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  1. @Hollow you'll need a ref picture on your vd entry~
  2. hey shi you didn't really mentioned this on EP thread did you? I saw at least 2 entries using photo studio meh also I used to wait but it's literally 2 weeks so im here asking for VD
  3. whoa this is a big necro @PhysicsTM @Structure @Xera @Shiryelle
  4. and and believe me or not I like them because of the sound effects....breadload's walking sound and morte's twinkling sound when she fell asleep are so pleasant
  5. as a pathetic single person I would love to have this one piece in IM for perm, with lower or even no statics is still fine.
  6. let say what most possible first: new swimwear, saying summer event. if they are going on swimwear route then probably will release sailor set? maybe swimwear cut-ins comeback too, I hope so since the swimwear cut-ins on board now are ridiculous but for what I want, actually I would love to see ELStar element in this summer event...the black/white trainne set is good enough for event exchange, maybe even the coloured set on event craft??? idk man edited- I want another random drops event since that has more fun, but please make the minimum drop be 1 instead of 0 so that ppl with bad RNG won't be too frustrated.
  7. only the job advance item is free, job change(EW/RaS>NL) is always 3kEC
  8. you should probably report this in bug thread or else it's hard for they to notice, here
  9. I believe it's this set >> here
  10. okay *is ready to get 10 for my MP*