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  1. I just looked in this thread because why not I am its creator, I should check in every so often to see if its dead or not But this is just... WHY WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WHY DID THEY THINK THIS WAS A GOOD THING 90% of the complaints about this skill is how its a catch tool not a dodge tool Why are you getting rid of the dodge part when you should get rid of the X part at least What the fuck
  2. I wonder when people will learn they have to be literal around you. looks at 'TheBestMM' Apparently never.
  3. Drop rates are linked, but item drops can be freely altered it seems. However, on this idea. If we only got ED from quests and drops, that would actually backfire and destroy the econ. It means the econ would completely shift away from ED and then be based on items. That is a terrible idea. It would nullify any ED sinks (why use it when its useless, and a pain in the ass to get reliably?) and essentially crash the market. And has been said many times now, the drop rates are linked. This means they cannot increase certain items rates without increasing EVERY drop rate - even ED.
  4. That and SDs now also scale to level. Its how they range like, 29 levels. So their stats reflect your level. Otherwise they would have to build it somewhere in that range specifically. Assuming they went for the lowest value so that everyone can play it, that would be level 70. A level 99 would fucking wreck a SD, even with just a +8 weapon and solo. But if they did the opposite, the level 70's - 80's would get fucking wrecked, as they would barely be scratching the enemies. A +11 might save them, but it wouldnt make it a cakewalk either. Build it inbetween, and literally both sides happen. The lower levels have some trouble unless they are geared to hell and back, and the higher levels maybe need a +9 and 2 people. And lets not even get into LUTO. LUTO is a whole other mess.
  5. A geared IP fought ran with all his buffs and still got one shot. Your not weak, its that Heroics are literally meant to kill you.
  6. Unless you feel like asking the people who coded the monster stats, or somehow rebuilding it all on your own, the answer your going to get is "dunno, but it seems high/low/not even there" Its kinda... not possible to know the stats of the monsters unless you do some major fucking digging. And even then, no guarantee you find what you are looking for. .... What did you honestly expect when most - if not all - of the bosses can pretty much kill anyone, even the tankiest characters, in a single hit, and you only have 3 res stones? Besides, just because that applies to Heroics doesnt mean it applies to all game modes. (the +11)
  7. Or we just remove it from the drop list, and replace it with Eltrion weapons. Dungeon then serves 2 purposes. 1.) It gives out the missing Raid boss's weapons 2.) We cant get the most broken item in the game Characters that dont have a Raid weapon from Elti wont get anything of course however. But its only Ain. And even then, he would have Heroics or Henir. Hell, he can even do a Heroic weapon + SD armor if they really wanted. Not like A.E.F.T.D has an armor set. But hey, what do I know? It's not like we have a third option or anything. We either dont have the dungeon or we have the dungeon. (< sarcasm.)
  8. Just buy the book in the IM. Its 0 EC. It should be in the consumables... or was it special? I don't remember. Either way, just buy it. It will save you some effort. Otherwise, dont do SD's until 85 or so. As for what title, Passion Pay gives a flat +1000 to both attack stats. If your into raw stats, do that. Otherwise, Reaper - assuming its available still, Dancing Flame Blade, or some titles in Elysion (once you get there) will be good ideas.
  9. LUTO is a special mode of Secret Dungeons. It gives the mobs various new buffs, more HP, more defense, and they hit a little harder. It triples EXP gain in exchange, as well as an improved drop rate. It is nessicary for grinding gear because of the drop rate + a daily quest revolves around killing a boss in LUTO mode twice. Thats basically it. Oh, and the tripled EXP only extends to lvl 99. It does not apply to any ERP levels.
  10. Riiiight. All that free gear is sooooooooooooooooooooooo punishing. I mean, its sooooo weak that Ain can't oneshot things. Its completely worthless as armor because its a +10, and the same goes for the weapon. In case you cant tell, this is all sarcasm.
  11. Same thing with Reaper. Yet it was added back anyways. Thats not a good reason at all.
  12. I know I took an eternity, shuddup. I barely come here anymore. Most old MMO's actually didnt let you (and when I mean old, Im not talking 5 or so years ago. I mean some of the first ever ones), so thats a silly question to ask. Only reason people can now is because of how international it has become. They had to take timezones into effect, which means that there would be times it would be impossible for some people to play. Hence, solo mode. Also, previously in older Elsword, if you started a dungeon on VH alone, you were going to die. A lot. Why? Because it was made for 3+ people. M. M. O. Same as above, read again. Didnt help that old Elsword had a manual party system. Be a class no one wanted to play with? Too bad for you. Yes, it will be there to be dead because no one will use it. And yes it will decrease. So many people use the queue because buff or party members. Its literally a win-win (unless your net is shit, but generally you shouldnt play online games with bad internet. It just in general doesnt work well at all.) that this would completely annihilate. Why queue when you can play a MMO like a single player console game but constantly on steroids? Also, good luck getting through Heroics when all you do is rely on a damage buff (p.s: the buff doesnt apply in Heroic.) Okay, its not 30m. Please dont exaggerate. Its 1 minute at most. Crowded? Go somewhere else - or here is a idea: Play the game with a party. Its not going to kill you. Its not a positive change, its you refusing to see how your idea can backlash. All the successful guilds and these 'crowded queues' as you called them yourself literally invalidate your own statement. Literally no one is forcing you to play solo. That is your own choice. Go cry to mommy if you don't like people having opinions - and actual reasons - to say no to your idea with.
  13. I dont even play this game anymore But have a free bump All I do now is carry people with my OP CrA.
  14. FYI: this is not correct. You must gain EXP to get EXP. IT caps out at 100% relax EXP per day, and 2% REXP = 1% EXP. Even if you leave them there overnight, once you drain all your REXP or it resets, your EXP gain stops. This means the limit per day is 50% - which is still quite a lot mind you, but that is all you can gain from it.
  15. ... But why.