked as "19.99" or "49.99" instead of 20 or 50. It's just how the human mind works. On the topic of the discussion, it really depends on what's being sold. If it's a high-demand item with a fast turn-around (IBs, consumables etc) I don't really mind 1 ED undercuts because chances are I'll still get my item sold anyways. It's the rarer items like Elite Head Hunter, Poru Gold Seals and the likes where 1 ED undercutting will get to me a little Then again I don't play this game anymore so kek
  5. Considering all my +10s are from blacksmithing, I can agree with this idea; it's just that it's not a good idea overall because then it'll kill pretty much all the market for any +9 or lower scrolls or even the blacksmithing profession entirely, which people depend on to make money
  6. I legitimately can't decide between the +11 scroll or HH. Leaning towards HH since it's tradable and I don't have many 2+Enhance Elrianode gear to indicate a need for +11 but then again Ic an sell a +11 Elrianode easily. Anyone have inputs on my situation? (Shard count/ED cost is not an issue)
  7. I have like 100 shards already from mindlessly farming Add Dungeon, and now I'm troubled whether to get the HH or the +11 Armor scroll. I do have multiple accounts but screw trying to farm on both accounts because it's already soul-destroying trying to get one of those
  8. Yeah, it's really the game that's gone to shit and at least Void has done decently enough to keep the game "afloat" for the players who enjoy it which is why you still see people cashing on this game regularly. If you want "anime MMOs" there's plenty of better options and quite frankly Elsword's gameplay is severely outdated at this point that even a half-assed 3D game would be better/more fun. With literally nothing better than other games Elsword's only main selling point is the characters which generally keeps old-players playing the fashion game every once in a while. Void as a server will probably never die purely because of the above; people still playing the game and cashing on it. Quite frankly even if the official servers terminate service and thus there is no more updates being performed for the game there will be ways to bring about players (like releasing IBs regularly) on Void and people will still cash for it. Heck players from official servers would probably migrate to Void too. The only point when Void would officially die is when players get sick of either Elsword's "fashion" aspects and end up not spending money, and the server as a whole goes into the Red and the higher-ups decide it's more profitable to close the server altogether
  9. Take my opinion with a grain of salt because I'm generally more pessimistic when it comes to suggestions, but all this just sounds like complaining from the people who can't play with no Head Hunter and that the one they did buy/drop should cover them for all the characters which sounds pretty entitled. The Force Skills themselves aren't meant to be readily transferred over to different characters and if at all I'm in agreement that it works as good ED sink. Disclaimer that I don't use ANY Head Hunter and still manage in 11-5, Pepsiman, and Henir.
  10. You know what would be really funny? If Dusk/Dawn Sovereign and Chess Arena were released at once next Friday. Oh god I'd enjoy that too much
  11. Okay. I know I can't tell you how to play your games. I also know it's wrong to prejudice you in any way So I'm going to just make a suggestion that if you can possibly obtain a +8 weapon in any way/shape/form and 4D/Heroic/SD gear, you can probably clear Add Dungeon in less than 5 minutes with your Catastrophe, whose Oriax makes the entire freaking thing easymode. With this event you MAY be able to get a Void weapon and even get a +9 which will decrease that run time even more. Exit each time and collect both your Apink card (which can be bankshared, so you only need to gear one character out of the many you have in your screenshot), as well as the Music Sheet which will get you loads of money if you use it properly.
  12. Now my question to you is: Who in the actual heck would want a set up like that? If at all they might want the 1st class's hairstyle (like me) but the other pieces are easily obtainable from timed promo cubes that are already tradeable. If you want to MW them, why not actually grind the 150 dungeon runs like a diligent player would because it's definitely possible and even DESIRABLE due to the current event. Plus it actually means something when you complete that weird-ass set because it'll show everyone you've actually grinded dungeons to obtain that look. When you make suggestions, you really need to consider the fraction of the playerbase that will be positively affected by the change, and contrast it to the work the staff needs to put into developing it. As it stands right now, the idea will require lots of work by the staff (actually coding each individual piece into Naeun), doesn't really add or remove anything, and it'll help MAYBE one player out of thousands who even considered using 1st class promos, and even then at least half of them wouldn't mind the extra grinding Add Dungeon
  13. Previously getting a +10 Amulet in about 100 ED Burners a long time ago Roughly 10-20 runs for Void Weapon Over 150 Fluorites trying to +10 said Void Weapon and failing (though to be fair this was me being an idiot and trying to go from +9 -> +10) Actually getting +10 on said Void Weapon in about 10 tries using blacksmithing Never getting a Void Weapon after that (~400 runs) Using 180 fluorites and counting trying to +11 said Void weapon and failing Do I need to explain this? Blow another 120 mithrils after I post the thread above and get only a single +9 Over 300 ED burners to date after CS rotation and the best thing I got was Further Improved Hero Ring Never get any good tears So yeah, it's pretty complicated, though my luck's been on the bad side recently and that kinda sucks
  14. Okay I might burst some bubbles but here goes. My opinion is that suggestions like this imply that you do not have the capability or the intelligence to properly learn English like everyone else is doing, or keeping to their own language cliches (like many of the Korean players are doing). For those individuals, I do not believe accepting a suggestion to "add a language" is appropriate.
  15. Wow fucking preach This was the exact problem I had with Ace in the Hole. The skill itself is shit, and they made it worthless by removing the iframe and making it SA instead. I've definitely had some frustrating moments of getting pushed out of Gungnir as well Like I believe it when people comment Daybreakers are one of the weakest classes and considerably inferior to classes like Innocent cause goddamn we lack utility so much