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  1. LordGostone

    Suggestions for the current event

    I just wanna note that having the +11 armor ammy cost twice as much as an elite HH both materials and ED wise seems too much, besides that +1. Increase 11-4 rates kay thanks.
  2. LordGostone

    make frost shards tradeable

    You will probably drop more than 1 material per dungeon unless you have bad luck (I guess also depends on what you grind), which means you will need an average of max ~500 dungeons to clear throughout 3 weeks, that is around max 25 dungeons daily. I could agree with nerfing maybe the crafting requirements a little (especially the ED to be more friendly towards noobies) but allowing you to sit and buy everything with ED is a no-no. I guess it is a little strict for a Christmas event but that doesn't mean event materials should become tradeable again, I've always disliked that concept.
  3. LordGostone

    make frost shards tradeable

    No, work for your shit.
  4. 11-4 slavery hype. Everyone soon will share their Elite HH meanwhile Unique still stuck on 1 char.
  5. LordGostone

    The Magical Girl, or the Demon Duo?

    Aisha>everyone else. PvP wise Aisha is run for resources while LuCiel is less lag sensitive (excluding certain meme Dia combos I guess), all classes are at a decent level for PvP I think (both can do damage and have catching tools, LuCiel has better commands though for sure while Aisha has some more utility with her skills maybe and of course mana charging). For PvE overall I think they again go toe to toe, AeS is maybe the most versatile character to be used for any PvE scenario but her flaw is too high MP consumption because of double cast in scenarios where that has to be abused (Expeditions, Raids etc.), MtM is the MVP for physical based parties and has the easiest time with pot consumption I think from the Aishas and OzS greatly reduces magical defense and has decent dps, meanwhile all LuCiels provide good buffs, Catastrophy has meme Apollyons and improved clearing thanks to new mods, IN has op DPS for raids and is overall the most versatile LuCiel for PvE probs and Dia, I am not sure xd but he is not that bad either, maybe somewhere in between. Just choose what you enjoy playing more if money is not a problem, if it is obviously LuCiel. Too lazy to write essays so I tried to keep it short and simple, hopefully not too misleading. Fuck you Natasha, @Nattie eat this.
  6. LordGostone

    [Event] Christmas Scramble

    [IGN]: DontReportMe [Ran's Items]: 2, 7 [Lilu's Items]: 3, 6 [Yata's Items]: 5, 9 [Structure's Items]: 1, 8 [Xera's Items]: 4, 10
  7. LordGostone

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    The reason I made it repeatable and not daily was because of the title farming people will be doing, they will end up wasting a significant amount of runs with 0 drops which I find pretty ridiculous to be honest. This is the reason why I believe the quest has to be repeatable and not daily. Besides that though, when it's daily it puts more pressure to people to have to spam raid daily which is not a walk in the park especially when it comes to finding parties, meanwhile if it's repeatable everyone can do as much as they want to and maybe grind during the weekend a lot without worrying about losing some dailies on days they are more busy etc. Raid is a bit more fun to play but it also requires much more effort than your usual dungeon run, because of that the requirements for rewards etc should be diminished, raids should be very rewarding as a matter of fact, Void made a step in the right direction with their changes, however limiting every reward to Flame Marks only is what I still dislike. I guess see first reply, of course if it does end up being a daily the exchanges will need a nerf. Thanks for the support.
  8. LordGostone

    Increase character slots to match officials

    Old suggestion rejected due to technical difficulties, praying something can be done in 2.5 when Laby comes out. +1 as always.
  9. LordGostone

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    Updated suggestion, pretty much buffs to custom item exchanges.
  10. LordGostone

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    Buff Aisha, nerf everyone else.
  11. LordGostone

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    I actually thought about the accessory thing too but paid not much mind on it, I guess I'll change it to the accessories themselves indeed. I actually changed the exchange to 666 Flame Marks a friend wanted me to lower it and 666 is too good of a number to decline. Better to suggest less to have the staff buff it to the value you intended it to have in the beginning eh? :^) Honestly, 666 is already pretty high, you need 20 for a weapon so you need like 13,320 marks. If you want to get all the accessories with certainty too that amounts to a total of 33,300 Flame Marks. The numbers are already insane enough. Those pics though, giving me that false hope. Giving that NPC more of a rule would be cool indeed.
  12. LordGostone

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    I did not include weapon bankshare because I highly doubt Void will bother with it after all the meme bugs that happened with Type Void (however I support it because it won't break the game as much I feel, weapons are already character restricted, but I digress as this is not included at all in this suggestion). I'd appreciate it if the accessories could be bankshared at least as well as Unique and Legendary Forces, Elite ones don't deserve to be so special.
  13. LordGostone

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    Yeah, I mentioned that, I am suggesting the reverse exchange. What KOG implemented was exchanging Flame Crystals for Accessories, I am suggesting exchanging Accessories for Flame Crystals as the person above said. +1, I'll give you a sticky juice.
  14. So we finally got a permanent actual raid content for Elsword but with it come as always questionable decisions done by KOG regarding the rewarding system. At the moment you get weekly clear rewards and once these clears are achieved you are no longer able to acquire any rewards until a Crimson Reset Ticket is used (which is very expensive or requires excessive grinding with 0 reward runs to get it through 500 Flame Marks), also this ticket can only be used once per week. Pretty much the issue is that the raid is not as rewarding as it should be to reflect on the effort spent clearing it. This suggestion is meant to improve the rewarding system through simple custom exchanges and quests. Part 1: Repeatable Quests A simple way to make every run of the raid more rewarding is by adding a repeatable quest for clearing it, one for each raid dungeon. Something as the following: Clear 12-5 Once Common Rewards: Mark of Crimson Calamity (custom item, more to that later), x15 Highly Concentrated Recovery Potions, x2 Battle Elixirs. Selective Rewards: Crimson Tower of Howling Flames Cube (Elite), Flame Marks x7. Clear 12-6 Once Common Rewards: Mark of Crimson Eye (custom item, more to that later), x20 Highly Concentrated Recovery Potions, x3 Battle Elixirs. Selective Rewards: Never-Ending Darkness Cube (Elite), Flame Marks x10. Clear 12-7 Once Common Rewards: Mark of Dark Recluse (custom item, more to that later), x30 Highly Concentrated Recovery Potions, x5 Battle Elixirs. Selective Rewards: Crimson Cradle of Flames Cube (Elite), Flame Marks x15. Part 2: About Accessories This part of the suggestion can be split into 2 parts. Firstly, make the accessories bankshareable. Second, make it possible to exchange accessories for Flame Crystals (the reverse of this was implemented in KR). Undying Flame Accessory -> x2 Flame Crystals Demonic Eye Accessory -> x3 Flame Crystals Mark of Inferno Accessory -> x5 Flame Crystals Part 3: Custom Items and Exchanges The title of this section speaks for itself. Here are the custom exchanges I have in mind: 666 Flame Marks -> 1 Flame Crystal x1 Mark of Crimson Calamity (all) -> x2 Battle Elixir / x10 Recovery Potions (untradeable). x3 Mark of Crimson Calamity -> x5 Flame Mark x5 Mark of Crimson Calamity (random) -> Crimson Tower of Howling Flames Cube (Elite) / Crimson Tower of Howling Flames Cube (Unique) x100 Mark of Crimson Calamity (random) -> x1 Giant Refined Mystic Stone / x1 Giant Shining Mystic Stone / x1 Crimson Reset Ticket/ x1 Flame Crystal / x1 Undying Flames Accessory Cube x1 Mark of Crimson Eye (all) > x3 Battle Elixir / x20 Recovery Potions (untradeable). x3 Mark of Crimson Eye -> x7 Flame Mark x5 Mark of Crimson Eye (random) -> Never-Ending Darkness Cube (Elite) / Never-Ending Darkness Cube (Unique) x75 Mark of Crimson Eye (random) -> x1 Giant Refined Mystic Stone / x1 Giant Shining Mystic Stone / x1 Crimson Reset Ticket / x1 Flame Crystal / x1 Demonic Eye Accessory Cube x1 Mark of Dark Recluse (all) -> x5 Battle Elixir / x30 Recovery Potions (untradeable). x3 Mark of Dark Recluse -> x10 Flame Mark x5 Mark of Dark Recluse (random) -> Crimson Cradle of Flames Cube (Elite) / Crimson Cradle of Flames Cube (Unique) x50 Mark of Dark Recluse (random) -> x1 Giant Refined Mystic Stone / x1 Giant Shining Mystic Stone / x1 Crimson Reset Ticket / x1 Flame Crystal / x1 Mark of Inferno Accessory Cube Finally made this suggestion, probably nothing will happen, wanted to throw it anyway. Let me know your thoughts, cast your votes etc.