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  1. @Structure not sure so I ping you, is Caroline's entry valid?
  2. 1. speak you suggestion clearly. for this kind of suggestion, you should include correct name and pictures of specific items you suggesting. 2. future content(saying the marriage system update here) will be implemented eventually, be patient and wait.
  3. not ready for edgy story time but res anyway
  4. because there are too many banned items to list if I do suggest a Elrianode/Varnimyr bosses theme and KOG will eventually make the real ETS4 with with them anyway :) @Demoncy 12-8 is not a SD, you may have to change your entry
  5. ok now what is Drabaki Raid Boss & Chloe Collaboration i dont think either of them count as secret dungeon
  6. so apparently I haven't set if mini bosses is okay or not @Shiryelle you guys okay with sd mini bosses? it's quite obvious GoD sets looks similar to 3-x boss lol great but not original at all.
  7. Alterasia: Type-H "May you be reborn as a flower in the next life..." -Rena, said to Alterasia Item Used
  8. DoomBringer

    Ara Hair !!

    yeah I think he/she is suggesting the ingame option to toggle special awaken form, since it discovered certain cosutume doesn't tigger that special awaken? ....idk tbh. I'll say accept it since this is setted to be characteristic and even if you really want it's more like KOG's business, not void's. still, neutral tho.
  9. it's not love, just kog being too lazy to make old costumes for new characters
  10. I mean...with all these posts, shouldn't you all notice the kick system is suck not because it acutually works or not, but due to its randomness that works fine on some player and doesn't work to other? and yes, the kick system is very kind to me, I didn't got kicked even once despite I'm the one always leeching the party(with beginner gears and just sit at the end of a stage wait for the map clearers). I have never successfully kick anyone either, tho.
  11. iirc this issue has been up like long time ago and staff doesn't give a shit, yet it is a stupid way to get a costume set. 15x for full set seems promising, and don't forget the set next to ELS office(I think it's white salvation army), that needs to revamp too.
  12. @Gamester @Rhi @Allukario @Grace you'll need a reference picture of the villain you're cosplaying on your entry~ also tfw all black outfit entry uses dark backgorund and actually cant see a damn thing on the screenshot
  13. be patience, my child. we've been survived two weeks with out VD before, there's nothing to it delay just a few days + new VD is up already oof
  14. lets not argue something that wont change I want to grind void weap but I also want to grind the 112 title, ya know that one +15% drop rate title was 124/300 in progress should I grind the title first and go to 4Y with it or should I grind the weap first in order to farm 112(and other elriando title) faster? 'm ok with both in fact just want someone decide it for me :v