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  1. Congrats for the implementation~ Thread locked as per request.
  2. Welcome back, Sora/Sloth~ I hope you're doing better now; enjoy hanging out around and farming as well!
  3. First off, I'm really glad you gained some experience and acknowledge on this mini "adventure". I've personally enjoyed working alongside you! Second, I know how hard real life can get at some points with loads of work/projects etc. so I'd like to wish you best of luck with all your current & future projects/stuff (go ace 'em all). Make sure to take care of yourself as well ; _ ; ! //casually gives you some coffee like before//
  4. Hello both! The main purpose of this theme is to design a costume based on any character from Cartoon Network-exclusive shows. That means, stuff like Bakugan, for example, which indeed aired on Cartoon Network does not really count. Feel free to check Wikipedia whenever you have doubts. Generator Rex however, counts as a Cartoon Network show, according to Wikipedia: (notice the "created by Man of Action for Cartoon Network") I hope this clears things up, good luck!
  5. Hello everyone, Mod Shi here with our weekly Void's Designer! Is Elsword's dress-up your life? Do you pride yourself for your fashion skills and want to get rewarded for them? If you're thinking "yes", then Void's Designer is the contest for you! In this event you will design an outfit using in-game costumes while following the theme set below. At the end of each week, three winners will become Void's next Designer, and will win a great EC prize! Please make sure to read and follow all the rules and procedures listed below. This thread is for ENTRIES ONLY. Do not derail the thread. Any questions/comments/discussions should be posted in the Event Discussion Thread. Prizes:If you've won and haven't received your EC within a week, please contact me! Winner: 5,000 El Coins each! NOTE: You are unable to join next week if you have won this week. Rules: All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here]. We are more strict during Official Events! Below are the Event specific rules. 18+ content is not allowed. Image(s) must be taken in Void. Make sure the image(s) clearly show the outfit. Gifs are allowed as long as the previous rule is followed. Make sure the image(s) clearly relate to the theme. Please stay original (do not copy somebody else's idea). Descriptions/quotes regarding the drawing is allowed and encouraged. Don't steal images from other sites (such as DeviantArt, Photobucket, etc.). Add your in-game name to your post so we know who to send the EC to if you win. Don't edit the screenshot with image manipulation/editing programs (Photoshop, Paint, Gimp, etc.). Cropping is allowed however, as long as the outfit is clearly seen. You are allowed to use Magic Wardrobe, as long as the pieces you use in your entry exist currently in Void. Do not post more than 1 entry at a time. Multiple images are fine, however only your first image will be taken into consideration when judging. Do not enter on multiple accounts or you will be disqualified immediately. Winners are not eligible to participate in the next week's contest (they are eligible again the week after). If you want to "vote" for a specific entry then click the "Like" button. Having the most likes isn't an auto-win but they definitely help us. This is a Submissions thread so please keep all discussions, suggestions, and questions in the threads below under "Other Void Event threads". Don't go off-topic in this thread; it will not be tolerated. Please post entries only, or you may receive a warning point/ban. Reservations are allowed, but please make sure to edit your reserved post with your entry. Deadline: 05/11/19 to 05/18/19 (11:59 PM CET) Entry Template Example: [IGN]* [Title of entry]* [Screenshot(s)]* [Phrase or description] [Item list (written list preferred)]* The items listed with an asterisk (*) are considered mandatory! Weekly Theme: Cartoon Network Cosplay! Suggested by [Caroline]! The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo.. you name it! Everyone remembers and has at least one favorite Cartoon Network show they used to watch as a kid. Which funky character will you choose to dress-up as? For this week's theme, create your best representation of any character from Cartoon Network's shows. - Please provide a reference to the character you chose to design! Keep in mind only Cartoon Network-exclusive shows count. Any other shows which were not produced for/by Cartoon Network do not count. (check out the show's details via Wikipedia to help you with that). Note: One-pieces and full sets are banned! Try not to use pieces from the same set more than once (accessories are an exception). If they're different colours but are from the same set that does NOT count either! Other Void Event threads: Event Theme Suggestion: [Here] Void Event Discussion: [Here] Last week's winners: > Format = IGN [Forum name] IGN = Entry, Forum name = Profile. Three winning entries! MimeKnight [Patched] Dul [Dul] RosenBluete [PyokoNami] Honourable Mentions: While there were several other excellent entries, these are the ones that came close to winning but just didn't quite make it. [Stalky] [Eliandria] [superhugs] List of the previous winners: 2018-2019 2016-2017: 2014-2015:
  6. Heyo! Please keep in mind to mention the full Moderator team when requesting a lock, next time. That includes: Structure, Xera, PhysicsTM, Naivety, Shiryelle. Gonna lock this as per request.
  7. Please keep in mind to stay on topic and not derail with unrelated stuff.
  8. While I understand this thread is meant for general "upsets"/mild salt, please do not go overboard with it and refrain from adding more fuel to the fire. However, if you guys would still like to continue this, do that in PMs (although, everyone should just accept the situation and move on, a good ol' tip).
  9. Hello, Please make sure to not post single-word comments as it may count as post farming and can lean to a warning point.
  10. Can I have all of them on my head Also here are pictures with some of the costumes, in case anyone wants to see (image heavy btw) + video of the Velder Rock'n Roll motion.
  11. Hooray for Maru and Corgi! Gonna lock this as per request~
  12. That should be nice, I've edited the thread with this list!
  13. Greetings, Len! Welcome to Void's forums; have fun around here~
  14. Hey ho~ Yeah of course, popularity doesn't matter. You just have to cosplay as any Marvel superhero or villain. - - - - - - - - - - - - edit: @Lylan @Krabber88 Hullo! Please keep in mind that the Void's Designer thread is strictly for submitting your entries. Any other stuff like discussions, comments etc. belong here. (your replies were then removed) Reference: