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  1. +/- 1 There's no evidence of said event, or just was exclusive to one server only, and well, nothing herd of from kog to even have it fully implemented. I just want more +10 events to prepare for the new dungeons and give less of a hassle for the void team for poses but that's just me
  2. +1 I couldn't do the past events due to life and other factors but I wanted to either have police/punk and get Ain's Goth set qwq also more dances yayy due to missing that set long ago also also it would make coughlabymainscough support something simple of a suggestion to guarantee grind committee
  3. well not considering the market place, I mean there's a reason we have tradeable ones but just mana of 100% sounds fine but also kinda tedious, I was hoping for just a costume cube rng then a another ib/chest one I donno at this point I just dislike anything consumable wise to be in a rng cube
  4. it's harder to grind on alts, I'm sure they can do that at least o-o
  5. +1 3 frags a week is like sadistic for the hard work on trying to new henir for alts,newbies,everyone o-o
  6. I'm not sure why +8 amy is useless (I use it to blacksmith to +10 sooooo) But other than that please don't add more consumables in a cube, I feel like it's annoying enough not getting something then being handed a consumable for the millionith time (considering some spend money ib wise o-o;) Maybe add mounts in the super star gamble cube
  7. Yuuuppp poor ol friend of mine got banned and gave up when the rotation of elphus came out sadly there was nothing to do and nothing to gain from all the unjustice so there went my friend and now I just grind solo for the many that fell for no reason at all not to mention of course innocent till prove guilty
  8. extend because I fully know there wouldn't be a huge gap before the next event x-x
  9. Free up bump since it would be nice to have an event that gave out crafting materials for a free IB set/parts like ice burners so the visual looking IBs or OP IBs can be sold at reasonable prices.
  10. It feels hopeless when you're a non considered class just so you can can have a chance at a weapon that might not be even good as the one you have but hey, if they added solo raids then all for it to make a profit when they nerf the mechanics to make it non gate keepy and maybe guide newbies for their chance to raid too ya know?
  11. The only IB perm for free make it Truffles. Then everyone is even except the next gen new commers or alt accounts. Everything would be balanced (maybe)
  12. +1 but maybe not the a pink jewels, since some people don't generally grind to craft an a pink box. Also also the jewels are more in handy for the already implemented stone exchange.
  13. Meh side due to well, the selling for laby (mainly the clothes selling instead of the weapon I'm not that evil to price it at 5 bill) I mean if new characters are rare might as well have greed for a couple of months. Then on the other side I want Ain/Chungs/Eve ST weapon without a monstrous spend.
  14. Oh I hope so. I was one coin short for my one piece costume for Chung ; -; rip Challenger coin and one piece set.
  15. Not to be so down but once today and next week is over most 'Nishas' and or bandwagons would disappear as the cycle for the update continues. (Farm Henir and such seems like more grindy crowd if any but also just PvP in general would die off again) I mean, I mostly go for the fishing system. Best afk ever next time.