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  1. 5-10 with the hope that I get the void weapon
  2. Kyuro

    Your main and why

    Luciel cuz I see her loli pantsu :")
  3. Kyuro

    Hi C:

    Welcome to the worst Community
  4. Kyuro

    New In-Game Font

  5. Kyuro

    Hello im back again!

    lol every little fucker report people for shit . btw Welcome back
  6. Kyuro

    Hey, kinda new

    Welcome to this "Wonderful" Community
  7. Kyuro

    How Much ED you lost

  8. Kyuro

    Suggestion for ED

  9. Kyuro

    It was a good run while it lasted

    Oshet...Aura Kingdom is trash played it 2years. I would rather stay in Void insted AK lol, But Gl.
  10. Kyuro

    Change stats of re-color IBs avatar

    Re Color will never come back .
  11. Kyuro

    How much ED do you have?

    150k lol
  12. Kyuro

    ☀️ I'm So Fucking Done Here ;) ☀️

    Good luck. My Unknown friend!
  13. Kyuro

    ED wipe

  14. Kyuro

    Where are all the good Aishas

    In [Elsword KR]