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  1. 정말 미안 해요 .. 안녕히 가세요

  2. I've been told "Learn to play" on my Lv. 43 base Aisha by a Lv. 80 Asura who lost the first match and barely won the second.
  3. I've been called "NOOB" for almost everything I did and didn't do in this game.
  4. Here's mine.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJm9OfOZegI
  5. Then do i have space? o3o
  6. isn't [Magicians] full already?
  7. I'm a Lv. 70 VP looking for an open PvP Guild preferably with good skill build.
  8. As for the this thread, any GS or GM may lock this already.. I already have my answers.. Thanks!
  9. That's what I thought too.. At least part of my memory serves me right about sparring... Anyway thanks for the replies...
  10. I don't exactly know where to post and please give me a link if a thread like this already exists.. So.. Correct me if I'm wrong.. As far as I know, regardless of level or "+" of equipments, doesn't free channel normalize your stats? (Except for socket stats) Because there's this WS who said she doesn't want to play with me because I'm over geared (+9 weap and +8 armors).. In return I said I was gonna use sparring gear to satisfy her or even use my WS too with no gears or whatsoever.. She still then rejected my challenge and called me unskilled for being S+ despite having a +9.. (I didn't know that rank defines skills for some people though she's an S+ too.. and in my opinion, WS is broken in someways especially in sparring). As for my rank, I'm a VP who played only 1 day in arena a week ago and never actually attempted to rank up to SSS and never really cared about ranks in the first place (only seeking for fun because I was very bored that time and obviously I failed to). But anyway, nevermind the story. Back to topic about free channel stats.. Someone please enlighten me about free channel stats. Thanks and God bless.