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  1. modded elsword playable thru p2p or LAN/Parsec only is an unironically good idea
  2. sure hope that project includes modding the game because it wont work otherwise
  3. this should get hit with the lock/delete tbh
  4. u kno u dont have to take a game seriously to get upset at it right
  5. the push wasnt for officials to have real money, it was to allow any use of real money in any tournament as a prize. if i were to host one id have to give out ingame items exclusively also paypal does all that for you and even if it didnt you could just google the conversion pretty much anyone who would actually win a tournament would prefer money over ec. i dont know whats hard to understand about it'll have actual versatility with what you can purchase. not everyone is 12 and only sees investment in 1 specific online video game lol edit: out the address..huh? have you ever used a money transferring service my guy
  6. ya fuck hurtful he take pvp too seriously can we ban him?
  7. only thing players havent tried at this point is to just entice people with absurdly large amounts of money. its ironic how easy it is to find people with money to waste away like nothing on this game on an international level and yet nobody seems to be able to host large scale tournaments anymore and neither can they find good sponsors. but really its as simple as that imo, as far as what players can do the answer is just money. giving ppl a prize worth competing for makes them comfortable in investing since they can get something out of it. players who quit come back, you pull in new people and just like that uve nearly instantly created a small and growing dedicated playerbase. then more ppl are inspired to play and host, and do things to promote community growth, and so on but u get the point. too bad all of this instantly falls flat since TOs on void cant give cash prizes
  8. well yeah because the reason why they left is that the game sucks and the devs have no interest in a true sustainable competitive environment, OR they have no idea how to maintain one seeing as they r the ones who started no-holds-barred all gear tournaments and continuously make the game more idiot friendly as each patch rolls out theres nothing wrong with havin a super hot take every now n then, aslong as ur not smug about it you wouldnt get crucified Au contraire, not a single one of those 103 votes means jackshit 1 cool thing to know is that sometimes numbers have a bit of nuance in them. you cant just see a stat at face value and draw a conclusion. Most of these 103 people are passerbys who simply decided to share their opinion. Not even half of these people regularly pick up a spar set and they probably dont have one at all so what do votes matter when theyre this shallow? the active spar community probably doesn't even make up a 3rd of the people who voted against arena rules. people just like sharing their opinion but sadly for you none of them ACTUALLY care. i honestly doubt even half of these people play arena lol. lets get real, every single vote casted in this poll was inconsequential. the entire tournament community is inconsequential because if officials dissolved tomorrow and tournaments dissolved, the entire 20 or so of you who it ACTUALLY affects wouldnt actually contribute any less to the game than you already do so there is nothing to be lost with throwing tournaments in the trash entirely Now ima speak moreso in general than as a response to you but comin in with my own take that may or may not be wild, i think comp els is a meme because the pvp has absolutely no redeeming qualities aside from it being fun and having an OK level of diversity. it doesnt have depth, doesnt have much freedom of expression, doesnt have good netplay despite netplay being the only option, its badly optimized which is bad considering a HUGE perk u should have on a low-profile pc only game is that its cheap to buy (subverted in this game) and that anyone should be able to run it. It sucks as a spectator sport and is generally boring to watch.And you dont have devs that care about pvp health. there is like no coming back from this unless kog came out the cut with elsword 2 or elsword arcade. The comp players didnt just ditch this game en masse to play mobas and FGs for no reason lol. This comp Els meme needs to CEASE thanks for comin to my ted talk
  9. well thats a conclusion to jump to after having hardly exchanged any words. i didnt even get to elaborate edit: competitive els not being anywhere near sustainable anymore is a pretty important topic, prolly the most important tbh but i wonder if anyone is even willing to talk about that
  10. theres like a grand total of 10 people who actually enjoy competition. half of the people who play tournaments in elsword arent even really competitive. if uve actually taken a look at the FGC it should be even more obvious that this game will literally never have a proper competitive community anymore unless they rework it from the ground up. the reason why all these people left is because they either realized the game fucking sucks and its impossible to have a competitive scene on a game where the whole fucking demographic is geared towards casuals and people who rather competitive grinding over skill-based gameplay. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but it doesnt mesh well
  11. tru dat edit: on 2nd thought, UNLIKELY should just join for fun tbh because comp els is an ifunny tier meme if u want a game to take seriously it is NOT this one
  12. it wont be a real competition regardless of what the rules are, throw the whole word in the trash well theres the fact that a (no offense sachi) low-bar 1st run of a weekly event tied up zenith for participants
  13. if ur talking about sachis thing it wasnt a zenith prize was lower not every single arena player whos willing to do a tournament will just casually sign up as soon as they are appealed to esp. if its not official gotta ease people in after their demographic has been swerved for 7 years
  14. its unoptimal timing but not outright bad timing