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  1. Shiryelle

    AP rate

    Since this thread has been necro'ed, I'll have to lock this up.
  2. //sneaks in// As this thread has been hit with the big ol' necro, I'll be locking this.
  3. Hellu! You can use any IGN you would like from your main account (basically the account’s IGNs you participe with). It doesn’t have to be exclusively the character you did the dress-up on. Good luck!
  4. Hellu; Actually, suggestions are an exception to the necro-posting rule so your thread's fine, no worries. Here's a reference:
  5. Heya Voidlings, Mod Shi here with our weekly event Void's Designer! Is Elsword's dress-up your life? Do you pride yourself for your fashion skills and want to get rewarded for them? If you're thinking "yes", then Void's Designer is the contest for you! In this event you will design an outfit using in-game costumes while following the theme set below. At the end of each week, three winners will become Void's next Designer, and will win a great EC prize! Please make sure to read and follow all the rules and procedures listed below. This thread is for ENTRIES ONLY. Do not derail the thread. Any questions/comments/discussions should be posted in the Event Discussion Thread. Prizes:If you've won and haven't received your EC within a week, please contact me! Winner: 5,000 El Coins each! NOTE: You are unable to join next week if you have won this week. Rules: All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here]. We are more strict during Official Events! Below are the Event specific rules. 18+ content is not allowed. Image(s) must be taken in Void. Make sure the image(s) clearly show the outfit. Gifs are allowed as long as the previous rule is followed. Make sure the image(s) clearly relate to the theme. Please stay original (do not copy somebody else's idea). Descriptions/quotes regarding the drawing is allowed and encouraged. Don't steal images from other sites (such as DeviantArt, Photobucket, etc.). Add your in-game name to your post so we know who to send the EC to if you win. Don't edit the screenshot with image manipulation/editing programs (Photoshop, Paint, Gimp, etc.). Cropping is allowed however, as long as the outfit is clearly seen. You are allowed to use Magic Wardrobe, as long as the pieces you use in your entry exist currently in Void. Do not post more than 1 entry at a time. Multiple images are fine, however only your first image will be taken into consideration when judging. Do not enter on multiple accounts or you will be disqualified immediately. Winners are not eligible to participate in the next week's contest (they are eligible again the week after). If you want to "vote" for a specific entry then click the "Like" button. Having the most likes isn't an auto-win but they definitely help us. This is a Submissions thread so please keep all discussions, suggestions, and questions in the threads below under "Other Void Event threads". Don't go off-topic in this thread; it will not be tolerated. Please post entries only, or you may receive a warning point/ban. Reservations are allowed, but please make sure to edit your reserved post with your entry. Deadline: 09/15/19 to 09/22/19 (11:59 PM CET) Entry Template Example: [IGN]* [Title of entry]* [Screenshot(s)]* [Phrase or description] [Item list (written list preferred)]* The items listed with an asterisk (*) are considered mandatory! Weekly Theme: Country Flags Exhibition! Generally, flags show that we belong to a community, organisation or nation and that we share beliefs, goals, rules and regulations. Flags are national symbols. Every country has got a specific flag as their national symbol. There are plenty of unique and colorful country flags for you to choose from. Transform your character into their mascot, showing off your best representation of any country flag's colors (and/or symbols)! - Make sure to add a reference of your chosen flag. Note: One-pieces and full sets are banned! Try not to use pieces from the same set more than once (accessories are an exception). If they're different colours but are from the same set that does NOT count either! Other Void Event threads: Event Theme Suggestion: [Here] Void Event Discussion: [Here] Last week's winners: > Format = IGN [Forum name] IGN = Entry, Forum name = Profile. Three winning entries! Xerriko [Xerriko] Punish [MexicanLover] Cheritz [Cheritz] Honourable Mentions: While there were several other excellent entries, these are the ones that came close to winning but just didn't quite make it. [Tiramicchu] [MikuHatsune] [Wonho] List of the previous winners: 2018-2019: 2016-2017: 2014-2015: Best of luck and have fun!
  6. Gah that title was surely confusing when reading it at first (thought you'd be leaving again x_x). Welcome back in the game, Nonemiiiiiiiiiiiiii, enjoy playing your Nisha huhu. See you around here~
  7. Helluu; Welcome back, good to see you around here again~ Enjoy your time being back!
  8. Shiryelle

    Nisha's Eyes

    Hellu; Since we have a pretty similar suggestion to this, please refer to the one Syn linked, for further discussion on this matter. Gonna lock this now!
  9. Hihi, In case you're having issues with your pin, please create a thread within the [Account Support] and follow the format given. Since this no longer needs a thread itself, I'll be locking it, good luck with your pin.
  10. There is absolutely no reason for you to post defamatory content, keep in mind to not do that next time.
  11. Hellu; In that case, you'll have to @ mention the full Moderator team (Structure, Xera, PhysicsTM and Shiryelle), we'll get notified and lock it quicker for you. #Locked as per request
  12. Hello there~ Yes it counts, the "sky periods" phrase is very generalized; you can take it as showcasing different sky moments, such as night, day, stormy, cloudy, the sky of sunrise/sunset etc. So no worries about that and I'm glad you had fun! Simplemente escriba "Referencia" y agregue una imagen con lo que se vistió en su publicación.
  13. Hihi! Welcome to VoidEls; I have moved your first thread to the General Guides section, please refer to that one. You can look up that section for further help in regards to your question. #Locked
  14. Hello there, As I don't want to limit you guys too much, feel free to create other "sky periods" such as night, day etc.; I added a note within the thread. Edit: After reviewing your entry, (sadly) I'll have to ask you to post the original picture, without any edits such as that border. Thank you in advance! (the border and overall picture were nice though~) @Gurohime Psst, make sure to add a reference in your Void's Designer entry.
  15. Hellu~ You can refer to the suggestion gayish posted for further discussion in regards to this kind of event as the threads are similar. Gonna lock this now.