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  1. Te Amo Muchísimo ♥

  2. I do story quest's from Hamel to Ranox but I still don't have all that much x.x I really appreciate your help :3 (sorry, don't know how to link the message from the persona I want to send the message (? )
  3. I just asked here 'cuz 2 months ago (if I remember correctly) a friend of mine ask the same thing and they help him so I thought it'll help me 'cuz my partner is no longer going to play and i don't really know how to make money fast:/ But thanks anyways, to the three of you :3
  4. (First of all sorry for my bad english) So yeah... what the title said.. I want to erase CBS that has 578 days marriage... but I can't pay the fee because I don't play dungeon anymore D: and i don't want char's that I don't use in my account :c Can Ran help me with it? How do I send a message to her? What are the requirements to help or something? :c I'll wait an a reply so thanks in advance