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  1. Kidney

    make frost shards tradeable

    if you can buy shards you can just buy the event service. Leads to the same thing basically
  2. yes you are its better than pure blood o^))) also S/O to Lilu for showing me my new life
  3. omg so cuuute tyty Can you give me the white one with hair as well? Uwu ♥
  4. I want a screen of Eve and Aisha UWU damn these are cute
  5. Well did anyone say you only drop 1 event item per dungeon? I think not And considering some people had like 2k+ event items last event I'm not saying it's too hard, I had plenty myself All in all I'm happy with this. Also one request uwu Can anyone show me the arctic fox set for Eve and Aisha?
  6. they´re not free m8 on a side note I DONT HAVE ENOUGH EC FOR ALL THIS SHIT?????
  7. Kidney

    The Magical Girl, or the Demon Duo?

    Team Aisha here, as well
  8. Kidney

    Add dung drop x2 for this Christmas?

    Nobody knows and we won't know until we get the event
  9. Kidney

    Suggestion for when the game is on maintenance

    Well I mean, there is actually the list of recent maintenances, including the most recent one. if you can't log in and see that there's a maintenance today, the rest should be pretty self explanationary
  10. A question for VOID's artist: Can I use a character from a mobile game too? Since it's in Anime style
  11. Kidney

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    I‘m not upset about people claiming it, it‘s just as you said, there‘s way more to VOID than spar and I‘m happy you can see that now, as well (: