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  1. Shiryelle

    Hey Vsauce, Seyrenn here

    Hiyo hellooo, hope you'll make yourself comfy and enjoy it here (also, haven't really met any actors here so that's nice to know)
  2. Shiryelle

    [Event] Guess The Image

    [IGN]: Wings[Stage: Easy Answer]: Mei (Lanox Village)[Stage: Medium Answer]: Noel (Velder Village[Stage: Hard Answer]: Rosean (Sander Village)
  3. Shiryelle

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    ..Let the exotic extravaganza fashion show begin ! Additional screenies: Items used: IGN: Wings Good luck!
  4. Shiryelle

    Returning to Void for real now.

    Hoiii welcome back here ~
  5. Looked for it and I think it is from here: "e.g. we had control over achievements a couple of years ago (halloween event in 2017), now we don't, a potentially useful feature for something like guaranteed legendary skill acquisition just gone in a flash and that's the end of that - no idea when will it ever come back again (if it even will)"
  6. Oi, been long time.

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    2. Extreme


      That you? its me Kanji years ago on my elboi xD

    3. Shiryelle


      I remember you of course : D ~ yas

    4. Extreme


      Hows going tho wew.. haha 

  7. Shiryelle

    [1/4/19] Update Discussion Thread

    I can finally get those non-existent Eve MA lights
  8. Gaaaah at least you won't be gone for good. Hoping you'll enjoy your time irl and with other games, take careee ; _ ; (also bless you for doing the giveaways, really) (C9 squaddd)
  9. Shiryelle

    Returning to VoidEls!

    Hiyoo, welcome back here and happy grinding huhu! Have fun
  10. Let the grind begin, ho ho ho (bless this event tbh aaaagh) Also can we appreciate the Frost Maiden art and the new icon: so cute
  11. Shiryelle

    Uhh, guess I'm back for a bit?

    Woaah been so long, welcome back fellow Eve main In case you need help or so, don't hesitate to ask, you'll surely get some answers \o (gee I remember this old thread of yours was so helpful way back then, would check it frequently) :
  12. Shiryelle

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    Shhh you could try wording it differently. Look up here to see what is weather forecast exactly: And maybe change some of your designs' details to match your new title? D: (it's perf fine to misunderstand a theme, it can happen)
  13. Shiryelle

    [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    I think Suiba meant to dress like spring in general, which is a weather season, rather than weather forecast which in this case would mean a sunny (mixed with or without a rainy) day mixed with the showcase of flowers (due to spring) ; (so they could have made a "A sunny spring day", idk ; ;) // so ig they misunderstood; As for the wildfire, I'm not sure on this one, weather elements do enhance the initiation of wildfires (as mentioned here: link so it could be, idk) (just throwing my random opinion here don't mind me ' _')
  14. Shiryelle

    Hihi, Void~!

    Hullooo Yumo, welcome here, make sure to have lots of fun '_ ') /