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  1. @Niecie Anyone knows anything about her?

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    2. Asilea


      Nah. I don't give up on people I care about

    3. Hail


      if she doesn't come back on her own, she wont return at all though.

    4. Asilea


      Well first I don't know what causes her absence. 

  2. In case you are ignoring/neglecting someone over something small.



  3. Welcome to Void, Nie
  4. I see Tamamonomae I hiss and go all pew pew with Mitsuki and she's down kek. Jk I like the presentation. The comics etc if something picks my interest for els again I will most likely 100% join! PEW PEW - hiss
  5. Sorry but this suggestion won't make it through for various reasons and one of them is the always-working-excuse 'technical issues' or in other words too lazy to put too much effort into whatever. Void has been here for like 5 if not 6 years and they don't even have one custom-made thing or in other words something that's not even available in KR. So stuff like 'make something from scratch' won't happen cause it's easier to copy files from NA than actually make something of your own and be proud of. I mean you can't expect them to make something from scratch while all they do is hire people to do things every 12 year old can (like move threads, delete threads, lock threads, kick people, ban people, mute people and so on)
  6. Asilea

    Stop going off after every sentence :angry:

    1. Kew


      LOL I was at school :augery:

  7. You'll see people say this crap 7 more times (according to KOG saying there will be 8 new characters after Ain) so ye. Better get used to it
  8. The double pouches buff should be everywhere tho. Not everyone is geared enough for Vranymir.
  9. Marry me you little thing ❤️❤️

  10. An year older. Ayy 

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    2. Nemmy


      happy birthday ♡

    3. Hail
    4. kurumii


      late to the party but still wish you happy birthday!

  11. New character has been spotted.

  12. *Enter dying noises here*

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    2. Unnie


      i can't cook, but i will do something for ya, promise

    3. Asilea


      Add me in discord so we can chat freely xD

    4. Asilea


      Did I offend you?