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  1. Perhaps... perhaps not.. Also nice smug wendy's thanks for clarifying
  2. Is it a form of glitch or is KoG just lazy?
  3. Apparently the game remembers the last dungeon you did even if it's closed Yes this was taken after abyss dragon dungeon closed
  4. Another chance to get thanatos for my elesis i suppose
  5. Well... time to get back to farming again. Hopefully the increased rate will be significant But, in reality the decreased requirements are very nice Thanks
  6. I will, thanks for replying
  7. So... No april fools dungeon? Pretty sure some people wanted that motion.
  8. Rosalae


    I see, thanks for the reply.
  9. Has anyone ever noticed items disappearing in the mail? I tried to get my timed Freyja promotion avatar, but the cube is not in my special tab. Help
  10. Well, there goes my hopes
  11. Dear Staff, we have Add's energy fusion theory dungeon, but here's a question What happened to the Eltrion MK-2 event dungeon?? Was it incompatible or perhaps it didn't came to mind? Where is it?
  12. Rosalae


    Someone explain how everytime i try to do some dungeons, it just stuck there?
  13. Hey, The name is Serizawa and i'm am a RF main.Even if i'm a RF main i pretty much play all characters. How is everyone today? How do you think the state of void or elsword in general is? thanks for replying.
  14. This server has more problems than a girl on her period smh