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  1. Depends on the amount of people selling EC and the next IB rotation I think. if it's some useless trash IBs then it could go down but I think we also need a nice IM sale in combination so people start loading EC.
  2. I need this rn, tbh this is not even up to debate there are no cons to adding this wtf
  3. FM's already give us enough stuff in my opinion, they're worth farming rn as is, so I don't see any need to expand on that
  4. Meanwhile I played my first raid on BL, didn't know shit about BL and ended up not dying once and being a good MP slave. OT: When people fuck up in 12-7 which leads to somebody else fucking up as well (mostly because of thorns/holes) and BL's that don't do their job
  5. Nisha is still stuck in the Labyrinth so Ib rotation and that‘s it. Y‘all acting like it‘s been 10 years since we got Laby haha
  6. You look like a bean.

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      Aren't Kidneys everywhere too :AddCalculations:

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      Not you too...

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  7. Eve! My first character was an Eve, who then went onto the road of an Code Nemesis! I loved the concept of her. And i proceeded to be the most terrible CN in EU history. I'm happy to say that I still main Eve cx In memory of Flan123 the CN that never got past D rank
  8. ty for street star, actually wanted that c:
  9. 0:59 with CS now. Skipping animations is such a pain lmao
  10. People saying nobody plays MtM like ????? the 3rd chung with long hair whose name I totally forgot because he's nowhere to be found and gay
  11. rest isn't noteworthy is it obvious who I'm maining yet?
  12. Welcome back to the game! Also nice name
  13. Basically. Question already got answered somewhere. It was mainly because of a bug with Raven