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  1. Well if saying Too Easy is enough to stir up some shit..idk then... tho i agree he should not say that , if you are the better people you should be mature and snipe him in arena if you can
  2. Eh okay...i was the one talking shit first................................................................................
  3. Well true..cause i have no idea how else to solve this problem of butthurt people..guess i will just ignore them cause i didn't really bring any solution either :^) inb4 you only considered someone high IQ only if they agreed with you btw you can't decide the whole community's view based on this salty thread's natural for friends of same guilds to defend each other duh
  4. ah sorry XD..there was ONE other person that called Dick Suckers so i was actually referring to him by all means
  5. Calling others suck pp and thinking that's actually how to win argument seems funny..but ok i will take that you win the Argument since it seems like you really need it so much
  6. ok..i don't get it at all now..sounds like PVP community wants to win , win and win but want their enemy to be on same level of gear (your enemy also wants to win, win and win so if they have better gear, why would they bother to undergear themselves just to satisfy you guys) sorry but - is actually a good player to me, and just like how you guys don't care about my view that - is actually a good player..i don't care too about you guys keep saying he is shit Winning by abusing some Loop-able combo that prevent manabreak forever is called skill now :^) , you guys are hyprocritical cause that kind of cheap wins is what i called dogshit plays Why only - tho..oh..Bandwagoning hate just because some laggers called - laggers / -?? If you hate - so much..beat them to the ground and make them so scared they don't wanna PVP anymore..if everyone PVP to win then that's the best solution imo btw this whole skill , no skill is so similar to an old game i played called CosmicBreak..the PowerCreep there is even worse than in Els, and you guys complaining for no reason
  7. welp..thanks for the calm reply then why not buy a sacrifice too then..i know it's expensive but it should be more affordable than +11 unless your RNG is really good what i don't get it why you guys Salt-ing so much at a single person, and i don't see venz as an egoistical guys just don't know the person that well imo Also - doesn't really lag..compared to ehem..- , - , - (boi i i hate people with that kind of connection :c) Define Dogshit plays tho..i fought - from time to time, he is fun to fight unless you only wanted to win, win and win.. Welp..PVP should stay dead tbh..if people can't handle losing and just keep hating (or bandwagoning hating) on someone I can see why PVE should be prioritized more
  8. Wow..stop bullying --chan Let's be honest guys bitching about gears and gears, then why not grind your gears to be equal (those geared people work hard for their gears (or pay hard)) and stop bitching about skills, Elsword is an autoplay game..there are hardly any skilled players (except really few ones) funny how people blame overgeared people when they are undergeared af and don't want to improve their gears In short : Git Gud and stop bitching
  9. well..Raids board got hidden after every maintenance, so it's a bit hard to tell but i would say 200 - 300 players have done raid this week (the most from 12-5 ofc) and for this week i think 40 - 50 players have cleared 12-7 (it's easier to count the players than team cause you need specific composition to clear 12-7) but overall, yes people are doing Vanymir Raids
  10. can always use Lu stats or Ciel stats and gear just one of them??
  11. R I P P V P But seriously.. The 5k AP is the most hurtful ones :'(
  12. I Like how there is a Rose being mass reported for leeching and still not banned (thanks for the 2 losses, ms. Leeching Rose)
  13. ugh..out of all Players i fight in PVP, a certain AeS is definitely the last thing i want to fight..i mean an AeS with gear that lag hard and always teleport out of skills = ??
  14. probably won't need to change it anymore..took me like 2b+ to change to this from previous glass cannon stats build ;w;
  15. We need free ED for everyone Well, maybe too many people sink their ED , but not actually doing dg to keep economy stable..but we will see tomorrow after new Rotation (maybe something will happen by then...maybe...)