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  1. Here's all I can say, Just because you won doesn't make you a pro Just because they lost doesn't make them noob I hate those winners who think they're so good at this and that, as if the PVP was won by combos or skills
  2. Nandome no Aozora ka?

  3. Wow same birthday, both yaoi fans :D, hey lil bro <3

  4. Thank You Kepe-san Thank You Azreal-san Domo Arigatou Yami-san *bows* Thank You
  5. *Sees you like yaoi* Our friendship is already complete, xD

    1. ArdeeJhel


      Wow, and we so have like the same birthday :D Soulmateeeee hahaha XD

  6. Konnichiwa, yoroshkuu nee, domo arigatou Cloud-san
  7. Oh, I see, thanks for the tips, will do will do, arigatou nee :3 ~
  8. Arigatou <3 Hehehe , Nice to meet you <3
  9. okay thanks for the advice okay thanks for the advice sir will do