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  1. Altographic


    Welcome back!! Hope you'll enjoy yourself as you stay! Stan Nu'est W btw.
  2. Altographic

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Prepare them wallets oof
  3. Altographic

    Hello Void O:

    Hello and welcome to Void! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  4. Altographic

    Its me. But who am I?

    Welcome and enjoy your stay in Void !!
  5. Altographic

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Chung as the weather; ❄ Snow ❄ "Y'know... since Winter's coming and all." More pics Item list IGN: Aerosae
  6. Altographic

    Back again! ...Sorta

    Late reply oof- but thank you!
  7. Altographic


    Welcome to Void! Hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun!
  8. Altographic

    Back again! ...Sorta

    Ahhh I should try that sometimes! // It's actually nice when cashiers usually give a smile back and initiate conversations,, maybe I should try when I go out of my house one day And thank you! Aaaa that's so nice of you to say that,,, Thanks so much for the advice btw! I'll take that into note, probably gonna try to overcome them step by step-- I'll try my best to take your advices when I go outside! Mad Paradox ftw! (Although I'm trying to main both Herrscher and him!)
  9. Altographic

    Back again! ...Sorta

    Thank you! //v// ~ yOU'RE MAKING ME CRY ////// I'm feeling so loved and appreciated when you said that asdasjkffsa-- god these emojis are so cute I'll come and talk once I'm free later! aaaa hope you're fine for your O's as well ;;v;;;;--
  10. Altographic

    Back again! ...Sorta

    Thank you! Hopefully I will come to get used to the new stuff! (Wait, you're welcome too! aaaaa-) Aaaa asdfnvlaege-- thank you so much! Glad to know someone remembers me ;;v;;;; Hopefully it goes well indeed! Oh gosh-- it's been awhile since we've talked,,, apologies for not stopping by Discord sometimes I missed ya'll-- Is it still too late to join tho-- I've been inactive since forever tbh;;; Forgive me for asking but I'm curious how ya'll still kept me in the Discord group,,, even though I'm not so active anymore...
  11. Altographic

    Back again! ...Sorta

    Hello! No one probably remembers me because I'm an insecure/can't-make-conversations type of person-- (And I'm a lurker in the forums as well--) but since I'm officially playing Void again, I thought I should reintroduce myself to the community here! So, I forgot my last username I had before changing to Altographic, but I have been using this username for as long as I could remember lol. I've been coming and going for quite a number of times, and the last time I was active (for like a few days lmao) was actually on April, before going back to irl due to national exams. I was in Void's early stages and if some of you still remembered, I participated in quite a few past contests such as the bi-weekly Theme Thesis and the still-running Void's Designer (though I've been trying to make up some suggestions for the themes but hmm) I'm trying to make myself active just like I was in the past though,, hopefully I can devote time to Void now that my exams are over, whew-- (Tbh when I came back like a few days ago I was so overwhelmed by the amount of things updated; probably because I didn't play that much ever since like a year or two...) Also, does anyone knows how I can overcome slight social anxiety? ;;; I'm actually kind of afraid to approach people and I'm the type of person who can't make conversations unless it's things that both of us are interested in, or just saying hello(s) or goodbye(s)-- (This goes for irl btw,,, online I'm pretty much alright?? except for the conversations part-) So um,,, glad to be back, I guess! (And hello, new-faces!!)
  12. Altographic

    Which server you were before comming in void ?

    I came from the EU server because NA server had region-blocked on me that year. I remembered it was Eve or Chung that had been released that time. (Probably Chung actually) And yeah, leveling was SUPER SLOW. I remembered how my highest leveled character, which is actually a C:Nemesis Eve at level 45?? (Strangely I still remembered the name I assigned for her lmao probably cuz that character's the one I had the most memories of: non-stop grinding and meeting a few friends or more) And that was the reason why I quitted because leveling and grinding for the skills was so time-consuming lmao that I gave up tbh-- Can I talk about how so many people were queuing for 5-3 that time lmao because people were grinding for the items needed for 2nd job advancements-- That goddamn Amethyst and Necomancers And p2w. Can't forget about it. But damn the old UI was classic, actually. Anyways, I joined Void when it was around the new stages (actually discovered Void because of Facebook LMAO). Probably around V1.2 or 1.3 when Elesis/Add came out. I was MIA for like a couple of months in between and probably going to grind from today onwards but eh, I'll just see how it plans out.
  13. i just came her to tell you you're a person of a culture aswell

    ramuda pfp

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      I'd kill for ALL OF THEM LMAO

      Can I say I need more of Ramuda's deep voice I can't even--

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  14. Altographic

    Your main and why

    I once mained a CN because of how badass she looks- I once mained a DL because of how cool both duo looks- And now I main both EE and AT because I'm an Ain trash rn.
  15. Altographic

    April Fools 2018

    eeeeeeh... Would like it if you can make the requirement to Lvl. 10+ instead- Since I'm like pretty lazy to level after getting a job advance to first- It's a nice event but since the 3rd line of 3rd jobs are coming up soon to finish the entire tree, I'm not too sure if the GMs would like to toggle between making events happen so that Void won't be dead or the content for 3rd jobs. Maybe April Fools can be changed to summer events instead. April Fools is just... April Fools. Oh, on top of that, maybe add an EXP aura. /shrugs