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  1. Welcome back mate, tho you might wanna check this out if you didn't to get the hype rolling: Anyhow have fun.
  2. Hi there, my apologies for bothering you but Could you tell me the Private server for Aura kingdom?

    the one you talked about at this thread:


    there are plenty alot of em and I don't wanna try em all so I thought you could save me the time. thanks in advance.

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    2. Sphaerah♥


      They have one of the best comunity i've ever seen tho, I think you're gonna like it, if you ever need help just ask me (Saphera is my IGN)

    3. Ashless


      Thanks again, the game worked just fine, a few problems with the character models in choosing screen but all is well for now, I used to be a player in the normal server, had a good active small family type guild, the times were good but then I had to stop (after our Guild Master Vanished) and so on, one of my past guildes contacted me a week ago and requested from me and asked if I could find a working private server for the game, and I had to try it to see if it's all up and running , tho it was all thanks to you, I appreciate your offer for help but am focusing on DFO right now, should you need help in DFO or Elvoid by any chance you needn't but ask, and I'll see what I can do. (My IGN is Ashless).

      Thanks again and may you have a good day ahead. 

    4. Sphaerah♥


      cya later in game :*

  3. O-O howdy, just dropping by, was looking through some old posts and ran into one of your posts about lineage II


    how's life treating ya? all good?

    1. kurumii


      oh hello

      damn that's so old


      yeee im good, just realising that summer is ending and i have to get back to work ; (


    2. Ashless


      50-50 for the most part, had some good times in the past 2 days with a friend of mine but that's all.

      now am just wondering the forums looking for a prey to nag on.

  4. Finally!

    (was too lazy to do vid record screen thingy so went ahead and used phone).

    PS: if anyone want to play (beensoloingsinceIreturned#solesurvivors) My IGN: Ashless (as you can see in the short clip)

    in case some of you want a better official material.



    ^although this is the old version, it's the only moving gif I could find.

    The current/actual Model is the one in the vid and this Gif:


    notice the darken skin and the gleaming cross on the chest.


  5. That moment when you try "tower of the dead" for the first time and you discover that it's just like Henir in Elsword only with quicker deaths yet more winning chances on the long term.


  6. My Priest fella is getting his Avenger Rage issue a treatment to Wonderland once more.





  7. When You beat Solace in Halted sun's memory for the first time:




  8. " To build better world, use better stones" or so goes the saying.

    how are ya all? O-O

  9. "A guilty conscience feels continual fear, while a quiet one sleeps in thunder"

  10. 1+ cuz of cat pic OwO

    1. Ashless


      O-O Just random Elboy fella that goes searching the forums for new vict- people, I meant people.

      that's all.

      good luck on your day and all.


  11. just checkin up on people and all.

    you doin good?

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    2. Ashless


      O-O is it okay that am getting "murderous intent" vibes from your latest replay over there^

      me is 50-50 like usual, wondering high and low for a certain sugarblitz character.

      how's Taekwondo going? killed anyone yet?

    3. Nickyan


      What replay uhh. Murderous intents are never a good thing :( 

      There hasnt been training during summer so it's been on a standstill.

    4. Ashless


      the very first reply to this post ^.

      anyhow, just  try to stay in shape till training begins once more.

      cheers mate.

  12. O-O

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    2. Ashless


      Nothin really, just checking up on one of this community favorite organs.

      all good? 

    3. Kidney


      Yeah I'm good, a bit late though.

      How 'bout you? .3.

    4. Ashless


      nah it's okay, better late than never I always say, me? am 50 - 50 as usual, good to see you're still alive and kicking , be well.

  13. O-O just noticed your post minutes ago in that thread.


    no nothin, I just don't like keeping any debts (greetings and such) .

    yup, am 50-50 these days, not too good but not too bad either, what about you? doing fine I suppose?

    anyhow, hope to run into ya in game or so.

    may you have a nice day ahead of ya mate.

  14. Mate? you're okay?hope everything is alright on your end.

    1. LonerHero


      I Quit long ago. It's not worth the time neither it's fun game anymore.

    2. Ashless


      It's kinda sad to hear that but you made a choice and I don't have nothin against it.

      hope you do good out there mate.

      like I said before, you're one of the most devoted,goody,best LKs I've ever run into in Elgaia (both NA and Void).

      You shall be missed.

      May the best be bestowed upon you, mate.


  15. Well it's a common issue in MMO games but honestly I rarely encounter it here, maybe because am on when the server isn't as crowded (early morning/late night) or so. but it's completely normal to have lagging issues, I mean how else a good pvp run could be ruined,hm?