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  1. vinimy

    Old old player coming back

    Welcome back we have freebies and stuff so have fun and enjoy everything again :3
  2. Pve wise I need a nice core system buff for CE and pvp wise maybe buff dimension link century, that little doggo robot helps (also buff the damn AI on the bots to help) nerf pvp wise probably mod burning punisher (even if I have chung main qwq)
  3. vinimy

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Some people have lives some people just want numbers (whales) in pvp mostly some people just stay for the events and leave because they play too much or just never found why they like playing void some people are only staying for new dungeons or new characters some people just have a lot of freetime and money that IBs are popping out the wazzoo too keep then invested some people just don't know where to go and haven't found another game like elsword and there's me, a potato who doesn't know what to do but likes playing elsword for fun *still weak to raid ah well*
  4. vinimy


    Pay to skip grinds and stack to grind is very much the meta now. Unless they up the drop rates for all users and the plain meta became even then they're wouldn't be a point to win. After all people would do anything to win (=except for hacking now a days but remember those days too?=)
  5. vinimy

    Making the Salt System less Salt Inducing.

    To be fair I said no for suggestion 2+10- 11 scrolls maybe I'm cynical but, I see rather a better intention of using the enchantment system in order to keep void alive (whales still save the server besides the IB rotations) plus, the more fluorite stones the better board prices are in the board for ffp to enjoy ect. I think the journey for the end game +11 via enhancement is a little healthier then full on, get this only in pvp and do can't do anything about it as you watch your buddies destroy you and play in better dungeons while you're farming for >insert easy decent gear here< I donno, the rewards sound great and maybe bring 2v2/3v3 alive (plus NPC spawning for their titles is also a title collection person would like to achieve )
  6. Not being able to move during a match or not finding a match at all Also wants to complete NPC titles but even the npcs do not show up
  7. vinimy

    Character Slots

    I would just enjoy two more slots in case of a new character that interests me *their back ground is out of the window I just want to play the new character in the near future* +1 qwq I mean in the near future I'll finally have enough to spend on the server as I please q3q
  8. Welcome back Enjoy your stay again :3 Make new peeps if you like o<o)b
  9. vinimy

    Why do we still play this game??

    Eve is first o>o and Chung, Sprinkle Add, Lots of Ain, ehh Main Protagonist maybe, that's just that chars I enjoy playing. I just want to dress up them all despite being poor qwq least I get free grind earned items and be an idiot in sparr _Dancesetsareamazing_ Oh and guild! :3 *edit* I don't have wi-fi and for now have to stick with mobile games q. q
  10. vinimy

    Problem of lag with PvP players

    Is it weird that I had to think of the a few maintenances caused some people to lag whiles others didn't have a problem? My friend and I test the note, I was on her side when before I wasn't lagging at all.
  11. On void you gotta see if the lag shields you enough seconds to flee And huge skill counters Any other place, you need a few maps that give you a better advantage (Teleportation, Large map with Wind portals, curve platforms where if suppressed YR/SD need to physically move to the other platform that your on, and the last one would be know when the move happens and mb)
  12. Prefer UK voices on them, it makes Ciel sound more realistic (o> o and Add, maybe Edit: Rose to
  13. If you're asking making and deleting chars for dungeon run ticket quests I barely do it for getting bored than pvp o>o)
  14. The lag sucks so peeps want to ban, "Smile for Ran" quote, best to save screenshot just in case Running from Rose is such a blast dang it, I want tickets since Ereda is dead at certain times qwq
  15. vinimy

    How pvp should be played.

    Or you know~ LETS HAVE A NAKED AREA (includes 2v2/3v3) to test who's base damage is more op than others, and nerf some chars for reasons (Rose) They tried to help with +10ish sparr gear but I don't think all chars can make the pvp area with a +9-13 geared person .>.)