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  1. Saddly i cant join DC server of void since they added this phone number thing (explanation: you need to verifi your dc acc with your phone number ), i wont give my phone number to join a P server DC server. so yeah cant ask really v.v sorry that i took your answer soo then i thinked that this was irony , sorry again im sensitive in this since this hostality att
  2. but i didnt complain about anything...for sd u get 1 for pvp u get 10 or so so it makes it more pvp even like or not .. and i dont like pvp at all, its pretty scary to have opinion just here on void forum ..really its pretty scary to talk here v.v instantly everyone makes stupid out of you in every possible way on this planet @DoomBringer Just read above it wont let me quote u in edit. there is no missunderstand i would like more event like we had with chloe , sorry for having opinion i guess its not a discussion thread omg..
  3. sometimes its scary to say here something to not get eaten alive by all this ppl that know everything , name all voidopedia. im silent no need to destroy me more T_T i dont like pvp and i dont gonna sorry for having opinion * out*
  4. saddly only pve type so pass Q-Q but the buff perm idea looks fun :3
  5. ^ +1 :< I cant w8 for them Preeeetty Please <3 And: Accs: Dancing Halloween Spirit , Jack O'latern , Xmas Ribbon , Dream Step: Cherry Blossom , Shoting Star Accesory , Black Teddy Bear , Candy Cane Accesory , Anniversary accs (Mask , crown and wings), Phoru Mini-Me , Prosperity 2017 release , Gentle teddy Bear , Charming Teddy Bear , Bittersweet Phoru Cupid Twin , Bowless Phopid Mini , Halloween Party Sarcophagus Costumes: Aisha's Virgin Saint Hair (i dunno which set it is but i guess its called too : Virgin Saint <- from IM<- its like the prettiest hair for aisha) Green Day Costume Staff , Santa Claus Hat's , Snowman Costume . And Mandrasil Weapons :) pretty Please
  6. I can think of a reason why, but as said stop spamming This is not a discussion thread to close this topic from my site in here: inflation of ed cannt be stoped whith something that shall increase the fun in void, i have 350k cp and without pots dark elf is not makeable ( now think abour elboi 1 month expirence of void 120 k cp with dead quere is gigantic pain in ###) random elboi needs help too and if he feels good here he gonna stay here not for example in another server cuz he gonna have fun in here so he gonna be here happy u know then our server gonna have more players which gonna be better for server when they buy some ec and help acctually to pay bills of this server there dont exist only rich ppl in void, and this non rich want to increase and gonna want to play more but if you close them ways by saying rich ppl gonna get i dunno louis vuitton richness lvl cuz pots gonna gave normal price then i dont know how to help you as i said if you want to discuss something dms/create a discussion topic but i wont agree to this that making pots expensive gonna help server inflation , wipe would help cuz ed drops all the time to everyone but ! aha! most of it drops in end game dungs which u need to reach somehow. And this newcommers gonna stay old players make veeery often breaks from game, those poorwe should support cuz they are possibly the future of this server from beginning i was playing in a kinda big guild more then 20 ppl i knew in real life from them stayed only my 1 friend and he haves all the time breaks from game too, pot issue is one reason of them why he haves noo mood and rich ppl have ed burners since race title so more u cant help it with inflation since as said ed drops all the time from monsters. Not reminding about brilliant (not sarcastic) idea gettin in +10 event ed burning staff took care of inflartion how they could they do awesome job with it. (to make this clean: i was supporting cuz i felt here good in here i meet my husband here and i was donating to this server monthly 5-10€ which i spended for cosmetic items from IM more i didnt spended soo im not a whale/casher/we u call it no im not that either i earned everthing from a seed till a tree with big breaks but i did and i did buy my real life husband everything for his chars too without using my real wallet) Ps. sorry for bad eng never had it in school
  7. I hope u can collect it still while u help others getting all this munneh for overpiced pots : ) Like u said in another post that im currently reading LOL NEW COMMERS <- important stuff This is a suggestion post also for further iq drops i invite u to dms to keep this post Clean thank you for your understanding still +9999 And good luck to new commers to pay so much for something to be able even do a good title in Vanimir
  8. +999999 put an inf in there price is normal and affordable, in vanimir everything makes us for a pie itself with one shot (Outch ELVS NOT TALKING ABOUT MRS NEFIL...she needs 1/100000 of shot... xD) PPl that say its too cheap shall say al this newbies good luck in vanimir and add some painkillers to it (not the title tho) AAAAND some munneh cuz random elsword that started 1 month ago gonna have a problem to spam pots if they are so overpriced which would end like with this apink 5kk craftable pot that gives awakening bubbles ...exactly forgotten. For us old players here is easy to say buuuuuh they need to be expensive, but after all its a fun server that makes it better then Global Servers. when not the pie then at last the water cuz loosing all the acctual profit for recovery potions is too big minus and some ppl then are behind cuz they load mana instead getting pots which they cant afford.
  9. +1 to all and repair plz drop rates .. T_T
  10. +1 i think they gonna do it anyways since its hardcore to get +10 now that the event is broken....(rip it was so nice) and theres no many ppl with +11 and to get into raid you would need a +11 so +10 is a must its logic so im up for this but dont make it just too easy its good oportunity to make ed burner out of this like with +9 was this system is cool u need to to henir and sds and burn some ed for it so maybe make it double ? quere for henir would be not dead for it but dont add pvp to it q.q it gonna be again derankpolypse
  11. +1 , it was perfect amazing event i did really enjoy it i was able to get nice stuff with my 3 h per day time to play now it turned into a 'i dont have time to make it...i need to take care of chrismas i cant sit whole chrismas on pc to farm something' And i wanted Pixie For EVE T_T and pretty accs...who did request this ? where is this comunity feed back ? cant find it at all idk to request that is masochistic i would even say.. and i was happy that it got increased...maybe they did want to increase it and they did miss type ?
  12. WTF u was ever in elysion ? In atlas B-S Dood for example i gues DC mains enjoy not every skill canceled cuz every mob there is like a meatball with unbreakable steel armor on it that keeps rolling at u till u die from being tired of running ans spaming sskills ...sorry trying to spam skills CUZ EVERYTHING GETS CANCEL XDDDD. For example im pve main i play many chars at once. And i cant think about this what u said. How else heavy ass of raven should move? And what if u get LIKE ALLWAYS one shoted as paper YR and u could help ur Team and then u get ur ass saved cuz yey res. I dont have opinion about ip cuz i didnt read his trans skill, but ik that till he moves his prince bazooka it takes one earth circle to hit [i talk about ppl that are playing for fun not to be 1st in henir xoxoxo] Think about this ppl u are not alone in this game. Also Kog should understand one thing instead of all this worthless balance patches... PVP =/= PVE And then balance pvp in pvp way and pve in pve way and they started it. Im PvE Main for 5-6 years now cuz i like my life . XD
  13. Any mana regeneration should be deleted and KO protection and all should be fine i guess. And #restore_combo_worth_in_elsword Basic stuff + all should be in pvp havin same amounts of dmg and def's and no one would complain. Peace sorry for bad eng dont kill me ;-;
  14. Every elboy and Bm =_= everything else is not that bad to play agaist/with =-= like u want to have fun in sds and here comes an +999999999999 rs that oneshots everything and u cant have ur fun.cuz everything is dead :_: The same with BM's they allways steal mvp from u and u dont kno what and when happend even if u are asura not bad geared [im mostly pve cuz pvp its not this that gives fun for me even if i kno my combos and stuff] sorry for bad eng ^^
  15. 1) Yeah or non existing/unreal prices 2) im kinda solo BUT! to all complains Our staff is smart and they did give a smart event that destroyed a bit of collected Ed [like after reaper/or this hollow title i allways forget this name] Soooo some of prices went lower i think @w@ so GJ Staff <3 this event was awesome idea