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  1. Kidney

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    It'd be hard for them to sleep now since we´re mid maintenance?
  2. Kidney

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    B>EC need to waste money on Laby dress up REEEEEE I LOVE YOU RAN *donates coffee* NO KIDNEY PROBLEMS FOR YOU
  3. Kidney

    [Monthly] Void's Artist

    Oooh i like that one reees
  4. Kidney

    Soo.. No valentine event?

    I bet everyone thinks 2.5 is gonna come next week or something now even tho 3rd path hasnt even been released on NA yet
  5. Kidney

    Soo.. No valentine event?

    I fucking love you for this oml
  6. Kidney

    Soo.. No valentine event?

    another one.. there have been enough threads about this, however It has already been said that we do not get a maintenance today not to mention, no staff member ever said there is going to be a valentines event today
  7. the fact that vanimyr could be fixed doesn't relate to the void server though. It's a general problem of elsword then. And you can, in fact, grind on this server. And I'm definetly not the only one with that point of view on things.
  8. So you´re basically complaining about the fact that you need to grind for your stuff? and if vanimyr isnt worth clearing here it's not worth clearing elsewhere either lol same goes for difficulty. they´re meant to be hard
  9. I'm not actually attacking you, but besides that, I don't see where it's impossible to work for your stuff. And why can't you get carried in VOID? I don't really see your point tbh. And with premade parties I mean people megaing etc. Last time I wanted to do 12-2 I mega'd, and boom I got a party what a surprise. And VOID actually has more ways to get to content than NA what do you mean
  10. Have you ever thought about people just premaking parties? And are you aware that there are enough people around that made it to +11 and the like without any cashing at all? I think your only problem is that you give up and complain instead of working for your stuff. Just because VOID doesn't give you everything for free doesn't make becoming strong impossible. And I don't see where you get the having better fun in NA from. What makes it more fun? Being carried by others?
  11. the "issue" you´re describing is a problem of the people playing, not the actual server. Getting gear on officials is even harder on than on void from what I've experienced, high end content is harder to achieve without cashing, and so on. And tbh, what do you mean nobodies trying vanimyr? What kinda observations are your claims based on?
  12. Kidney

    Void - Coming Events & Content

    idk it was in some thread somewhere, too lazy to look for it
  13. Kidney

    Void - Coming Events & Content

    *Remembers cucked Metamorphy model pic and 2.4 shortly after* that one was good and I think the rarity of it is nice
  14. Kidney

    [2/1/19] Update Discussion Thread

    that's what they thought last rota too :L but it's just my opinion ig. first 2-3 days are obviously gonna be burned a bit (by who i dont know because people want the sets while not wanting to burn because it's not really worth it in the long run) but thats all there is to it