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  1. Not all that surprisingly, I follow most people in this. -1 -1 +1 And with a new reason thrown into the mix - if you made this tradeable, you'd get people asking to make literally everything before and after this, that would have been of/will be the same tier tradeable as well. We still have people trying to get bankshare Elrianode despite it being something that's a horrible idea all around.
  2. I lowkey forgot about this suggestion for a bit.
  3. I appreciate you thinking of doing this but the problem is... Not all questions are good to go in GD. Some of them are better in guides, in media, etc. Doing one massive question thread is... counter productive in the long run.
  4. Stop putting your words in my quote do you know how annoying that is to deal with I can't fucking quote you properly because all I get is an empty box. I have to go an manually copy your words. If your plan is to try and chase away my actual argument by making it a pain in the ass to keep replying, it sure is working. It... doesn't actually take that long. I can get 240 in like, half an hour on my raid ready char. Most heroic runs are like 5 min on most of my characters, and I get 20-30 fragments each run easily. If I get 20 every run, then it will take me exactly one hour of dungeons to get all 240 pieces. A single hour. Whereas before if you had already done your weekly, it would take you two days. If it's taking you horus to get 240 frags, you need to socket your gear, and get better effects on it. Not really. Most of them boil down to the simple reason of "I want it that way" and provide literally no actual reasoning for it. And before you try and argue with me over it, I literally just looked at your created threads in suggestions. I'll admit at best three of them are actually worthwhile, but that's about it. Not really. Compared to these crafts as well, they have lost even more value. Still no. HR could be anywhere from 21- 29. When you have a lower minimum number, the entire average drops. We have a span of 9 with that, meaning the average is 24/25. This means the current crafts give you the higher side of the average of the old craft. Not proportionally. In order to have a full set of tears, you need 4 per piece at minimum, 6 per at maximum. This means if I was to get everyone a +10 Elrianode set, I would need 1692 El tears. I would only have to spend 2 months getting all those tears if I grinded them all out, and got perfection on each one. During that two months, I would easily earn more than enough ED to actually cut my time down instead of increase it. Wheras if I tried to do that for one character, I would be grinding for a lot longer than 2 months. Again, the amount of characters in this game doesn't make gearing them up harder when the item you specifically need can be gained in droves if you have enough characters that can clear a dungeon. doing JUST that stretch Is that big enough now? It means that stretch of quests alone gives that much, and earlier in that block I specified until the end of Elrianode Literally never said that, will never say that, and personally know it's bullshit. Don't put your own reasoning to my words, thank you. Literally using this as an argument against me invalidates your entire suggestion, because I can now entirely turn it on you. You have admitted you don't need anything in this game, therefore your suggestion that they should give HR29 isn't at all reasonable. Might want to rethink that one. Then you really don't need a HR29 weapon, and you know it. /shrug I'm just telling you what I know. Dismantled the wep ages ago because I had a pile of shards so I threw them onto my Void wep after the initial comparison. Then say that's the point. I know you aren't great at english, but that's not a complicated step to do. Literally nothing you said there even mentioned the void wep. Also, damage wise, no, CP wise, absolutely adds more. Most people wouldn't find themselves in the situation of wanting a rank 29 heroic weapon, but I guess you won't say that you won't considering that as an invalid argument. Those weren't even aimed at you numbnuts
  5. I love how everyone has conveniently forgotten that fossils did give IC like items. Only thing was though, Void never made a system for them to be turned into mounts or pets like how they did with ICs, so even the reasoning for why they would be removed doesn't work. Also, they never gave mounts truly unlimited stamina. Their pots just used to be really, really easy to get.
  6. The trade option in Glave. Just like the old crafts, could not be lower than HR 20, but also cost no ED or souls. The piece type is random, but in your own words "prolly shoulda planned out ur armors better" You are complaining about a non-existent problem, just like 90% of your suggestion threads. The old crafts were useless because the cost wasn't in line with what could be obtainable, nor with how useful they actually are. Also, no, the "average" for a range is half the number. You see that for dice rolls, you see that for math problems, you see that for any big span of numbers that are a range in any application. In this case, there are 7 total ranks then if the patch changed it to 23-29 (which, source please, as that's mentioned literally no where in the latest update thread or in the 2.5 one) which means the median is 3.5. That means the average rank is 26/27. I have 47 you fucking dipstick. Amount of characters in this game doesn't make gearing them up harder when the item you specifically need can be gained in droves if you have enough characters that can clear a dungeon. For every character I can get to clear Water Dragon Sanctum at least 15 times a week, I get 4 unique tears regardless of other drops. At the maximium, that means I can pull in nearly 200 tears a week - probably meeting that, if I factor in drops. Then, of course, there is Drabaki. Sure his is more random, but the more times I can challenge him in the 2 hours he's awake the more likely I am to get even more tears. That many characters also have access to an insane amount of ED just by doing the story quests from Solace's Fortress to the end of Elrianode. Just doing Fortress until you get the full set of free Elri armour averages around 70m ED per character. More than enough, by the end of doing JUST that stretch to earn you 2.8 billion ED. I'd earn over 3 billion. And that's JUST unskippable quests. Just doing all of Atlas rest zone quests nets me ~30m on their own per character. And we still in Elysion. At the end of it, you'd have enough money to purely fund yourself perfect sets. You still don't need HR 29. You'd still get more power overall by just socketing the gear you get. If you are using it for final gear like you say you are, then you want to focus on sockets more than HR. (Also, I had a HR 25 wep and my new Void wep showed blue arrows, meaning it was worse.) And you can gain the other two's bonuses with ERP so easily, and socketing removes the loss of those two stats. Meaning in a CP meta where you need higher amounts to do more content, it's a better idea to get all Wrath now, and then throw your points into Boss damage. IF you have 100 ERP, you can max boss, and get equal values of CDR and MPR that would come from a 2 set bonus. Any more than that, and you can throw it into polarize or ASD. Love how that response doesn't even do anything. Before, max crafts you could do in a day was 2. At worst, 1. At very worst, it took 2 days for the wep. the minimum you can do daily now is 2 regardless. Before, it took 2 dailies and a weekly to make a full set, as the total cost was 9 souls. (3 wep, 4 top & bot, 2 gloves & shoes) as well as 12m ED and 320 fragments. Now it costs you 2.5m ED, 5 souls, and 220 fragments. Lower frag cost means you can spare frags to do the exchange, possibly getting even more souls if you want them.
  7. Huh, interesting, a visual bug. I guess that also answers my question of how doing so would affect them. Now hte only question else I have is "what would happen if it's deleted" but that's too much hassle to go through to find out.
  8. Then don't use it. No, I'm serious. Just don't use it. If you want the HR 29 wep with good effect, do the roulette. They didn't have to revamp the Heroic crafts we had at all before, and they still made it nicer, especially by how much they nerfed the costs overall. By the by, not getting Elri on all characters is a choice you are fulling willing to make (it's actually not as hard as people make it out to be. I have one complete, one almost complete, and about 6 or so on the way currently). They do not need a HR29 weapon in any capacity if they aren't aiming for Elri/Void. Even then the only reason to get a HR29 is to speed it up, and socketing your gear correctly will speed you up way more than getting a HR29 weapon. Also, the weapon exchange isn't as useless as you make it out to be. You seem to forget that having a split of the sets is the better idea, and almost every tradeable set still needs a weapon. The quest gives you a random type, so you have a 1/3 chance of actually getting the weapon you need. I need nothing but Wrath weapons personally, and from all the quests I've done (around 20+ total) I've gotten maybe 3-4 Wrath weapons from it.
  9. iirc all my pieces say "cannot dismantle" if they are in the MW. I've even got some copies of items, and the copies aren't in the MW, and don't have "cannot dismantle" but their MW ones do.
  10. Yes. It loses absolutely no functionality. the only really 'complex' part as well is that in order to project it's appearance, it has to be registered, so unregistered it removes it's look from the MW, and from anything it was projected onto.
  11. No. The only thing you cannot do with it is resell and trade. Well, dismantle too, but why would you
  12. The only time you need to pay to change anything is when you pay to remove it from the shop - which also removes the look as well. The rest of the system is absolutely free and not all that complicated.
  13. No, it's actually not in the main thread. I originally thought they were one cube random piece as well. Then I went and logged in, and it's 15 different dubes. 5 per type, consisting of Weapon, Top, Bottom, Gloves and Shoes as was like "wow this is makes a lot more sense"
  14. They... I just... I literally just fucking told you they are per piece.