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  1. That literally just means this content is worth doing even less on officials. But sure, I'm lazy. You have no actual idea about anything I do, here or otherwise. Are you sure you just don't have an actual rebuttal aside from "But other places have it worse!"?
  2. Cool! But guess what? Void isn't those servers. It doesn't matter what happens anywhere else if it doesn't happen on Void. It doesn't matter if Ererda is the most popular game mode in KR, NA, EU, what have you. If It's not popular in Void because it's not worth playing and in it's current state will never be, then that's where it ends. PvP and Ereda are, quite frankly, Void's dead content. Not fixing the problem won't make people play it.
  3. That has worked so well in the past. When they added content to Ereda, it totally brought it to life. Totally. When they added the crafts for rank items to PvP, people totally did PvP. In order for that logic to work, the content needs to be worth it to play to begin with. PvP isn't rewarding. Making it a required piece of end-game will not make people play it. Ereda isn't rewarding. Making it a required piece of end-game will not make people play it. .... So you don't do it, and yet... you want to make it a part of your suggestion...? Do you not see the problem with that? Not really. For most they'd go "I have to do two pieces of content I have no intention of playing, and have to win, to get a +10? I'll just save up the money and buy a scroll." It's applying a bandage to a problem that needs a full surgical team to fix.
  4. Over all dont' really care but uh: they've shot this down in different forms many times already. EDIT: Also I think the fuck not. You have been here long enough to see what forcing people to do certain content does, and you think doing that is smart idea? Have you finally gone insane Flannel?
  5. No, you did talk about a ban. If you want to throw a temper tantrum, realize first you wouldn't have been warned if you didn't actually talk about it.
  6. You got warned for breaking one of the rules they literally state in the most obvious forms. What the fuck did you think was going to happen?
  7. This week's normal has double Dekal... and I can see why people hated it in Challenge. I have long ass I-frames as NI along with Res passive, and have attempted them three times with three different strategies, and they all ended the same.
  8. Guess you can close this now as it was done @Structure @Xera @Shiryelle @PhysicsTM
  9. Love how y'all are going 'snitch' when you could have just talked about it in PMs, Discord, Skype, literally anywhere but here. They ain't a snitch, y;all are just too stupid to go "maybe we should bring it somewhere else"
  10. Look, all you are doing is kinda adding oil to your fire. There is no other game that openly states what cryptic ban reasons mean. Technically, no game does - they just aren't usually that hard to infer. You always have to ask. Also get rid of that first no option jesus christ. At least you made a second, but fucking really?
  11. No ETA. Pretty sure NA just got Trinity and KR just released Mega Cake
  12. I wonder if I'll make a page of just bumps one day
  13. the guild slept for a few days that's why no bumps