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  1. Because you need to be doing a lot of damage to Maya at once to kill with the orb still in effect.
  2. I'd +1 but I'm very neutral on this, as players can still use Paymentwall, well, whatever the name is...despite how it actually isn't very reliable with constantly changing what they accept. PGC isn't at fault and neither is Void for SuperRewards going down, unfortunately. Other services that use them are down too. Plus, players had from the beginning of the event until the issue to have loaded up or bought EC from a seller. As much as I'd love an extension, these may be the reasons they say no.
  3. Bumping~! I've updated the guild thread.
  4. I wish that could happen but an OPEN ALL button may not work due to inventory space for burners. It does get pretty easy if you just spam the Enter key though. Just gotta be patient, it used to take much longer to open.
  5. Oh, then those are First Job or Second Job promo cubes for that path #1. If you need to know which class is what, use Elwiki's char class tree for reference.
  6. Magic Wardrobe is case sensitive. So, you have to type out Promotion or Promo
  7. Personally, I like the way Void already has the drop system..You don't want to abuse the drops as it is because most of the crafts don't even take up that much of mats. Plus, if you can do raids, those give you 5 for each run completed. If you do Add Dungeon fast enough, then hey, you can finish getting 300 shells in 5 hours worth of farming for 1 day (1 run/minute), and maybe even a Void weapon for an alt that you believe can help you get through this event more. Also, none of the dungeons really take THAT long to finish...So they're being extra gracious with their event. -1 from me, because this is better than past events where they were forced to make the drop rates as often as this one's.
  8. People shouldn't have tried to have an NSFW IGN in the first place. It needs to be enforced as well, because Void isn't just all adults. There are younger players who are unknowingly being exposed to stuff like this, or searching it up, repeating what an IGN says, etc.
  9. I'm just gonna refer you to the comment above yours since that says a lot of what I want to. However, if you do the verification button, that can block out several people who are 13-15 from playing the game...all because others are using 18+ names. Or it won't work at all because let's face it, even Discord has that and people still hit yes.
  10. See the thing is, it's apparently against rules to post NSFW megas…. "What can an IGN do to you?" Actually, it's not to me, but there are younger players or just clueless ones on the topic and will Google your IGN if they don't know what it means. Some people don't like accidentally exposing themselves to that. I'm not butthurt over the jokes though, I'm just confused as to why names are allowed to be racist, NSFW, etc.... but megas posted or comments said to people can be bannable (in the case of harassment or just an NSFW mega). It just bothers me personally seeing people using a slur as their IGN, but I ignore it half the time. Edit: Added the rules screenshots.
  11. I'm just saying in general to respond to you.