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  1. As someone who is probably only going to use EW as an alt, you seem to know my playstyle way too much :(. Joke aside, I voted for RaS. EW's gameplay is... not my cup of tea (but it can be somewhat fun when you get the hang of it...), and is only manageable for me by late game with the trans passive (because MP potions intensifies). RaS though has been completely fun for me, and she's just full of optimism so it makes me "happier" to play as her, like she's rubbing off on me. Plus it makes me do something when I'm being carried than just stand there, so I don't feel bad when I do nothing and the person just sweeps the room. As for Nisha... After seeing more videos, I'm interested about her gameplay, so maybe I'll just make one too. And keep a 4th Laby for Daydreamer Trans because I just want 3 Labys even if one is drugged on illusions. And for lolz a 5th Laby. Base.
  2. Goro

    Cool Update! (And what i think)

  3. Goro

    Board bug ?

    the fact that you can sell it actually surprise me if this is the temp version
  4. Goro

    Guys wtf

    nvm, wiki even said so im dumb but hey i got the def ignore right that's something ;;
  5. Goro

    Guys wtf

    That's Code: Nemesis V key. CBS' V key turns her lasers into def ignore atks for a short moment. I still didn't test it on CBS so maybe a shield or wall is there idk.
  6. Goro

    void 1.7 broken version

    does this mean i am rich?
  7. Goro

    Da fuq is happening?

    well it's kind of normal when you marry a random stranger, either you have chance and they really did come for the skill, either you don't have and you get this. That's why people are better asking their friends if they want to marry someone for skill.
  8. Goro

    void 1.7 broken version

    good morning Here you go
  9. when I was still a newbie in Elsword and didn't know how to awk. it's sad
  10. Goro

    GPatcher [Help]

    They work, but Aisha will be silent.
  11. Goro

    The biggest 'Oh Wow' moment you've had since renewals

    DW's WWW is even worse than Ciel, I can feel the hitbox! Oh well, this was on first day and it was raining so full of delays, so it's surely not that bad in reality. Still, I'm finally back to play EM and she feels wayyy better now. CN for the moment still didn't test though.
  12. Goro

    Request lock cause off topic

    someone did said years, it's scary. I guess so.
  13. Goro

    Request lock cause off topic

    I'm talking about the updates of chara and all this stuff. It's true they don't release much between versions but yea. When you see people complaining about how it tooks years for us to get Luciel and then you see the real dates...
  14. Goro

    Request lock cause off topic

    You're right about that, yep. ... I'm still mad about how people are overexaggerating all these dates & stuff tho, I know Void takes some time but not that much.
  15. Goro

    Request lock cause off topic

    EU got Luciel in late July tho :c They were pratically bugged af when they could do that for CrA and DiE, it was luck that they could implement it safely without fucking up something :/