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  1. Bloody-Queen

    Add dung drop x2 for this Christmas?

    Doesn't change that we still don't know.
  2. Bloody-Queen

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Because fuck us people who hate seeing a number like that :^))))))))
  3. Bloody-Queen

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Shit man thats even more busted holy hell Get some MPR and its skills for days. As mp hungry as he is, a full bar is still excessive. 20p/s would be more than enough, and not give him enough MP to pop his heighest teir skills.
  4. Bloody-Queen

    +10 Amulet

    Holy fucking necro. Almost 3 years. Jesus.
  5. Bloody-Queen

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Y'all need to stop calling it a revamp when you change minor things. That's not a revamp, that's a tune up. Speaking of that, as much as I went 'oooohhhh mana' when it happened, shit's busted in pve. Its still 3 in pvp so w/e there, but like... for letting something debuff me, even the literally inconsequential debuff in GoD, I can easily get a full MP bar for nothing? I know KoG has no idea what balance is, but that's a lot of fucking MP for nothing.
  6. Bloody-Queen

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    Hey, 666 might actually happen too. Look at all the other jokes Void has done. Oh yeah, and +1. Even though I still can't do the raid yet.
  7. Bloody-Queen

    Add ED Shop items to Naeun

    Small correction: the can add all non-instant use items.
  8. Bloody-Queen

    Elrianode daily/weekly quest

  9. Bloody-Queen

    Elrianode daily/weekly quest

  10. Bloody-Queen

    Change necroposting rules

    And yet you can still do it once every 14 days. It's not alock on day 14, its a lock on day 15. But if you cant do a bump even once every 14 days, thats not the staff's problem.
  11. Bloody-Queen

    Chung's Suit (only third jobs)

    They have already tried to make Chung's awakening into costumes for Chung. It didn't work, and got denied.
  12. Bloody-Queen

    Elrianode daily/weekly quest

    I'm sorry, but no. This is for people who are focusing on Elrianode sets, so lowering it because people want to get it done with other things shouldn't be a part of the balance. This is, for the moment anyways, still end-game gear as well, so we don't want to make it just another thing to get done.
  13. Bloody-Queen

    Elrianode daily/weekly quest

    I'm dying, but I won't this thread do so. bump.
  14. Bloody-Queen

    Make Guild Coins Banksharable

    Okay, I misunderstood, b'bad.
  15. Bloody-Queen

    Make Guild Coins Banksharable

    I... never said I did? ???? plus when I say my guild, I actually mean it. It's mine. Not one I joined. I own it. I only made it for easier tracking of my alts (i.e: two of me are online? get reported bitch) I don't really need guild coins