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  1. DoomBringer

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    @Kimmyxv Nice outfit but since colours of laby's 3rd job path doesn't count in this week theme, you may want to change your description a bit
  2. DoomBringer

    Add Laby's weapon to Void's custom Heroic crafts

    Isn't this a known 2.5 bug...? I assume it will be solved and doesn't need a suggestion, probably. Edited- wep incase this isn't a bug then I'll be +1 too cuz why not.
  3. DoomBringer

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    what I can F5 the launcher- but no, it didn't changes :v I've tried F5/ctrlF5 and even repaired once before F5, it still keeps the same launcher outlook
  4. DoomBringer

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    so... I really wanted to see the laucher changes ...
  5. DoomBringer

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    The "Welcome to Void Elsword" quest can be completed by consuming a Beginner's MP Potion that can be purchased at any alchemist Characters that have been made prior to this update will be able to complete this quest as well! new starter Cube yesssssss but the Animation sets are not obtainable in 2.5 starter cube, where can I get them then? :v
  6. DoomBringer

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    gotta go fast said no eta™. btw I'm curious if they would finally change the laucher outlook to pink also #NLwhen
  7. DoomBringer

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    @DeezHandz A quick reminder that only post entries/reservations are allowed in VD thread , next time you can come here(Event Discussion Thread) to post your opinion towards any event
  8. DoomBringer

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    got it, thanks for explanation!
  9. DoomBringer

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    @Xera may I ask for a more specific description on the VD theme? It told me to "dress in Laby's colour palette" which are like these, take both EW and RaS a look: yeah they both included pink but the main colour isn't always pink at all, like EW whom main colour is actually black&white while pink become sort of deco. but from the theme name itself and what I saw so far, it seems that we just need to slam all the pink stuff on our character. What am I actually suppose to do? Since I have both "the most pink outfit I made but not really referring to Laby's colour palette" and "Outfit that acutally referencing Laby's colour palette but with very little pink element", I don't know which one should I use as entry to prevent becoming irrelevant. I am so confused...
  10. DoomBringer

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Pink outfit? hmph, easy! Aisha dresses in EW inspired style. [REF] Item used
  11. DoomBringer

    Heroic Quest

    bet staffs are going to say "we will have done it long time ago if we can" and still play the technical difficulties card lul I'll +1 tho, this outdated quest should really get revamp.
  12. DoomBringer

    Bring back old in temp rotation

    1. Speak your suggestion clearly in your post, instead of just two meaningless words and a irrelevant picture. 2. Old IBs will eventually came back, also there's a thread for s/o old IBs you wanted back in rotation:
  13. DoomBringer

    What Laby Path Will You Choose To Level First

    I once want to main RaS, but only found she is too weak to main. May going for NL since I don't really want to play a broken job, and NL's face is probably more useful in VD.
  14. DoomBringer

    Most fun dungeon?

    I love 11-3! Simply punching a bunch of mobs in a straightforward map is so satisfying
  15. DoomBringer

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    @Xera Just ask, would you consider banning ELS Office sets in this week VD? I mean, office-themed huh.