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  1. Oxi

    Greetings Everyone!

    hiyo. welcome to the forum o ~o !!
  2. Oxi


    \o helloooo
  3. Oxi

    H-hello? *^*

  4. waaahhh, ;c this is sad. i'm sorry to hear this.
  5. Oxi

    Bans OP

    rip m8 you will not be forgotten♥
  6. Oxi

    Lock this.

    smiles at progression.....
  7. Oxi

    So is void laging or is it just me??

    yeah, it legitimately happens a lot... especially in pvp...
  8. Oxi

    Nice being with you Void.

    aaaaaaa I wanna help you so bad CRIES. Brb Skypu.
  9. Oxi

    Nice being with you Void.

    forgot to quote o.. Notice me.
  10. Oxi

    Nice being with you Void.

  11. Oxi

    Nice being with you Void.

    KISSES LINDA. ;////;... Oh my dearest sweet , message me on skype?!?! <3 This is disappointing to here like legit. I wanna beat up void for this. I wish that they were able to do something..
  12. Oxi


    Hiyooooo!!! Welcome sweetheart! <3 do try and enjoy your stay.
  13. Oxi

    ' ^' STARES AT YOU???