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  1. Kazemaki

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    they just said it awhile ago. Around 6GB more or less.
  2. *patches NA secretly to avoid the bottleneck void download speed when it comes online*


  3. Kazemaki

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

  4. Kazemaki

    Revamp LK

    knowing how void updates, we'll get the nerfed version now. KR/INT has it nerfed already, it's back to being a useless passive. They even shorten the range so
  5. 'tis the season of endless grinding, fa la la la la, la la la la~ I've been off the game for a few days now cause it's almost the holidays and things are getting hectic. seems like i can't get anything valuable in this event.
  6. Kazemaki

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Yeah, I can say pretty much. Events are recycled, the crafts are recycled, exchanges are recycled which, mind you, the thing that keeps void busy are these events aside from new content updates. When you get the same events for how many times now pretty sure it's gonna get boring. It feels like they don't even try these days, even the official's events are better now. Suggestions are just a bumpfest, if not, totally abandoned by the op since it's been a long time and nothing is happening. Except for a few ones who are minor and quick changes. Yeah. That's it.
  7. when you think 1-2 drops was torture but you get consecutive 0 drops coz rng hates you. Happy Holidays! Enjoy the season of grinding. End me
  8. AJQEj37.png

    Well, this Christmas isn't bad when I pulled a +10 amulet on the ED burner when i just wanted some pots for running dungeons. 

    it saved my non-existent ED stash :addShrug:

  9. When can we ever have decent events and not just the same template over and over again. Meh, anyway happy grinding i guess to everyone? Really a downgrade from previous Christmas event, not that my opinion matters at this point. Seriously though, as a merchant who relies on events to get some ED. These series of events feels like a loss more than gain due to these crafting costs, knowing you have competitions in the market which would probably sell lower or close to the craft price eventually by a week tops.
  10. Where are the gamble cubes in events tho? Also the amulet is craft, not free to those who'll ask if it is. Looks good but it seems a downgrade to last year's tbh. We're always following this every event: get mats, craft or exchange. I would like some decent gambling like bring back old IM costumes and put it there or old items that's almost nonexistent in the server. Y'know the one that could have been placed to the ED shop if it were functional. No offense, it can bring me back this season but it's not as enjoyable as when the Xmas IBs existed.
  11. Kazemaki

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    No christmas event yet, I'll continue my hiatus on the server then. Can't even enter raid, I mean I can but CP is just around minimum, pretty sure I won't do anything and just die. I hope if ever we got an event this time it would be better than these recent events, also can we put the decent gambling cubes like the Xmas Ice Burners before in events again? I mean most events are just exchange and craft and it's getting repetitive tbh. That's all thanks. I'll be off again and check next week.
  12. No events for everyone cause y'all been naughty this year
  13. Kazemaki

    Xmas event 2018

    I have suggested something for a more creative event here, you can check it out.
  14. Kazemaki

    bring back xmas IBs in the next christmas event

    Xmas IBs can be bought back judging they use the lesser IB (aka the IB that no one really bats an eye to like AA before,) Tbh they should be more creative, how about they use the Login Attendance for the sort of "12 days of Christmas/Countdown to New Year" where you need to login 12 days (although it's 14 days login) for a random unknown cube which they could place the contents to surprise players for Christmas who logged in on that day and entice them to open up and play the game which runs until the event is over. Edit: Wait, NA has this another attendance login too now, it has a random chance of getting the list of items in the [?] box while the weekends have those specified things. If Void could edit the contents of this event, but instead of random items they place their gifts for the players (like the free celebration event cubes, like Xmas 2017 Cube etc.) that would be great for a holiday season login. Also if you missed a day you cannot go back to it so it will entice players to stay on for the rest of the season cause it's a surprise? Hopefully, I want this excitement. The list of random contents: Note: that blue ticket is a Sinister Intent Entrance ticket, an additional entry for Sinister Intent Accessory Farming. Or run the Ice Burner Season Buff for the whole season, if they cannot implement it, another custom buff with the same effect should be done. I mean it won't hurt for easier clearing dungeons right? Raid parties might want that also it may encourage people to queue up randomly in raids. Aside from running dungeons, they might as well use some official event dungeons for a change? You know this dungeon which looks similar to the Xmas dungeon Void made, only that it's a year later and an official dungeon so it shouldn't have bugs like the one void made. We need creativity! Not just this events which just "run normal dungeons" here and there, do pvp etc etc. Those quest should be bonus not the main event. If given the time I would like to suggest it but i'm unsure as it's already end of November almost. Maybe if the community could help each other sort it out then it would be better.