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  1. It'll be great to have this as well, like probably materials so maybe can exchange stuff with Naeun? (make Naeun great again) ^ similar to what Rika said. I would like it to be something like a do-it-once-everyday quest thing, like example do a dungeon around your level type, and get the reward for that day only, etc. (probs similar to doing dailies, so that players can have something to look forward and grind for) Gotta admit, Void will be kinda dead of players when there's no events or stuff happening, so will pretty much like this to be implemented if it's possible.
  2. Tfw people get mad just because of 1 buff out of 4 buffs we got aha,,, honestly, just live with it- Most people voted, most people get what they want, I thought 2x add was actually pretty useful anyways for the newbies trying to grind for add wep or I could just grind for shards to sell or extra weps for my alts-- inb4 I get bashed for this lmao