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  1. did you ever get that ign goddess from that guy? were they ever planning to sell it? wanted a different ign from them but they wont even update their forum thread so :c are they legit?

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    2. Beautiful


      well honestly i never had high hopes in him selling them anyways, even when i messaged him about it, he doesnt really reply and just gives the excuse hes too busy

    3. Scarose


      rip, seems shady :( oh well 

      thanks anyways~

    4. Beautiful


      anytime ♡

  2. valentine sits red and blue please its literally been over 4 years since it came out again rip
  3. No you ♡

    1. Dezz


      No u <3


  4. No u <3


  5. valentine sit added to a event when..its been 4 years since rerotation
  6. IGN: Beautiful Guild: None Language: English Why would i like to join our discord: Might be returning to the game so just browsing around for the most comfortable guild wouldnt mind meeting new friends eithier
  7. omg that purple EP recolor for ara ♡ must have ;o;
  8. free bump coz rip valentine sits i havent seen again since forever :(
  9. omg yes its been ages since the last valentines sits :( +1
  10. you suck more