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  1. They'll probably do 2v2s from now on due to 1's apparently being so broken at the moment.
  2. Zenith back yeet hype! The streams were always a joy to watch. Just think for two seconds. Monitor shows shit happening inside the computer. It does not handle any data between the computer and the server.
  3. Isn't RM like one of the worst classes at the moment lol the 3rd job is a literal downgrade
  4. Yeah it was really cool back in the day where you would get harder NPCs the higher your rank was. "Legendary" NPCs like Valak and Edan were available only for the highest ranks. Then again that lead to deranking as people wanted to farm the lower rank NPCs for titles.
  5. To be fair, I don't think occasional "Arena" tournaments are a bad idea. Sure, the hardcore community isn't going to like them. Heck, I wouldn't like them. This is just the vocal minority though. Most players are probably your average arena junkies, and these types of events might open up the scene for them. Then again, I don't even play anymore. What do I know.
  6. How can one be good and still lose to a crutch player? "Running" didn't help Inaste in tournaments...
  7. So essentially ban all Asian players by default because Void servers are hosted in Europe and it's pretty darn hard to get reasonable latency to the other side of the world. For reference I have 25ms to Finland, 135ms to New York and 241ms to Hong Kong.
  8. No game that I know will ban a customer you for lagging. Even if I have a bad connection, European players would still get decent matches with me due to short distance. Does that mean I should be banned even if I don't lag badly for a large part of the playerbase? "International server" my ass. How would you even objectively define a "good" and a "bad" connection in the first place? Say there was a hypothetical rule "If you have x amount of packet loss you are disallowed to play Arena". Now you fight someone and they lag. You record the match and report the user. The question is how will anyone be able to determine the amount of packet loss is x instead of x-1? Even if there was a network log for every Arena match, the rule would be unfair for anyone that cannot afford or even get a good connection at their place. For example, my parents live at a side of a hill. There are only 4G connections available. This creates a connection blind spot and hence their internet connection might suddenly get weak for no real reason. Banning for this will surely lose the company a customer. Why this is a different case from force lagging/cable pulling is that there is a clear binary answer whether you are guilty or not. Disconnecting to, say, escape combos is a deliberate out-of-game action.
  9. Yes but only if they force lag. If they just have bad connection then no.
  10. Forgot Void Alert from the title.