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  1. I revived myself becasue something told me I must check here But yes I will still be with Nocturne, I just quit the game is all. You all won't be able to get rid of me until I die
  2. As many of you may remember, some time ago I made a partially quitting thread. To this day, that thread still isn't a lie. I've been on forums a lot, yes, but in-game, I've only had small bursts of activity. However, the time, I'm gone for good. I love this game, I do. And that's why it hurts me to have to live through the same endgame style for many, many years. I love my characters so much, so it hurts me to abandon them. But I just can't. My Elsword journey has been a long one, going back all the way to as early as 2012. In fact, had I made it to December, it would have been a full 7 years at least of me playing this game. I joined Void itself back in 2014. In fact, the day I joined was day one of the two week maintenance. I never made a forum account - and for anyone who actually remembers this I never did technically. But now, years along my journey, I have hit a wall. I can't play this game anymore - for many reasons. To start, it's gotten punishing to have more than one character. Either you have a lot of money and just buy most of what you need... or you sell your soul to RNG and pray to god what you need drops. But if you only have one character that can grind, both of those options will take a long, long time. Next up, I have both alt-itis, and an inability to play a single character for a long span of time. I just can't play a single character for days and days, but the amount of effort that has to be devoted to having more than one character ready for endgame - and now the new region that's coming soon - is getting too unproportionately high. Third, I've just been playing better games. It's hard to come from a game that is unquestionably better than Elsword in just about every aspect (let's be real, the amount of good costumes in Elsword will be hard to find better elsewhere) and play... dungeon farming simulator. I had a feeling that this day was going to come eventually, as ever since I did raid for a month straight back in Perkisas I've never been able to play this game the same again, and that happened sometime in 2016. Ever since then I haven't been able to play this game like how I used to. Back then, I could play for weeks with barely any breaks and not feel drained. After, I took a solid half a year break. After that, I could only play for a few days without needing a week break. Now? I can only go for not even 30 minutes before I want to turn the game off. I won't be giving anything away, as I've already entrusted my account to my group of friends. They might give stuff away, but it's out of my hands. Here is where most people who have been here for ages would do shoutouts, but you all know I'm an unlovable prick so I don't have anyone. Ha jokes @Celery @Lunya @Zentaro @Miyabi and all of Nocturne: HAAAAAAAA GUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY Jokes aside, y'all have basically have already received my goodbye, I just wanting to ping you on forums for shits and giggles. @draco123 I like never interacted with you but you were coolio and if mods wanna take over my PvE salt thread somehow, feel free But I won't be returning to forums after this, and maybe once in a blue moon I may log in again if certain people ask, but I'm done with this game otherwise.
  3. I'm sad that the event has gone back to costing a lot if you want multiples, but not bad over all. Look, I get that y'all want to drain ED from the server, but this has gotta stop. We ain't asking for exclusively RNG pouches, we ain't even asking for amazing ones. Just some immediate gratification instead of "have fun grinding your life away!"
  4. If Void ever does 4th of July they better give me my Canada Day :catban:
  5. You realize the buttons don't fucking work, right? It's entire existence is entirely dependent on morality. It literally relies on you having the guilty thought of "I'm not old enough so I shouldn't hit the yes button". There is no legal age verification that can function on the internet (and by function, I mean do it's fucking job) without government issued ID. And if such a thing so easy to do, porn websites would have it. As for your images of the rules, it strictly says "megaphones" for chatting. I can go talk about NSFW stuff in say chat and they won't do a damn thing, and I already specifically stated when racism is used to ban myself. Also, to address this: It is not our fault, nor will it ever be our fault, if people willing look it up. Curiosity killed the cat, not killed what the cat was curious about. This is literally finger pointing - "how dare you make them curious about something they may or may not want to see". They have full fucking control over their own actions and no one I know - LITERALLY NO ONE - actually blames the person who made them curious. They might joke about it, but they will actually blame themselves because they entered into the search bar. They clicked the link. They did the actions that led them to finding it out. No one else. You don't have talking points about this topic - you don't. There isn't anything to discuss. Using racist slurs to insult someone is bannable. Talking about it is not. Mentioning it is not. This isn't Warframe, where saying Nigeria gets you banned. Just don't use it to insult another user - really easy. Elsword - despite all the memes and jokes - is a game for minors. Therefore there are people who are below the legal age here, so putting NSFW up for everyone to see is not allowed. But someone searching it up on their own - given and idea or not from IGNs is entirely irrelevant because they still have to search it up on their own - and not posting it here is okay. I'm not going to get banned for looking at porn on my own time. I'll get banned for knowingly linking and or posting it in a place minors frequent. That's why there isn't 18+ avatars. You are 'posting' it. It's why it can't be a cover. You are 'posting' it. I shouldn't need to explain how posting it is posting it, same with a link in megas. It's also how NSFW IGNs go around it. They aren't linking. They aren't posting. If a GM tells them to change their IGN and forces a change on them, they will literally change it right on back. "Then just give a punishment after enough times". Literally not enough people to handle that at Void. Why do you think ban waves happen? Asking Void to police IGNs as well takes manpower away from everything else. Ban waves take longer. Account support takes longer. Updates take longer. You honestly can't tell me that slowing down everything over IGNs that people have full fucking control over not looking up is worth it.
  6. Simply put: In-game they can't stop it at all. They can force a nickname change, but due to the immediate availability of IGNs once removed, they could literally name themselves it again. The no recycle time was a player requested feature, so that's quite obviously going nowhere. Plus, you can't really stop those people having a conversation about that stuff. They'd just move it somewhere else. On forums, however, is an entirely different story - especially NSFW. For racism or w/e it depends on context. They aren't going to ban someone for just saying anything racist in any context. Otherwise sorry Aominoa, your banned! for example. And having a talk about also won't lead to a ban. But using it to insult people is when it crosses into rulebreaking. Makes sense. NSFW needs a special landing, ''''''verifying''''''' age. So many ' because it's just clicking a button. If no such thing happens, Void can get into heavy trouble. They would also need to jump through several proverbial hoops on the backend to get actually allowed to host that.
  7. Just making sure. On these forums you can never really tell Unless it's Jinx. Then it's really easy to tell.
  8. Fun fact: statless IBs can be denied for the same reason as a full stat IB. Making them statless would impact Void just as much as handing them out.
  9. Tradeable? Absolutely not. Bankshareable? Sure why not
  10. That literally just means this content is worth doing even less on officials. But sure, I'm lazy. You have no actual idea about anything I do, here or otherwise. Are you sure you just don't have an actual rebuttal aside from "But other places have it worse!"?