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  1. hiyo. welcome to the forum o ~o !!
  2. waaahhh, ;c this is sad. i'm sorry to hear this.
  3. rip m8 you will not be forgotten♥
  4. Oxi

    Lock this.

    smiles at progression.....
  5. yeah, it legitimately happens a lot... especially in pvp...
  6. aaaaaaa I wanna help you so bad CRIES. Brb Skypu.
  8. KISSES LINDA. ;////;... Oh my dearest sweet , message me on skype?!?! <3 This is disappointing to here like legit. I wanna beat up void for this. I wish that they were able to do something..
  9. Hiyooooo!!! Welcome sweetheart! <3 do try and enjoy your stay.
  10. Oxi

    ' ^' STARES AT YOU???