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  1. ^ With the rate drop buff, its not hard to get the SA drops either. Ive already completed 3 sets worth of it. (and am on my 7th weapon drop. Used one, sent 2 to other accounts with a full set, sold one, have 2 in inv, and gave one to a friend) Its all about RNG. And how hard your grinding. I went from level 94 to 99 and then to 82 ERP just from SD grinding.
  2. ^ Alternatively, it seems in 2.0 some characters got random quest resets in places. Some of my pre 2.0 people who go the cube cant again, but others can. Some are level 90 and above, others havent even passed 50. Hell, some arent even past 20. But yeah, if you did them in the previous story quest reset, you have a random chance for it now. If you havent, you should be able to get them.
  3. Ima check that then. I dont know where I got 35% from otherwise. m'bad.
  4. its a suggestion for NEXT patch, which means he wants it all in the next update. Your changing the meaning of the word next. There is a huge difference between an improvement to the game (Lord Gostones suggestions) and telling the staff what they want in the next update to be happy. Once again, this is a suggestion for everything they want in the next patch, hence they are asking for all of it. Like I said, I could care less what you think of my opinion. Besides, where are you when other people come to actual suggestions with nothing but criticism? If you want things you say to have impact, you cant just say it once when other times you let it slide. A suggestion list is like the stack increase thread by Jenova. Thats a list asking for them whenever. Not asking for them ASAP. If its really a list, where are all the other good suggestions? Here are a few: Want to know what all these have in common? They are actual suggestions, have good reasoning, arent asking for them immediately, and actually benefit the game to have. Want to know what else? None of these are in your so-called 'list'. Yet two of them themselves are lists. Jenova's and Ramia's. Ramia's because it contains multiple ways. Jenova's because its literally a list. Before you shoot your mouth off, make sure what your shooting it off for is actually a good thing to shoot it off for. Not this. This literally just makes it appear as if your salting about a thread that accomplishes literally nothing because someone stated it. Also, it seems you missed all I added into the post itself. Not some, not bits. All.
  5. It feels a little cheap taking it, and then giving a nerfed version of it to compensate. The highest value you could reach in MP and CD is 35%, which required ERP 100 - which is rather easy to obtain on Void. Im currently sitting at 82 just for example. Its more or less going "We are sorry we removed this, so here. Have a weaker version of what we took." At that point its just a slap in the face. But aside from the value, its a good list.
  6. I got 20 before so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. It says 30, I say 30.
  8. Things I didnt include in with my responses (which are all a bigger text and underlined): A lot of this stuff isnt snap fingers done. So asking for so much to be done in one update is ludicrous. A lot of this stuff has already been addressed in the past. Suddenly saying it should be worked on a head of things that might need to happen ahead of it is wrong. You seem to have forgotten bug fixes entirely. There are many of those still around that need to be fixed. Some things took a lot of work to achieve in the first place, like Reaper, and its previous method might no longer be an option. Asking for it to be in the next update is equal to asking for the update to be delayed until those new methods are found. Those are just my two cents on this. Hate them, like them, ignore them, I dont care. Just dont do these threads, as its basically telling the staff what they have to have in the update for you to be happy, and thats quite rude.
  9. staff

    Is... is this actually a thing? Dear fucking god.
  10. He's a timed appearance (appears after X amount of time) Each egg costs 20K ED He is there for 30 seconds He makes a sound when he appears And the eggs cannot be sold to NPCs, traded, or put in the account bank. Thats basically all the info on him.
  11. 1.) Because it was custom nerferd is not a reason to make it free 2.) This suggestion already exists, but has actual reasons and not just "because I want it to be" @Structure @Poppy @Stay R> lock
  12. Given how risky Heroics are, no. In hell you need a minimum average gear level of 150. And even with that, expect to fail more Heroic runs than you pass. Pots and defence mean nothing when you can quite literally get hit on the head and die immediately. No amount of boosts in the world would be worth the risk. Long ago it was also said by a staff member (I dont remember who, hence long ago) that Void cant increase the EXP of one specific dungeon. To do so, they would have to raise the EXP rate, which would increase all other dungeons EXP as well, making the raise completely pointless as nothing would change aside from more EXP in general. Unless that has changed, I can tell you this idea will not be implemented for sure. Its impossible to get 15m without a maxed ERP or a random mission. A maxed ERP triples EXP gain further, and effects all EXP gained. so the EXP calc would look something like this: Base->Void rate->any other boosts, like medals and such->Void light->random mission->ERP EXP IF you got 2.5m without a Void light and any other boost aside from Void's rate, cool. So lets add some numbers and plug this all into one giant calculation. Once I get to the random mission stage, Ill show 5 results. Ill show 4 results of that from ERP EXP's 4 waypoints (25, 50, 75, 100) 625K base -> 400% = 2.5m 2.5m -> 10% EXP from a title = +250,000/ 30% from a medal = +750,000/ 10% from wedding/promo = +250,000 = 1.25m + 2.5m = 3.75m 3.75m-> x2 = 7.5m 7.5m-> 10% from lowest random mission bonus = 8.25m 7.5m-> 100% from an average random mission bonus = 15m 7.5m-> 200% from a good random mission bonus = 22.5m 7.5m-> 300% from a great random mission bonus = 30m 7.5m-> 400% max random mission bonus = 37.5m 8.25m-> 50% from ERP = 12.375m 8.25m-> 100% from ERP = 16.5m 8.25m-> 150% from ERP = 20.625m 8.25m-> 200% from ERP = 24.75m 15m-> 50% from ERP = 22.5m 15m-> 100% from ERP = 30m 15m-> 150% from ERP= 37.5m 15m-> 200% from ERP = 45m 22.5m-> 50% from ERP = 33.75m 22.5m-> 100% from ERP = 45m 22.5m-> 150% from ERP = 56.25m 22.5m-> 200% from ERP = 67.5m 30m-> 50% from ERP = 45m 30m-> 100% from ERP = 60m 30m-> 150% from ERP = 75m 30m -> 200% from ERP = 90m 37.5m-> 50% from ERP = 56.25m 37.5m-> 100% from ERP = 75m 37.5m-> 150% from ERP = 93.75m 37.5m-> 200% from ERP = 112.5m I didnt even add in every single possible boost you can get into the step after Void's rate, but even without that my numbers cap out at a whopping 112.5m. This turns your big bad 1.5 billion EXP into a simple 11 SD runs or so. If you want it without a Random mission included, run the calculations like so without the EXP value from a random mission. Want it without a Void light but with random mission? half all results. Dont want ERP? Just take out the last 5 sections. Basically Ive given you the formula, from here you can use this to see how much EXP you'd gain with whatever bonuses you want. Limiting yourself to no bonus at all to prove your point here however, is both silly and pointless. There is no time where people wont have some EXP bonus of sorts going, especially if they utilise the ERP, which makes it easier to level as you level it. With the support looking how it is, you can flat out cap each thing (that has a specified cap mind you) and still have ERP to spare.
  13. The staff already said they will be fixing their custom systems.
  14. Thats the first Eltrion's title, not Eltrion MK II Void had those Raid Bosses, so its likely their account is really old, or more specifically that character.