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  1. For the 300th time, Void cant do it, and KoG stated long ago they cant do it either. The actual things used to make Elsword dont support ED in the bank, and quite obviously KoG isnt willing to redo Elsword to actually be good now.
  2. Suggestion for ED

    The items you bump off dont come back on, and we still have the board glitch. All your 'solution' does is cause problems for other people. So you deal with it, and come up with a better idea.
  3. Suggestion for ED

    We already have a problem with people doing this. Dont do it. It only clogs up the board.
  4. Refund Event Suggestion [Update]

    pssst... ED and drop rate are tied.... You cant lower one while raising the other... ED counts as a drop, not its own specific thing...
  5. Character Slots

    ... You make it sound as if 52b isnt enough, but I know thats not your point. Bump, yet again. Doubtful its gonna happen though now. Its been 1 year and half since this thread's creation more or less.
  6. Do that, and Void dies. No way in hell will the long time players enjoy losing years of work.
  7. How much ED do you have?

    In grand total, Ive probably solely grinded well over 1.5B. Just from numbers I can remember alone, Ive reached near 1B in grinding (somewhere about 900M-1B ED) And thats not accounting all the ED ive blown on ED burners and the like. But actual on me amounts? about 100M. So in other words, not enough.
  8. Mithril Items

    .... Okay but who would buy them Jsut make your own TH like a lot of people have done
  9. Mithril Items

    fyi: we cant. They cant be sold to NPCs like the coins. So doing this would literally just give us more shit to discard.
  10. New ED Burner Rotation

    If you read the update, you'd know they are happening every 3 months. Not when someone gets tired of it. Also, this isnt a suggestion. this is more of a demand than anything (and yes, they are different things. Suggestions is asking for it, demands are saying it should be done.)
  11. IB Cubes

    Essentially this. Granted these are a buy, and not a drop, but its the same effect. You can only get your character pieces. Really, the only difference is what your asking for is these burners to be turned into a cube and shoved into our current burners - which in doing so is giving them the exact same chance.
  12. Sometimes it simply happens, and cant be helped in CBS's case. Once they fire the lasers, they cant exactly control them. And no, not using the lasers isnt a good alternative. Not using Energetic Heart also isnt a good alternative. In Apos case, they either forget thats what the skill does, or are assholes.
  13. I sit at the end simply because I want to. I dont really care about who got MVP - I dont even know how to tell anymore. The only other times I sit are when Im waiting on a lagging person. For example, this one SD run, our leader lagged a good solid 2 minutes behind us. Thankfully the YR, me, and this VC all did enough damage to wipe the mobs out still, so we could progress reasonably fast. Ironically, it was the YR's connection to the leader that was making the leader lag, because we got a LUTO gate. The leader, the VC and I all knew that if we did it with the lag we had, we werent going to be done for easily a good hour. The YR didnt like that, and left. And shortly after the leader's lag went away.
  14. Honestly I can feel all the people who get those one shotters, but once I was running SDs on my... oh what was it... IP? My IP is by no means geared at all. For three consecutive parties at the least, I was the highest damage dealer. I was carrying me team. Then suddenly I get a party where Im barely touching the mobs - I was so god damn happy. I didnt need to lead the charge least my party die. But fuck Henir though. I liked the old style better when there were many rests, not one single one. This Henir is quicker, yes, but it basically do or die.