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  1. +8 is ok, but like I have mixed feelings about the +9 +10/+11/+12 is a definite no from me
  2. pre-order joanne by lady gaga ot: no eta : ) and we just recently got 1.8 so
  3. This game is all abt cosmetics anyways
  4. hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Welcome back!~
  5. Creame

    Rose ;w;

    yall keep asking when is rose coming but im still over here asking where the f lady gaga's 5th studio album is!!! OT: 1.8 Theres no ETA for it yet though
  6. someone help elliniams is down : ((((

  7. i felt like exploding today omfg its the worst

  8. Creame


    The big question is Lady Gaga's 5th studio album when. OT: No ETA @Stay@Acowgi