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  1. Bump~ Updates with the thread: -2 more Capo added -1 Capo's image fixed due to visual issues
  2. Surviving


    Okay but if it's just stability maint can they give us the chance to put Laby's pink wedding dress in the MW? Even though I really want a farming event to give me more of an excuse to ERP level.
  3. "Fair from the start" Void staff: *picks 2 NPCs/bosses from old days and 1 kinda recent one* Here, pick a waifu from these. Void community: 90% of us new kids are from right before Sander or after L/C released, so... *picks Ignia* The buff won't do anything for the other teams because y'all have a ton of farmers. Chill before making a petition and see that you're already ahead You're just adding insult to injury.
  4. You guys are already crying about a boost when it might not even catch the others up regardless. Look at the point difference and how Team Ignia has been arguing left and right in terms of how the server buffs will be decided. Let the event be more fair with this so that more people feel they have a chance at deciding too. -1
  5. Nothing we can do at this point other than change events like this in the future. As much as I'd like for a chance to see the underdog teams catch up and spark more competitive vibes from each one in this event, it won't happen. This isn't Punks vs. Cops where the Cops actually put up a fight until they finally gave up in the second half of the event. -1 If you want to maybe add something for the staff to see though, you can certainly add to the Discussion I've created about Events like this. Making a suggestion is only going to make people think we're not getting the rewards whatsoever. Everyone still gets them, it's just now it's in Team Ignia's hands as to WHAT we get.
  6. Since I'm not gonna bother making this reply an extended one trying to either quote or tag everyone that commented here, how many of you are actually Void players from around the Punks vs. Cops event??????? Like I'm sure a ton of you from that time if I'm not the loner in this area remember the bias being heavy. Edit again: I see some of you actually agree this sort of team battle thing just sparks trouble. I wish the staff communicated with the community more on choosing an event...Versus what they do in just throwing it out in the open for the same repetition. They really could have done more here. (Yes, I'm just now fully reading everything because I go away for one small period of time and this blows up into "lmao hater" replies) As for those saying I'm "crying" about it, if you look at my reply to someone, I clearly said I could care less at this point so long as I get my guild coin buff (if Team Ignia even decides on that). I'm not even upset with the team scores at this time, but I am concerned with how Void Staff members are ENTRUSTING part of a community to choose buffs, rather than granting each one on different days if the whole player base hits a milestone for the event instead. Why make a team battle event if the server buffs are going to everyone anyway? Doesn't make much sense, which is why I even started this discussion. If I continue to see it being derailed from the questions at hand, I'll have no choice but to request this thread being locked and put the rest of the situation in the Mods' hands. I wanted a relatively sophisticated discussion and y'all are trying to laugh at others for having a voice. Smh. @Wonho Your reply makes me feel a bit better about saying what I did with the server buff thing. ;w; Sorry for just now reading yours after having to scroll through the others.
  7. I see your point, but it really shouldn't be fair if everyone flocked to Ignia. It bothers me that there's no chance for an underdog to come back. Punks vs Cops was actually fun despite the bias towards Punks because the Cops actually got close to coming back a few times. It was entertaining until they gave up. This event, however, is screwed up with the way most of the community swayed to one option. Though as long as I have my desired guild coin buff, I won't complain. Edit: This event is just messed up because the other 2 options are irrelevant compared to how many people want Ignia as a waifu. With 2 other team options, the underdog participants can't catch up because the ability to is divided in half. It makes the event kinda boring.
  8. Since my reply here was not quite answered, shouldn't you guys actually make the score live instead of having to edit a picture? Live scores would be a lot more entertaining than a lot of the community sitting around and waiting for an edit.
  9. Before you read and assume by the title, no, this is not another one of those "Which team did you pick" threads. Personally, we had this bias issue in Punks vs. Cops where a lot of people went to one side. Now, we're seeing everyone with a heavy bias towards Ignia, which can lead to a lot of hate if the server buffs are "chosen wrong" (Personally I just want those guild coins, but I'm not on Team Ignia) in other players' minds. In order to eliminate bias, equal choices must be present (rather than a Void favorite vs. an NPC and a boss people hate fighting), or participants cannot choose at all. Since we can't obviously change the event right now as it is, my questions are the following: In order to make events like these fair and interesting in the future, should teams be randomly assigned, rather than be by choice? If you said no to the above, then should the team choices have been more relevant to the community instead? Bonus question thanks to @Flannel for making a good point! If you don't want teams at all, then should the staff actually make the Event Suggestion Thread include community ones for in-game, or make polls for packs of ideas they can unveil when the final one has been decided? Example of the idea packs: -Box icons of the theme + brief description of how the event will go + end -Poll options, of course -Themed items/pets/costumes -Staff involvement (in-game) and how they can contribute more to said idea.
  10. Why isn't the score live? It'd be a lot easier than just updating a picture every 24 hours. We had a semi-live score count for the Cops Vs. Punks event a while back...
  11. Welcome- WAIT A SECOND. If it's CST, doesn't that mean you should've been asleep by the time you made this? I'm in the same timezone so I know it's late for us both. Hope to see you around in-game!
  12. Just curious, are people allowed to enter in the next Void's Artist if they got in top 3? Or is it just the first place artist that's prevented from entering again until the next one blows over? I was thinking of entering more Void's Artist contests after this one, but I had to ask to be safe (not to seem arrogant, and also because I don't see anything mentioned about it in the contest rules).
  13. Does Laby have a full IB set that's permanent out of the two in rotation, or should we wait for the next one? Also does she have a Void weapon-