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  1. ugh i dont Come here often for status posts

    but tfw you're a dumbass with a nice ffxiv sub

    and you're over here looking @ void like "yeah i should definitely come back" 

  2. i always got a chuckle from seeing your name and brand even if you're not leaving forums yet u__u live your life to the bara-est
  3. bruh wdf ykhar GLUCK WITH MOVE ALSO LETS TALK MROE HOT MEN IN DISCORD LMFAO (bless tyl xanxus)
  4. #they tried i remember when we were all so hopeful back then mmm good ol days @ op not to spit on the discussion or anything but sure it sounds nice them following through is another thing, however
  5. remember the good ol days when we had a transparency thread? and that it's dead right now no? okay
  6. when mod applications are finally private and no longer a popularity contest i mean it only took a few tries but they finally got the message there was no reason for those to ever be public to the community except to introduce those picked in the end and each time it was mostly just a circus show with whoever shouted loudest for who Should Be picked and not who actually Deserved the role (no disrespect to any former members) i'm glad for this choice hopefully you guys chose some good candidates
  7. for the record i'm neutral (leaning towards agree bc why not) but if the shoe was on the other foot, don't think you'd be whistling this same tune either
  8. >less children H m m m m m m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm anyhow enjoy your stay
  9. DECIL.......... BUDDY??? FWIEND??? N O H WHAT D O YO UME AN it cant be say it ain't so,,, i'll send u good vibes from my catboi on ff14 salamat pagi may the memes be with u
  10. Big Gay Energy.

    1. #addtrash


      Bigg Gaii Energie

      wuv u husbando,,,

      (also fuck your name i cant ping u motherfucker)

  11. revives from the dead just to comment about how this thread Pains me not again,,, i'm not strong enough,,,.exe ot: anyway nothing much has changed probably will still be no pressing x to doubt sadly
  12. unknown.png

    that is all

    good bye