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  1. it was never p2w except when you were around at ed bug times, this server is still very much playable as f2p if you put in the effort. PvP is kinda active ish but it's always the same people imo and not rly a fun experience (But im not one to judge i dont rly like pvp)
  2. You had me at hairstyle res
  3. I did actually. They were usually sad about a good an main quitting
  4. Welcome back m8 I‘ve actually been hearing about you (AN main that sadly quit and so on)
  5. heya! Welcome to VOID from me as well! if you got any questions or need help feel free to ask (:
  6. Purpose of this thread? You´re kind of inviting the drama in yourself
  7. well. To Enter raid. you need 241k cp, minimum. Of couse, you won't deal any damage like that. But most people do it with cp like that because they have 2 people to carry them. your gear doesnt rly matter because if u know patterns he will be unlikely to kill you unless you fuck up, what would most likely kill you with any gear Becoming DPS in raid however, depends heavily on your class. Some classes have it easier than others. An EtW for example, can rock the thing with a +11 VOID weapon and good Elrianode gear + set up, while others need a +11 FoJ to reach that lvl. So well, basically, you need some top-tier gear, know how to play your class, use Battle Elixirs and Newt's Grace, have Elite/Unique HH and some really good stats to become DPS in raid. Ofc, this is very simplified but I don't feel like writing a guide hehe
  8. they only break if u use hammers (that's how it is for me anyway)
  9. cs actually has different eyes (they´re half closed) also technical difficulties as already said
  10. >burns 1b (E: 1.35b still no drop) >doesn't get new set seems legit
  11. people expecting shit we won't get until 2.7 and only complaining
  12. double rate gonna go as well as r!g! double rate went ig. no change :keklmao: not rly that happy about the ed rota but i knew that alrdy when I saw EoVD will burn a bit anyway
  13. get a good host? do low- spec runs? (2-4 people instead of 8)
  14. Considering I get like 15-20 so called useless chars with 240k done per week.. well. raid is first come first serve and if ur not fast its rly not anyones problem most people get atleast 1 free slot into their party
  15. Halted Sun's Memory, then