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  1. Yes, this game is shit. It could have been better if the staff was competent.
  2. My hipster senses are tingling.
  3. I can't like my own posts anymore. It's shit.
  4. Solo PvE Alterasia - the buff gives +20% unnormalised attack speed and increases mana gain with each hit by a lot. Meaning you get MP like crazy, meaning infinite skill spam.
  5. PvP? PvE? Party? Solo? Be more specific.
  6. Doesn't really matter which character you choose. The IBs don't give significant damage increase, so you can just use the cheapest, ugliest ones for the sockets. Therefore just play the character you enjoy the most, PvE is easy anyway so any character you like will be fine.
  7. There's always a chance you won't get caught. (like people who use hacks for month and months, but do it secretly and never get banned)
  8. Lmao, that's one dumb statement. Let me use a simple example to show you how stupid you are: Person A uses glitch to get 100 bil ED. He then uses that money to buy items from people B, C, D, E, ...., Z. Person A gets banned. All his items disappear, but the ED doesn't disappear. Why? Because the ED is now with people B-Z, who aren't banned.