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  1. Name: ZachIGN(s): OmnipotentCharacter(s)/Class(es): DC/FP (new main, no idea what i'm getting into lol)Previous Guild(optional): None atmWhat made you decide to join us?: Read the thread, liked what I saw. Seems like a nice place c:Referral(if referred, optional): --Do you plan on staying long?: My enjoyment of the game withstanding, absolutely.About(optional): My party-piece is that I can make a 4-winged paper plane.
  2. Update: I tried to be optimal and shaved down my PB to 1:41. Still messed up in places, though. Same stats as before. Also pulled my first void weapon the run after this :^D Gonna put it to use and aim for below 1:30 next.
  3. It took me 200+ runs, but I finally got below 2 minutes today for the first time (well, only just). I used Newt's and BE, of course. Still don't have the weapon though... Stats: Can probably do much better than this with what I have, but idk how to play RF optimally. That, and i'm generally at PvE. Proud of my time regardless though. I'll probably try to beat it, at least until I get that damn weapon.
  4. Dark Scale in the wardobe. Sinister Intent Acc's in the wardrobe. Raid Auras in the wardrobe. Fuck. Yes. TY Void.
  5. While I'd love to be able to pair up with my friend and grind together, I don't think it's the best idea. You could end up just paying someone to just carry you, which defeats the purpose of grinding it entirely. Additionally, keeping it solo keeps it as a challenge, and the difficulty promotes the idea of you using your resources well and playing well in order to farm it. I haven't dropped the weapon (yet), but working out how to beat the dungeon quicker and quicker, and learning strategies for it to make up for your lack of gear is one of the most satisfying things about it when it pays off. Making it doable in pairs takes that away, as well as being slightly unfair to people who grinded it solo, as previously mentioned by others. It's a -1 from me.
  6. AXEON

    Revamped IBS

    +1. Fuck Boss Cubes. I'll never be burning enough to make use of the crystals, but I like the idea of them regardless.
  7. Been playing Elsword since Add's NA release (roughly 3 years) on and off. I'm a Reckless Fist main. When I first saw Limit Crusher, it filled a hole in my being I didn't even know existed. Then I saw SenjiTube play RF and said to myself 'this is how I want to play the game'. When I started on Void, RF also had a slight unknown factor to him, since there weren't too many good or notable RFs on the server before renewals (at least according to the countless BMs I sparred back then). My friends at the time had never sparred an RF until they met me, and the reactions I would get (and still do get) from his damage were priceless. I enjoy Raven as a whole, but RF is my calling for this game.
  8. I came to Void during 1.4, I think. I'd joined NA during LP's launch event there, and played him. I loved Add back then. Some time afterwards, I found out about DiE in KR, and wanted to play it. Couldn't get KR, so I came here instead. I believe that was early 2015-ish, if memory serves correctly. I never returned to NA. I was out of the game for a year (only came back a few weeks ago), but to think I've technically been in the game for two and a half years is absurd to me. It's gone very quickly. The memories of all of the 3rd party downtime, the spam threads that came with said downtime, the PvP salt, Raid farming...good times.
  9. Welcome back. I don't know you, but I hope you enjoy your return. ~
  10. ForumName:AxeonCharacterName:OmnipotentCategory I want to participate:1, 2, 3, 4 Wishes for Cat #4: Kumiho Earrings, Mana Necky, Hand of Passion :]
  11. Probably just sit in the forums and watch as countless threads about 1.9 just rain down into existence. If I find time to play at all, I'll probably cap and de-rust on my RF. No interest in playing Rose at all, though if I have time I might play one just to see her tools first hand so I can deal with them effectively in spar later.
  12. I didn't feel like there was a point. I'd need evidence to justify myself, and I have none, except that I know I haven't been hacking. Which anyone can say, because it isn't physical evidence. Thanks for that though. I'll write up an appeal now and see if I can get unbanned. Either way, I would've ended up quitting soon anyway. I'm heading into my second year of College, I've got university coming up and constantly on my mind. I've got to get a job, improve my Piano skills, and start to network in real life or I won't go anywhere. @VoidEls - Now that you've given me the possibility, I will appeal. Thank you. This post still stands either way though, since I would've ended up quitting soon anyways.