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  1. Dc and Lp I started playing when the beta came in Eu i was a lowly RS got to lvl 47 (the cap was 50 at the time iirc) but then quitted I came back way later when chung got relased and oh boy never had so much fun. I capped and spent a f ton of time i even farmed for Magic of splendor. But then i got banned LOL Lp was the first char i created in this server it was super fun but i dont remember why that acc got fuckd up so i started a new one. And now.years later my lp is alive again! Holy i wrote a novel didnt i?
  2. Please remember im not attacking the person that wrote the post but the argument.
  3. I think that To force people to Burn almost everything should be untradable so if you want those items you HAVE to burn for them the drop rate can be a bit higher like this. Maybe for the ib,it could be a rotation with all the recolored IB. the price is fine at 3.5m.
  4. Is this real? like isnt Ain god tier? and no CR isnt she broken aswell? or is this post nerf? And raven is super fun to play As and against every match feels played out to the max and not just -Get hit -80k ded-
  5. I Feel like you guys should give the man a break he is quitting, Stop harassing him. He can do Whatever he wants with his money but i digress. If you have to talk with someone about your problems i think there is plenty of people that will listen to you with an open mind (me included). Hope you the best of luck with life and keep doing what you want,never what people tells you to do.
  6. 'cuz y'know Lk is super Op he needs to be nerfed but i do feel like the passive was way to strong.
  7. IGN: TrumpLover --- I'll change it .. someday..... maybe. Age: 18 - Imma a big boy now Timezone:GMT +2 i think Country:PizzaLand - Also known as italy Main/alts:This is my main yeah,a sweet add main About meh:Just an ordinary fag that never joined a guild but i don't know,i wanna try; I usually play Lol and Elsword but sometimes i try new stuff. Also 9 S or 2 B?
  8. Just play Die to revive the PTSD that he caused during the "Add era" it will always be with me,the screeching sound of force finger and maxi strike...
  9. Nirin


    Aw i played with you! if you ever wanna spar call meh °w° Btw Soul eruption does way more dmg and if hits Gives you more mp that costed with the lvl 50 passive And you're good so keep the good work!
  10. i think the best is 60% crit,8-10k add and 6-7k red Or something like this.
  11. It should work on bosses and if you don't have mhonni is ok. Or follow my tutorial on hao 2 be a pro prostitute and buy a miho/rael lol
  12. Step 1 Become a gurl Step 2 Meet lots of boys(With cash) that will do anything Step 3 W8 for da best moment Step 4 Profit.