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  1. first time i opened the game,i had the same problem.i closed it,relaunch,and now i'm in owo.i guess imma lucky biatch
  2. it would be better if you could change a high amountt of ED or crafting materlials like time and space shit ,or SD coins or arena salt for a full 200m ED,20 piece of each SD coin,and 10-15 time and space crystal cube + 45-50 arena salt for the full set.and the sets would be untradable and it better nao?
  3. hai people o/ i think most of the stat ideas are a bit OP,so here's my opinion : l2 pcs. set effectl : -all resistances + 30 l3 pcs. set effectl : -red. damage + 300 l4 pcs. set effectl : -hp +5000 -PB duration + 10% l5 pcs. set effectl : -crit. hit + 500 l7 pcs. set effectl : -attribute effect activate chance + 1.5% -pb charge + 1130