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  1. I think 1500 event dungeon runs would be easier. I mean lesser time consumed i guess.
  2. what a great time to die, i hate varnymyr raids
  3. LF> ways to get 1500 seashells for 5 +10s like real fast and less time possible.
  4. 10/10 would follow, didnt know it was this easy
  5. KE guide is outdated. Will renew it one of these days maybe. My full time job takes most of my time tho. KE is great on his own though, I'm a KE main myself, there are also some KE mains out here on forums like aSieghart. Shoot a DM if you have questions
  6. So it's not a permanent buff. I thought it is lol
  7. 1st character and still my main up to this day is LK, I started with some friends on EU server back in 2013 since it was fast enough for updates. Hoo boi, I've gone through ups and downs with balance patches, one point he's trash and also he keeps getting nerfed even without doing anything (thanks KoG). But here we are, now KE and he has a place to stay with him being decent than before now.
  8. they just said it awhile ago. Around 6GB more or less.
  9. *patches NA secretly to avoid the bottleneck void download speed when it comes online*


  10. knowing how void updates, we'll get the nerfed version now. KR/INT has it nerfed already, it's back to being a useless passive. They even shorten the range so
  11. 'tis the season of endless grinding, fa la la la la, la la la la~ I've been off the game for a few days now cause it's almost the holidays and things are getting hectic. seems like i can't get anything valuable in this event.
  12. Yeah, I can say pretty much. Events are recycled, the crafts are recycled, exchanges are recycled which, mind you, the thing that keeps void busy are these events aside from new content updates. When you get the same events for how many times now pretty sure it's gonna get boring. It feels like they don't even try these days, even the official's events are better now. Suggestions are just a bumpfest, if not, totally abandoned by the op since it's been a long time and nothing is happening. Except for a few ones who are minor and quick changes. Yeah. That's it.