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  1. were did u gooo

  2. Wrong, you're not. IP can't exactly handle constant pressure, which is why characters like NW or TT are a nightmare for him. Field control and constant pressure shows many, many, many weakpoints of IP. But of course you guys don't know that, how could you even? So... A WS doing over 7k normal hits with nature force buff is "no damage" then? Yeah, let's go with that.
  3. WS does more damage, WS can tank more, WS has more tools, WS has more mobility, WS also has way more annoying debuffs (Like taking the ability to dash away) and WS is considered mid-tier by so many retarded people. Not to mention the ability to charge mana, forcing you to play offensively against her. An ability to go easily onto a safe distance via ranged attacks. BUT she is mid-tier and IP is top tier. Yeah.... ITT: Retards talking.
  4. S2 IP was not balanced, he was shit. S3 IP comes close to balance, or at least comes close to what he is supposed to do. The slow, hard punishing rhino. Also you're assuming that EVERYBODY instantly knew how to perfectly timebomb. I have only seen a few players who were actually capable of using it perfectly. (I wasn't one of them btw. I didn't exactly like it either.)
  5. If you mean timebombing, every Chung was able to do that. IPs passive was the thing that made it kinda broken for him. It was still considered a technique by many people. And no, he wasn't balanced. He was shit lol. DC on the other hand.... DC was something I called balance back in S2. Now that balance has kinda drifted off, not too much but you can notice it.
  6. I can give you an old video of mine if you would prefer that. (I was really bad back then.)
  7. Only because you can type however you want doesn't make it look less cancer-like.
  8. It looks like a disease and makes you also look like a disease.
  9. You should go and see a doctor, something seems to be wrong with your eyes.
  10. You're still not trying hard enough. Just saiyan.
  11. They don't count as girl or as hot.
  12. I only get screwed by hot girls. likeKohakorNepai
  13. You expected a comment about the pic? Why is there always such a nice weather in bethma?
  14. And this time it's not even my fault!