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  1. I just want to add we should also get an accessory to flame crystal exchange too: 12-5 -> 2x Flame Crystals 12-6 -> 3x Flame Crystals 12-7 -> 5x Flame Crystals Especially in the case where we may (but it's Void lol) get acc bankshare extra accessories will be useless so it'd be nice to be able to exchange them for Flame Crystals.
  2. There is just barely a point of the 800% Base EXP Buff if the Random Missions are not included, I was worried people would really make such a bad decision because the majority cannot be trusted and of course today it came out to be true. This is more of asking a favor, a lot of people that looked forward to the base 800% EXP are no longer motivated to grind. Just to show how important random missions are, the 800% Base EXP pretty much acts like a permanent 200% Random Mission (both double the EXP gain), and missions had the ability to go up to 500%. Now imagine the potential EXP with both of these combined, that’s what we were looking for. Looks like their importance was severely underestimated due to their frequency in events, everyone that voted the 800% Base EXP should have voted for the Random Missions as well. Of course this suggestion will totally be implemented, that is why I bothered posting it. :peperun:
  3. Mass ban everyone that didn’t vote random missions so the votes convert to 100% k thanks.
  4. I wanted to pick the one true goddess Karis but everyone and their grandma picked Ignia. Had to choose her to earn my vote. >:U
  5. Riot if no 100% Random Mission + 800% Base EXP.
  6. The reason they haven’t done this is it’d apparently take them a significantly longer time to push out rotation updates. If possible +1 of course.
  7. Delet can’t bankshare meta bs, free force extractors and can bankshare all force skills too when.
  8. I agree that the requirements are too much, then again almost anything void implements is always overpriced lately. I just hope at least by the time old Henir is gone in 2.6 the exchange will be improved to 1-3 for 1 Cube.
  9. Butchered suggestion, feels gud mang.
  10. K, a more detailed post on the things suggested. Shop: Pepsi -> change to 50k. Soft Ice Cream -> normally I'd agree but this potion has a severe issue (and that thanks to Void). It shares CD with drinks and drinks nowadays offer much better gains (50% HP/MP from Elympics Sports Drink but 60 sec CD, over 200MP and a decent amount of HP through the regular Elysion Drink, superior drinks from Elrianode and Varnimyr will be coming out in 2.5), so I question even 30k is worth this drink, maybe 15-25k or just skip this potion I don't know, even noobies can craft the superior drinks easily (as long as they have this information in mind). Frappuccino -> Increased MP/sec buff is ignored here, it is not worth as little as 30k. Should be at least 50k (that was its event price mind you), 75k-100k seems more appropriate. Halloween sweet basket -> 50k for complete recovery is nice but it feels too cheap for a permanent exchange, maybe 75k as well. Espresso -> Its movement speed buff is ignored here, it should be priced at 75-100k like the Frappuccino maybe higher than that too because movement speed buff is kinda more demanded than MP/sec. Halloween Treat -> This one is fine at 50k I guess, see how you priced this one exactly the same as the Halloween Basket that gives double the amount of HP/MP. Exchanges - Page 1: I see you used the potion exchange I had, that's fine, just wanna say that the first exchange also has Beer and Vitality Potion, those potions are worthless compared to the other 2 so I feel like they are out of place, just a little nitpick. Crafts: Blue Bull: This potion is not superior to a Battle Elixir, it has double the CD of a Complete Recovery whose price scales from 50k to 75k each now? Max 100k. As compensation for the double CD it also gives Full Awakening Beads (or DP for Add etc) but we have Enlightening Secret Potions for that. It should be priced at 100~150k ED in my opinion. Pet Food: I feel 30k for Seed and 50~75k for Fruit is better, again minor nitpick. Mage Neck and RoF Crafts: Think they are a little too cheap? Mage Neck also is a little more expensive than RoF if I recall correctly, a little more appropriate price increase could be done, maybe ~8-10:100 craft price. (I don't remember exactly their EC price though and can't be arsed to log cough). Besides those, as others said, good idea to include Jewels as well but you are already working on that so yeah.