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  1. Server: WE WANT EL STAR + RE:BOOT + RIGOMOR Void: Hey is just the V2.6, not V2.7 + halloween event on october
  2. 2vs2 and 3vs3 just for beat Epic NPC and get more AP
  3. Cell: People selling Raven NBS weapons and Laby weapons to overprices Gohan: IB's Rotation and Treasure chest update
  4. it seems that now the claw definitely can not be obtained anymore
  5. Trying to craf a +9 in the normal way is already inefficient and is almost obsolete, most people just wait for the next event where they can get many +9 easily. If they make the +10 crafteable, using materials from: Secret Dungs, Heroic, Henir and some material from Elrianode or vanimyr, the game would be much more "alive", without needing a "super event" every 1 or 2 months. I would not mind having to play 1 or 2 months if that way I can get a +10 safely. Anyway, they should make the +10 crafteable or make the elrianode set bankeable, but we know that the latter will not happen.
  6. Only give a complete IB costume per account, being able to choose from arch angel to elpheus without possibility of being sold and exchanged between players or bank, in summary that can only be carried by a character on account.
  7. Can you tell me, where can i obtain the claw of the ancient demon dragon? I canĀ“t exchange with Eco right now
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