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  1. LordGostone

    Heroic Quest

    Butchered suggestion, feels gud mang.
  2. LordGostone

    [WIP] Lets make Naeun GREAT again (Updated 02/09/19)

    K, a more detailed post on the things suggested. Shop: Pepsi -> change to 50k. Soft Ice Cream -> normally I'd agree but this potion has a severe issue (and that thanks to Void). It shares CD with drinks and drinks nowadays offer much better gains (50% HP/MP from Elympics Sports Drink but 60 sec CD, over 200MP and a decent amount of HP through the regular Elysion Drink, superior drinks from Elrianode and Varnimyr will be coming out in 2.5), so I question even 30k is worth this drink, maybe 15-25k or just skip this potion I don't know, even noobies can craft the superior drinks easily (as long as they have this information in mind). Frappuccino -> Increased MP/sec buff is ignored here, it is not worth as little as 30k. Should be at least 50k (that was its event price mind you), 75k-100k seems more appropriate. Halloween sweet basket -> 50k for complete recovery is nice but it feels too cheap for a permanent exchange, maybe 75k as well. Espresso -> Its movement speed buff is ignored here, it should be priced at 75-100k like the Frappuccino maybe higher than that too because movement speed buff is kinda more demanded than MP/sec. Halloween Treat -> This one is fine at 50k I guess, see how you priced this one exactly the same as the Halloween Basket that gives double the amount of HP/MP. Exchanges - Page 1: I see you used the potion exchange I had, that's fine, just wanna say that the first exchange also has Beer and Vitality Potion, those potions are worthless compared to the other 2 so I feel like they are out of place, just a little nitpick. Crafts: Blue Bull: This potion is not superior to a Battle Elixir, it has double the CD of a Complete Recovery whose price scales from 50k to 75k each now? Max 100k. As compensation for the double CD it also gives Full Awakening Beads (or DP for Add etc) but we have Enlightening Secret Potions for that. It should be priced at 100~150k ED in my opinion. Pet Food: I feel 30k for Seed and 50~75k for Fruit is better, again minor nitpick. Mage Neck and RoF Crafts: Think they are a little too cheap? Mage Neck also is a little more expensive than RoF if I recall correctly, a little more appropriate price increase could be done, maybe ~8-10:100 craft price. (I don't remember exactly their EC price though and can't be arsed to log cough). Besides those, as others said, good idea to include Jewels as well but you are already working on that so yeah.
  3. *random text to prevent WP*
  4. LordGostone

    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    Suggested this ages ago, +1.
  5. LordGostone

    [WIP] Lets make Naeun GREAT again (Updated 02/09/19)

    +1, I'll make a detailed post on some of my thoughts when I got the time.
  6. LordGostone

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    Just noticed I got all answers correct. Just as planned... or did I? :peperun: Also, wondering if I got my EC reward, my EC has been going up and down lately so I am not sure.
  7. LordGostone

    Official Ereda Time™

    When Ereda S3 first came out KOG made it like Drabaki, open for a duration and closed after that. I guess this could solve a problem by creating a far less severe one. Doubt Void can do that bit though so some announcement could be helpful I guess but not sure if it'll be that helpful. +0.5
  8. LordGostone

    [Marketing] Undercuts

    I usually undercut with quality numbers unless I am lazy (numbers with symmetry, 69, 420, 666, same number repeated multiple times etc.). When lazy or selling very highly demanded items that constantly get more sellers I just undercut by 1 ED (or not sell till price increases if desperate or more “generous” peeps pop up and then do so). Also, as someone else said, if I know an item will sell and there’s little of it for cheap and then most of them are more expensive I undercut 1 of the more expensive ones depending on the quantities etc. It’s all about profit to me, winning an undercutting war is pretty satisfying, haven’t been able to participate in one that well lately due to the ERP grind though.
  9. LordGostone

    Worst bravery skill.

    The debuff is cancer for Ereda.
  10. LordGostone

    Suggestions for the current event

    I just wanna note that having the +11 armor ammy cost twice as much as an elite HH both materials and ED wise seems too much, besides that +1. Increase 11-4 rates kay thanks.
  11. LordGostone

    make frost shards tradeable

    You will probably drop more than 1 material per dungeon unless you have bad luck (I guess also depends on what you grind), which means you will need an average of max ~500 dungeons to clear throughout 3 weeks, that is around max 25 dungeons daily. I could agree with nerfing maybe the crafting requirements a little (especially the ED to be more friendly towards noobies) but allowing you to sit and buy everything with ED is a no-no. I guess it is a little strict for a Christmas event but that doesn't mean event materials should become tradeable again, I've always disliked that concept.
  12. LordGostone

    make frost shards tradeable

    No, work for your shit.
  13. 11-4 slavery hype. Everyone soon will share their Elite HH meanwhile Unique still stuck on 1 char.
  14. LordGostone

    The Magical Girl, or the Demon Duo?

    Aisha>everyone else. PvP wise Aisha is run for resources while LuCiel is less lag sensitive (excluding certain meme Dia combos I guess), all classes are at a decent level for PvP I think (both can do damage and have catching tools, LuCiel has better commands though for sure while Aisha has some more utility with her skills maybe and of course mana charging). For PvE overall I think they again go toe to toe, AeS is maybe the most versatile character to be used for any PvE scenario but her flaw is too high MP consumption because of double cast in scenarios where that has to be abused (Expeditions, Raids etc.), MtM is the MVP for physical based parties and has the easiest time with pot consumption I think from the Aishas and OzS greatly reduces magical defense and has decent dps, meanwhile all LuCiels provide good buffs, Catastrophy has meme Apollyons and improved clearing thanks to new mods, IN has op DPS for raids and is overall the most versatile LuCiel for PvE probs and Dia, I am not sure xd but he is not that bad either, maybe somewhere in between. Just choose what you enjoy playing more if money is not a problem, if it is obviously LuCiel. Too lazy to write essays so I tried to keep it short and simple, hopefully not too misleading. Fuck you Natasha, @Nattie eat this.
  15. LordGostone

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    The reason I made it repeatable and not daily was because of the title farming people will be doing, they will end up wasting a significant amount of runs with 0 drops which I find pretty ridiculous to be honest. This is the reason why I believe the quest has to be repeatable and not daily. Besides that though, when it's daily it puts more pressure to people to have to spam raid daily which is not a walk in the park especially when it comes to finding parties, meanwhile if it's repeatable everyone can do as much as they want to and maybe grind during the weekend a lot without worrying about losing some dailies on days they are more busy etc. Raid is a bit more fun to play but it also requires much more effort than your usual dungeon run, because of that the requirements for rewards etc should be diminished, raids should be very rewarding as a matter of fact, Void made a step in the right direction with their changes, however limiting every reward to Flame Marks only is what I still dislike. I guess see first reply, of course if it does end up being a daily the exchanges will need a nerf. Thanks for the support.