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  1. Oh, that's fine. Take your time!~ ^^
  2. First off, welcome to void, Esona! I hope you're having a great time so far! Other than that, application approved! I'll add you as soon as I hop online!
  3. Alright! And take care of yourself!~ :o
  4. @WAAHluigi @Apsara @LeiShi I've made a recruitment message on the board in-game if you wish to join from there! Sorry for the ping, I just didnt want you guys to think that I've forgotten about you guys!~ >.<
  5. '^' A fellow shoe-puller will forever be welcomed to this guild! Application accepted! When I log in today, I'll let you and the other recruits know when I'm online!~ OuOb
  6. Accepted with flying colors! I'll add you both in-game and on Discord when I get home! And also feel free to invite your friends into the guild too!~