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  1. welcome to the forums if you wanna talk or need help feel free to say so
  2. Take care of yourself and dont stress too much, will be looking forward to ur return and improved art
  3. Welcome o/ enjoy your stay
  4. Welcome to the server enjoy your stay :3
  5. Good luck on whatever u do next take care of yourself
  6. Welcome to the server enjoy your stay if u ever need help or just want someone to talk to just ask
  7. Welcome to the server, enjoy your stay hopefully it will be a more pleasant experience if you need help or just wanna talk feel free to ask
  8. Resonance does increase cp by alittle every level and i would say u should at least reach level 200 for ur erp just to get the usage of the skills available going anywhere above would be more beneficial of course
  9. Hmm i never seem to get bored of elsword or reach a dead end but i do play multiple games with my boyfriend so it doesnt get stale such as Dragons Nest, S4 League, League Of Legends, Fiesta Online & Overwatch mainly atm
  10. Recolours currently already rotate in the ed burner chests every few months so not sure about this being needed, it isnt so hard to be patient but some ideas are good
  11. While thats true that this event benefits everyone due to these +10 amulet craftings, the staff have lives too and they most likely get a ton of appeals a day to look through also its weekend so its unlikely to be checked, the most u can do is keep bumping ur appeal and just keep yourself busy with other games meanwhile if it hasnt been looked at yet
  12. I mean while waiting why dont u just play other things, alot of players ive seen have been waiting for months/weeks to get to their unbans, while i understand its frustrating to be patient along with this event going on, but i dont agree that it should be removed as it exists to add protection and safety to void despite how faulty it is, also please dont compare us to official
  13. did you ever get that ign goddess from that guy? were they ever planning to sell it? wanted a different ign from them but they wont even update their forum thread so :c are they legit?

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    2. Beautiful


      well honestly i never had high hopes in him selling them anyways, even when i messaged him about it, he doesnt really reply and just gives the excuse hes too busy

    3. Scarose


      rip, seems shady :( oh well 

      thanks anyways~

    4. Beautiful


      anytime ♡

  14. valentine sits red and blue please its literally been over 4 years since it came out again rip