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  1. i mean if we wanna be exact its a sex offense against a minor. a pedophilic crime is specifically a sexual offense against a prepubescent minor. doesnt make it any less bad tho to be messin with people in their early teens
  2. they dont need to rely on the people who pay their checks...? Also theres not much thats perfectionist about void at all. in fact an actual perfectionist probably wouldnt even wanna associate with a shitty game like this one as private server staff anyway lol
  3. the point i was ultimately getting to tho is that this will prolly never change. There will be an endless cycle of this and both parties play a part since void players are too naïve to ever question anything ever, and that void staff doesnt actually have any receipts or substantiation for their credibility or that they act in good faith. Lilu's entire post TL;DR'd was basically "hey, we do a good job, believe us! (no proof)" followed up by entirely dodging some of the inconsistency accusations and what he did respond to, he defaulted to "well sometimes we make mistakes", which is basically a dodge itself because it doesnt even really acknowledge the problem beyond admitting that it exists.Even sera's post earlier basically just reinforces it all without actually adding anything of substance to it besides maybe a witness account (but nothing of recent events, which include major accusations btw) like bro its actually INSANE that so many people dont see how inexcusably bad it looks when an establishment offering a service where its encouraged to spend money on, consistently just tells everyone for years that they should just be given the benefit of the doubt that theyre doing a good job WHILE actively hiding/refusing to show anything that suggests theyre doing a bad job lmao
  4. whats the principle im not getting? that you dont have to have a reason to trust a service that you're giving money to? because i still havent gotten a reason some of you are incredibly naïve
  5. for someone who wants no hostility, that was a pretty hostile tone you took on but i dont really care about that. i was just being snide anyway nobody really believes that innocent until guilty doesnt apply here because its obviously absurd and you dont really understand how much independent human deduction is of a factor in a lot of cases. also trust is earned, not given. Especially on a service where its encouraged to spend your money for benefits. so im asking YOU if you have anything of substance to show that staff is credible and that you know its safe to trust them. if you dont feel this way at all then nvm,of course if you only feel/strongly believe they are competent in this area without having ever witnessed them proving it thats cool too
  6. dam some1 gets upset quick its too bad ill never get my proof for why staff is trustable
  7. oopsy doopsy i didnt see this there are plenty of cases that are more intricate than what you're making it seem and they require thorough deduction to properly solve. also, human error also exists on all levels. you cant give much if at all reasoning to substantiate your trust in staff competency beyond pure blind faith since they keep everything in the dark lol
  8. where in the world is carmen sandiego
  9. modded elsword playable thru p2p or LAN/Parsec only is an unironically good idea
  10. sure hope that project includes modding the game because it wont work otherwise
  11. this should get hit with the lock/delete tbh
  12. u kno u dont have to take a game seriously to get upset at it right
  13. the push wasnt for officials to have real money, it was to allow any use of real money in any tournament as a prize. if i were to host one id have to give out ingame items exclusively also paypal does all that for you and even if it didnt you could just google the conversion pretty much anyone who would actually win a tournament would prefer money over ec. i dont know whats hard to understand about it'll have actual versatility with what you can purchase. not everyone is 12 and only sees investment in 1 specific online video game lol edit: out the address..huh? have you ever used a money transferring service my guy
  14. ya fuck hurtful he take pvp too seriously can we ban him?