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  1. @yurei

    Your Yama Raja vs Ignia entry was ABSOLUTELY beautiful, I really liked how you positionned the characters, how you drew them exactly, and much more. Still saddened that you didn't win the first place.

    You're also one of my favorite artists too!!!

    Your artstyle is actually one of the artstyles I want to draw like, but school interrupts me so much.
    So yeah, I'd like to know, if that isn't bothersome, how can I improve my artstyle to look like yours?

    1. yurei


      thank you so much!! i'm glad you like it and that you want to take inspiration from me <3

      but here's a thing - take inspiration. remember that every artist develops their own style of drawing by gathering many influences and taking from them what they like the most and compose their own original style from it ♥

      if you want to get close to how i'm drawing, here are a few things that i've done throughout the years to achieve the point where i am right now:
      - lot's of drawing! that seems pretty obvious but remember that the more you draw, the better you get. you keep learning from your own mistakes as well as develop the ability to study other people's styles more thoroughly and pick up small parts you like from them.
      - do mistakes! development process is never perfect and in my opinion it's much better to draw more less perfect artworks instead of spending hours and hours on fixing little mistakes and issues - such thing tires our mind and body and demotivates us.
      - doodle! one thing that i do the most is doodling - whether at school or home, digitally or traditionally i always find some time to doodle out some things. they are usually done in pen traditionally (you can't erase the pen so it makes you more aware of what you're drawing too) or just loosely drawn digitally. i usually spend between 5-30 minutes on doodles, they don't have to be fully finished and corrected, they are supposed to make your stress go away and make you feel more free about your art.
      - don't force improvement, just try new things! i noticed that some people are highly aware of their improvement process and can consciously change their style to better but for me it just never worked? i'd rather go with the trial and error method, my style changes very dynamically because 50% of my drawings are experiments. consistency is important, of course but when it comes to improving your stuff it's also crucial to just try new things! maybe you won't like them, maybe you will. but they always give you new experience and knowledge!
      - redraw things! i do redraws quite often. i like taking my older drawings and redrawing them again to see how much my style is progressing (6 months+ old art, never newer than that) this gives me motivation and a huge positivity boost! really useful when you're down with your art or feeling art-blocked.
      - try to draw on a daily basis! even if it's nothing big, just try to doodle everyday to get your hand more used to it ♥
      - don't overthink details, simplicity is the key! this is a highly subjective thing but if you want to go the way i am going, don't pay much attention to small details. simplicity tends to be very effective and it's simply less time-consuming! i'm a person who likes to draw quickly and efficiently so i don't like overthiking details ♥

      i hope these few tips will give you the idea of what to do and where to go ♥
      if you ever need any more help feel free to note me on my deviantart or send me a PM here or on discord!

    2. Crusade


      Thanks for the tips~
      I'll follow your deviantart and your steps right away(im 3nvy3nvies on dA & Yatadera#1337 in Discord).
      You gave me back the spirit of drawing and doodling now! ♥

      One day I might ask you to draw my OC's, be sure of it!(I only have 300m & it's enough for 1 atm. . .)
      But is Clip Studio Paint a good software to draw on?(I have CSP, Photoshop, GIMP & Paint)

  2. here is your signature from? the second movie hasnt come out yet D:

    1. yurei


      it has in my country already o:

  3. Hiiii, I just wanted to note that I am working on your commission atm ;3; (can't pm you unfortunately) if you have any extra wishes/want to see a WIP please pm me~! I am atm on lineart stage

  4. Contest: Void's Artist Theme: Humanized Mobs Description: Ever thought how would all the dungeon mobs look like if they were human? There are so many different ones to choose from! Draw one or more of regular mobs from dungeons in their human form. Additional Details: -
  5. IMO Chuseok looks really cute. It's not that expensive and with Heart eyes, Transcendent Dimension Break and Bunny Ears, it looks awesome!
  6. *Contest: Secret Sketcher *Theme: Mythical Creature Description: Draw assigned character as one of the mythical creatures (e.g. elfs, dwarfs, fauns etc.)~! Additional Details: ~
  7. Grats Yurei on getting your set, i'm still looking for mine desperately :c

    1. yurei


      good luck on your set and thank you <3

      now just gotta get gear

    2. Asurakaze


      I'll catch up with you real soon ;w;

  8. * pokes *

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    2. Asurakaze


      I can't find my VAKB pieces :(

    3. yurei


      I can't find mah ET2

    4. Asurakaze


      By the way...I don't seem to be able to quote someone in a post, did I messed something up? :o

  9. can't see it either after patch ;;