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  1. Time to reroll that Lacerate build.

    1. Nickyan


      Trust me it gets better

  2. drink real coffee you faggor

  3. LyZtZby.jpg

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

  4. ...Nugget.

    1. KibaKun


      What kind of nugget. o3o

  5. Yo. Updated GrM list HERE. Looking for stalking service on LogLike- scored around 180k in one day. Most likely a hacker.
  6. help I leveled the golem

  7. Updated GrM. HERE @Jeff Gonna have to pester Jeff again. DDMoo1 wasn't even on the 2nd page yesterday, meaning they're most likely a hacker.
  8. Updated! HERE Looking for stalking service of ELSYABILA- most likely a hacker if they don't have a +11 Perki's. @Jeff Gonna have to pester our Jeffie again. Also, douzi is still in the list.
  9. Updated! HERE Warning! 4th ranker right now is most likely a hacker- he/she wasn't even in the third page yesterday. Looking for stalking service!
  10. The suspicious hackers have already been cleared in the GrM section. I'll do my best, however I won't guarantee that I'll take pictures of every single page. The only suspicious person left is Ruriel- she scored 60k/day in Phase 1 and stopped at some point, but I don't know what had happened to her after I had made my report.
  11. Because the 6-10 ranking people are all of the ones I knew from phase 1- they're legit.
  12. I'm not gonna do that since it's no longer necessary. The hackers are mainly in the top 5 anyway. Right now the top 5 GrM have stable score income, so if we see someone randomly popping out of nowhere, he/she's most likely hacking.
  13. Even with a +12 Raid weapon, it's impossible to make 450k points in a single day as GRM.