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  1. Altographic

    OddRegistry ▣ PvE ▣ Lvl 9

    Yeap, it's me. The only Alto hue,, Thank you so much! I wanted to try to organise a guild on my own and viewing it from one's perspective-
  2. Altographic

    h-hewwo? mwister pwesident?

    Welcome~ Do hope you enjoy your stay in this world huhu We all shall cry in this animanga, utaites, and mobages hell
  3. Altographic

    Coming back

    Welcome back~ Hope this time you shall stay more huhu
  4. Altographic

    Naivety's mod intro

    Congrats on becoming a mod!! Wish you good luck getting that role and hope you could contribute as much to this community~ I haven't seen you much in the forums but maybe in the past I had (?). Continue ur meme-ings and swearings and stay chill.
  5. Altographic

    Greetings all!

    Congrats on becoming a mod!! Wish you good luck getting that role and hope you could contribute as much to this community~ I saw you a lot in the forums so hope it's in good hands hoho.
  6. Altographic

    It's me ya bwoi PhysicsTM

    Congrats on becoming a mod!! Wish you good luck getting that role and hope you could contribute as much to this community~ what miwashiba game do you like? :eyes:
  7. been awhile since i've updated more topics for Void Designer, now that I see one of my topics chosen for this week's.

    someone give me some motivation to think of ideas for more topics PepeHands Discord Emoji


    like the topics i thought of and typed out were so long ago boi

  8. Altographic

    Frost Maiden potions

    For once I favour this type of consumables especially the pie. I can shout for once my love for this type of pies. Anyways, +1. At least make the pie more expensive than the water, but I'll be even happier if it'll be a permanent thing.
  9. i turned 1 year older today lolz

    1. Sinnia


      Haiii~ Happy bday~! ♥:syobonyanGift:


    2. Altographic


      @Sinnia Thank you so much~ ;v;;;; :syobonyanSparkle:

  10. aaaaa Keina Suda's songs :syobonyanSparkle:

  11. Altographic

    Hello! I'm New to Void!

    Welcome to Void! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here~ Well, other than that we throw salt around, pshhh we're fine--
  12. Altographic

    Adding Info/Market Board into Guild Base

    I understand that actually (tbh I never thought about that) but that just generated more thoughts to me. If so, why is Naeun implemented in Guild Base but not in some places like Hot Springs/certain towns then? Don't get me wrong, it's just a thought of mine. (I know Naeun hasn't been contributing as much to Void players except for exchanges and mats for crafting but I remember in the past she was pretty useful unless she was removed? Sorry but I just came back like a few weeks ago so I haven't been really catching up as of past Void news yet.)
  13. Like topic said above; I'm not sure if Void could implement this, but as someone who usually slacks in Guild Base doing nothing while staring into space, and just stays there talking to guild mates as well, sometime I just feel lazy to get out to find a Info/Market Board just to check the prices/trends and then go back to the Guild Base again. Especially when you're not planning on doing dungeons and just slacking in-game while checking prices. Thought it could reduce hassle as well, or lag with certain computers/laptops. Tell me your thoughts into this. I'm curious about ya'll opinions.
  14. Feel like making a suggestion as to putting a market board in the guild base as well... :syobonyanSweats:

    1. Sinnia


      That would be awesome omg - that would get rid of lag while you're looking at the board somewhere else :syobonyanCute::gc_Love:

    2. Altographic


      @Sinnia Agrees uwu plus I'm lazy to go out just to search as well,, Aight, I'll make a topic soon!

    3. Sinnia


      Alright I shall go +1 it once you post it :syobonyanPower:

  15. Altographic

    I'm back!1!1

    Welcome back! Hope you'll enjoy your stay as compared to before~