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  1. That's why I said most of one team are going to be mega trolls at least I got 2 lullaby weapons on my first IBS pulls
  2. If you're not in a guild or make your own to stabilize yourself then say goodbye to a buff do guild and consumables, because we know the community has the one person with several trolls and what not -just saying-
  3. Mostly because of the past years of trust and well a small staff trying to help one of the main droplets of accounts that might not even give it any support seems a little wasteful. Best to not be honest (lie) and say it's yours right of the bat to avoid these issues. But that's just me
  4. I have a question on the new update like new dungeons (var) only get x2 pouches and tokens or is it all dungeons? I'm sorry I'm kinda sleepy
  5. I think they ment that this event gives more rewards via pvp then pve (like clearing a dungeon of your level doesn't have any token rewards but rng drops in a dungeon depends on who get's it first or if any drops pop out for solo only users)
  6. The winning team would most likely pick the consumables and enchantment pack why? easy, losers would get mostly nothing but it gives any newbies and f2p players an idea on how void is (sadly I can see it being the package because that's just how wins and loses are)
  7. Kinda meh on the event because of banwagoning the winning team like I don't care about buffs just give me item drops and we'll be fine Apple because pink design. Also poor Karis the OG when will we have Male idol event (no idea)
  8. Sadly the losing team gets the winner's picks but only 2 seem useful (I doubt the winning team will ever be that generous) but ah well everyone ban wagon the idol that has the most votes all I can see is Ig team pick the beginner's scroll pack and the guild coins to the losers ah well....
  9. Sorry no -1 reason being I like to kick if I want just my party to be me and hubby or just 3 friends max (certain characters will be kicked due to fps issues aka rose) other than that keep it like it is
  10. make the boxes untradeable for the greed buy and then screw the system. But then again it makes void not have enough money from people so if the box is tradable things could go south easily. -1 +1
  11. Petty people are petty so that's why I only carry friends or make my own little circle of people that want to be carried. Also rng prices on the board can help out in terms of cheap semi strong gear.
  12. Guilds making ed from the guild new looks but also has a guild new look registered lol don't worry 10 bucks wouldn't hurt you Oh make it 20 for when they would add the Cat skin guild place lol just have 30 alt accounts and spam guild dungeon for coins (or 3 accounts to profit for yourself if you're alone)
  13. Pstttt at least void wise we don't get banned for talking about severs at least the grind is just for gear now (I mean FREE PROMO COSTUMES TO WARDROBE VIA GRIND) at least skipping quests for class advancement and needed items like slot unlocks sounds good just lack of events via game is what makes everybody itch other than new character and guild house updates. But the game overall can burn someone out I mean a good chunk of costumes are useless (not including ibs) so we manage a stable economy for the useless but wardrobe outfits also grab a friend for void and it's a fun experience oh wait...
  14. I donno all 3 maybe then use just Nisha or Radiant Soul
  15. You literally do not have to wait for weekend exp buffs or event exp buff =WHEN YOU'RE WORKING ON THOSE DAYS IN THE REAL WORLD= You literally can farm at your own pace =AND CAP A CHARACTER FAST ON YOUR OWN= You literally need to do is ASK FOR HELP on what gear or el tears you need or want in your new gear set You literally have a better chance for a VOID weapon AND +10 FREE AMU ONCE A YEAR =maybe= Void just has slower updates that's all