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  1. +(add infinite smybol here) I completely agree to make this pots permanent. I started playing elsword about the time eve came out and on the way to old max lvl 50 i was spamming those old pots with 4k hp regen even though they were kinda useless. Nevertheless since i joined void i never used pots anymore because i dont agree to kog to keep spamming skills and burst my mana like there is no tomorrow because of all those ridiculous permanent super armor invicible, whatever the f*** kog plans to do with new dungeon enemies. Anyway my point is, the cost of 1k ed for this awesomeness made me finally not rage my life out of me, i could finally play in vanimyr without needing to destroy or scream like an idiot, because i dont understand why and what the actual poop. Me being a noob aside, i left official server and joined void because i have FUN on void and i don´t see void as a private server, to me it´s a fun server, self explanatory. Having Sd´s opened all the time is indeed questionable why it´s event only. Since the event ended all servers except the first one are not busy at all. I don´t have any higher influence other than agreeing and adding my thought on this situation. Elsword was a fun game but this pots just work against the bullsh** kog is doing (my opinion, hate me, idc). About the price. Market is already corrupted to the bones so i do indeed mind if they would cost more than 1k ED, i would indeed want them for 1k ED and i dont care about ppl making their income with recovery potions. @SkepticRyo a gamisou, calm down honestly malaka edit: may i say that this year it was way harder getting a +10 unlike last year? those pots were a giant help to somewhat follow up to the whales that we have on void