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  1. Updated suggestion with a section related to Expert Magic Stones (unsure about this one and had no space to add a poll about it) as well as upgrading IB Magic Stones (added new poll).
  2. I believe these things should only involve Red and Blue ones and make the rates 1-1, so +1 on that, -1 on any Purple exchange (if you insist I guess the 2-1 rate is appropriate if not 3~5-1.
  3. Purple to other colors doesn't exist and if Void can make one they downright shouldn't. It'd be nice for Void to make the Red <-> Blue tickets available I guess, especially since soon a better armor set will be coming out. I am not sure about making it a Naeun card thing though.
  4. This potion was never meant to be given out on Void, it is part of those buggy mail rewards you were never supposed to get. It is a cool rare relic to find. I tried to get this potion implemented in some suggestions a while back but for some reason they always skipped on it.
  5. I just don't feel comfortable with having your top tier item dropped in an ED burner, I think your lower tier item in larger quantites is more appropriate. You misunderstood, I didn't mean to remove the ED cost, I just said for my approximation the ED cost is so minimal compared to the ED gained from farming that I didn't have to keep it into account. So you based the craft on how long it used to take to make it, but you have to understand this was then, a very long time ago. This set now is very outdated, not worth getting pretty much, but if you want to keep it you can keep it I guess (though I am not sure if Void will care about actually implementing it it just feels near-pointless). Though, I guess the set could have MW purposes... That's fine, am not telling you to remove the reward, however: 1) if you want a free easy to get pet, you have Hallowitch from GoD. 2) for mounts I guess there's Naeun's Mounts and Pets Ticket and the Hero Coin Exchange (though I get that you no longer acquire those outside of the ED Burner). In any case, I am fine with the tickets, but don't expect Void to add the IB related pets, those are meant to be for IM along with the IBs. I don't see how this supports their inclusion in the suggestion. I will just insist as before that these items don't fit here and to force them to fit you made the exchanges very expensive. If you make them easy to get Elrianode and Varnimyr's farming worth will decrease and it will lead to a very messy economy, if you make them too hard it is not really worth wasting time on them etc (I disagree with finding a middleground here too, I don't think these items should be acquired from such an easy content as SDs...). Again, you are free to keep them in of course, it is your suggestion, I myself just don't find them a good addition. My issue with the +10 is not necessarily the farming effort required nor economy based, it is more-so how you made it exclusively obtainable from SDs, I don't think SDs deserve such special treatment considering how easy they are. Even Void will not accept such a craft I think, especially when a +9 craft requires Heroic materials and ED too... Yeah, I know, still thought maybe some cooperation could be made, oh well.
  6. Not 100% sure on the coin exchanges yet but pretty good changes. +1 (and I think you meant Grand Prize Box not Grand Price Box)
  7. First off correct Distorsion Stones to Distortion Stones. It feels weird that you gain 3x Stones per run and yet the daily quest gives you only 2x, I think the values gained per run and quests need to be modified, I also find it weird that symbols are exclusively acquired from a monthly quest or a craft, I think including Symbols in some if not all of the weeklies is a good idea as well (and of course adjust the numbers). Inclusion of Luto NPC: Cool idea, if tech difficulties they'll use Glave instead I guess. Symbols in ED Burner -> I think it should be Stones instead with the appropriate amounts (5x, 10x and 15x or 7x, 10x and 15x or 10x, 15x and 25x?). Now for the crafts and exchanges. By clearing the weeklies every time you will clear the Monthly too before the month is over so I will calculate the materials you gain per 4 weeks and include the Monthly reward on top as an average material gain per month -> you require 22 runs per week for 22 mats + you gain another 14 mats from the dailies per week + 66 mats from the clear reward of 22 runs -> 102 mats per week -> 408 mats + 5 symbols per month approx. If we convert those mats into symbols that is 16 Symbols - 2.4m ED spent + 5 Symbols -> 21 Symbols -2.4m ED (you will gain far more ED from the dungeon drops than the loss so I will just remove the ED cost) -> 21 Symbols per month. A full 4th Dimension Set requires 15 Symbols so you can acquire it within a month's grind -> not bad but I just think 4th Dimension Set is pretty bad and no one should waste time getting it, a Heroic Set is far more worth it and Heroics are about as difficult to clear as SDs are (not saying you should add Heroic items here though). Pretty much the exchange values are OK but the set itself is way too much outdated. KOG mentioned plans to potentially work on the problematic stats current SD sets give, potentially making them equal to the Heroic ones, so involving such ancient equipment in here may not be the best decision (also they may bring more SD related changes in the future so maybe it's best to hold a bit on this suggestion until we see what KOG does, though that mainly goes for Void's staff who I doubt will bother with this, at least not yet, you are free to share your ideas of course). I am overall -0.5 for this, not -1 because the exchange values are good but still negative because the set is far too old. For the random Pet/Mount Cube, you can acquire 1 of each or 2 of one from a month's grind, I guess it is OK or maybe a bit too cheap, maybe 1 per month is better (but I guess the RNG makes it a bit even). The pets included are problematic (pretty neutral on the mounts I guess), I don't think you should be including IB related pets as those will always be rotated along with their IB set (Servion (Servius Set), Luke (Chess Arena Set), Fennec (Shaviana Truffles Set) & Dana (Mechanic General Set)). I am mainly against including El Tears and Mystic Stones from SD grind because they are meant to be exclusive to Elrianode and Varnimyr grinds. You are pretty much forced to make the exchange values extremely overpriced to excuse their inclusion, I just feel they should not be part of this at all. The +10 Amulet should include more crafting materials, not things exclusive to SDs in my opinion (Heroic materials similar to the +9 craft, maybe with Henir mats and/or Elrianode materials too, not gonna include Varnimyr because that area pretty much nearly demands you to have a +10 to play it). Yes, you do require about 5 months of grind for it (fewer if you keep spamming SDs beyond the quests), but a high tier item like that shouldn't be acquired just by grinding the easiest type of end-game (if you can even call them end-game at this point I guess) dungeons. As for the Raid items, I am not sure how suitable they are to be included here. I feel if anything the old Raid items could be part of a custom Drabaki suggestion where per clear you get a bonus item and you use that bonus item to get them (old Raid items from a current Raid boss, that feels appropriate, they shouldn't be too expensive due to how low tier they are at this point but I think you get my point, I am not sure how suitable these Raid-tier, even if old, items are to be acquired through SDs). I guess it could be a mix of your Luto materials as well as the Drabaki items (by involving Drabaki you could add the reset tickets as part of the rewards too I guess). You can acquire about 2 Accessories per month or a Weapon per month, I guess it is not too bad considering they are inferior to current meta Accessories/Type Void but again I am not sure about involving purely SD materials. Also, I think Symbols should be involved for the Legendary crafts. The Random Title Cube feels very out of place here: Race! Go! is meant to be an ED Burner exclusive title, Berserker and Sacrifice are meant to be IB exclusive titles, Saint Patrick is a scam drop considering how cheap it is due to its frequency of dropping from ED Burners, the Adventurer titles were suggested before, they seem to be bugged, if not they are OK to be included here I guess considering how expensive this exchange is, same tech difficulty applies to the Harmony Festival and Creator of Secrets titles, Songkran is a new one so we don't know how its functionality is. I think this exchange should not be RNG considering how expensive it is and should only involve temporary items, the danger is the titles may be mostly unfunctionable. I guess if it will not be RNG it should only involve the Passionate Peace Lover and Elrios Novice Adventure titles, if it will be RNG I think these 2 should be included along with the Senior Adventurer and the Songkran. Creator of Secrets should be a very cheap exchange so that noobies can abuse it during their SD farms. Since you want to make SDs a bit more worth it, you should maybe think about more rewards to add that don't involve extremely fancy or outdated or too high tier things, things like potions, seals, barrier fragments, el rewards etc. Oh also, you can include the other Luto costume because its current craft from Glave is severely outdated, same for Glave's mask, you can include other old Henir related materials too like the ancient accessories that exist (though maybe involving too much of Henir stuff is more suitable for a custom Henir suggestion...). Now this is something that probably Void cannot do I have no idea, but a good thing would be to apply the Luto EXP increase to ERP EXP as well, not just for normal leveling. Lastly, you could take ideas or cooperate I don't know with this SD related suggestion: My 2 (or I guess more) cents on this, good luck.
  8. Let me explain from the start again I guess. My suggestion: 50x magic stones + 15x enhanced stones + 5x expert stones + 300k ED -> Sage Stone. Your craft: 10x magic stones + 3x enhanced stones + 60k ED -> 1x Expert Stones Multiplied x5: 50x magic stones + 15x enhanced stones + 300k ED -> 5x Expert Stones. Your exchange: 5x Expert Stones -> Sage Stone AKA by replacing the 5x expert stones with their craft requirements: 50x magic stones + 15x enhanced stones + 300k ED -> 1x Sage Stone (it is cheaper by 5x Expert Stones because you do not include them in the craft the same way I do, you instead exchange them directly for the sage without any other stones involved). I pretty much suggest x + y + z -> stone. You say x + y = z and then z -> stone instead of x + y + z -> stone aka 2z -> stone (pretty much I say x + y + z -> stone and you say x + y -> stone or z -> stone... xd).
  9. It's not. You make 50x magic stones + 15x enhanced + 300k ED equal to 5x expert stones and then you require 5x expert stones to be exchanged for 1 sage stone (instead of requiring say 10x expert stones which would be equal to what I suggested). You didn't understand what I said I guess, I multiplied your craft times 5.
  10. Eh, what you pretty much said is a nerfed version of the craft I posted. You require 10x Magic Stones and 3x Enhanced Stones + 60k ED for 1x Expert Magic Stone, times 5 -> 50x Magic Stones and 15x Enhanced Stones + 300k ED (same as my craft for a Sage Stone) for 5 Expert Stones. Then, you have those 5 stones exchangeable for a Sage Stone, pretty much removing the requirement of Expert Stones altogether, you can jump from the very common stones to Sage stones with too much ease. I don't think crafting Expert Stones with the common Magic Stones will work, maybe if you kept the craft the same as mine and add the expert magic stone craft too but I am still not sure to be honest.
  11. Maybe I'll try to think of something to make just the common and Enhanced ones useful, like a guy above talked about pot exchanges, will see. EDIT: I was thinking of maybe something like below but I am not sure. 60x -> 30x / 30x / 5x (Random) -> chance is 30% for first, 60% for 2nd 10% for 3rd? x30 -> 15x / 5x (Random) -> chance 70% for 1st, 30% for 2nd? I feel this may make the Elria stones pretty common and make their price drop a lot though.
  12. Well, on one hand you get 25 of them weekly I think so they limit your sages to 5 per week (I don't remember if the quest is per account or character though). I wanted to include them because I personally barely find any worth to them, simply to throw away to your alts maybe. The other magic stones are just way too common as well, would have to increase the ED sink by quite a bit if the Expert Stones were to be removed from the crafting requirements, I feel that would overall be an inferior craft with too many magic stones and a too strong ED sink involved. I was thinking about maybe adding an Expert Stone craft too instead but I think the limited crafts per week may be a good thing and I am not sure how to handle that craft, it would probably involve the other 2 stones which may make them too common etc. I wanna point out that this suggestion pretty much also makes the Expert Magic Stones useful, not just the common and Enhanced ones.