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  1. Hero Coins waiting for a revamp: "Am I a joke to you?" Change a minor setting and call it a revamp? really? Seriously, staff doesn't even care anymore for the outdated systems nor players revamp suggestions. They'll do whatever they want without listening to our opinion...
  2. I'd rather have more recolored Miho ears (blue, purple, green, whatever) but still +1 to the other idea.
  3. I'd go with: 4 - Double Title Count (for better titles) 5 - Double Energy Fusion Drops (to finish my other Void weapons or sell Energy shards) 6 - 100% Random Mission Chance (ERP grinding, 'nuff said) 7 - 800% Base EXP (same as above) 8 - +50% All Profession EXP (to level up my Blacksmith) I'm between Double Pepsiman drops and +50% Profession EXP thou. About the Reward Voting Cube, Guild and Socket packs are the best.
  4. I want Maru On the IM PERMANENT I NEED IT, it's so cute.
  5. I'd rather have the materials to be bankshareable instead of the cubes. Anyway... +1
  6. RNG RNG RNG and... RNG. Did I already said RNG? This game should be called "RNG simulator". And Rose, fuck Rose
  7. @VoidEls Maybe this is a question from ages ago, but I need to know: the inactive Guild Master spot transfer option is functional? (That one from 6 months iirc) The guild I am in really, reeeally need to change his GM cuz that person has been inactive almost 6 months, and I wouldn't like this guild to die.
  8. I miss when Void cared about outdated systems... looking at you Hero Coins...
  9. Just revamp that shitty system already, I wanna get rid those coins from my inventory. +1
  10. Fuck +9, we need more +10 for the actual endgame. And I seriously need like 5 of them for my alts, lol. +1
  11. iirc, 2nafish showcased that bundle on his yesterday stream. It have the 3 job advancement tickets and all of the passives / HA books individually, so you can still unlock whatever skill you want.
  12. > See Force Skill revamp > No free or crafteable Mod skills Void, you had one job, ONE JOB! fml...
  13. DKA IS FUCKING BACK! It's been 3000 years.jpg Thank you Void.
  14. What a scam... at least they added DW wings to the MW... FUCKING FINALLY!
  15. Gonna wait for this one, it's the only thing I'm waiting for 2.4 (and Socket with previous stone used).