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  1. Bloody-Queen

    Make Sinister Intent Materials Bank Sharable?

    Considering you need to clear all 30 floors to get one the materials needed, there really isn't that much abuse. At best, you will be awash with the material you get from clearing floor. The only "abuse" you have is that you don't have to clear it 90 times per character to get 3 accessories.
  2. Bloody-Queen

    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    Even if you do I doubt you'd get anything.
  3. Bloody-Queen

    Job change tickets are useless unless this idea takes effect

    Wrong skills. It's the base 3 skills you get from the cube upon becoming third. You know, the ones you can outright buy from Camilla. The manuals are for the ones added after the initial three.
  4. Bloody-Queen

    Make El Reward tradeable

    If you can't use 'em, toss 'em. They are not hard to get. You can easily get the 300 you need for the title (the highest number they have a use of) just by running dailies and trading in the fragments you get.
  5. Bloody-Queen

    Board on Varnimyr camp

    People who know it won't come until later because Void can't do it.
  6. Bloody-Queen

    Make Dimension Master Cubes Bankshareable

    If not they could at least make all the mats for it bankshareable.
  7. Bloody-Queen

    [QoL] Improve the quality of images everywhere

    To be fair, for that one, they are so small that unless every image was redrawn at that resolution, they'd all end up blurry.
  8. Bloody-Queen

    Voice Modding: Possible in the near future?

    The mod section has never changed. What's been allowed has always been allowed. It's just that There was no way to do it that didn't result in an instant crash of the game, if it didn't manage to just replace the files.
  9. Bloody-Queen

    Add Laby's weapon to Void's custom Heroic crafts

    It'll get added eventually. iirc you don't even really need those crafts anymore. The +8 cube from the epic quest is now a perm weapon. As far as I know, it's always a Unique on top of a set HR25.
  10. Bloody-Queen

    A way to obtain old Raid weapons

    We are already aware, and trying to come up with a better idea for it. Currently, that's kinda... not happening. If you have an idea on what might be a good way to replace it, feel free to suggest.
  11. Bloody-Queen

    A way to obtain old Raid weapons

    Can gear, actual gear, even be added? I know some not costume accessories can be, but accessories have always been a kinda grey zone.
  12. Bloody-Queen

    A way to obtain old Raid weapons

    bump. Still not sure what new henir requirement should be, even though new Henir is looming on the horizon.
  13. Bloody-Queen

    A player everyone should know.

    I don't remember a name like yours, who are you