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  1. I pity you guys more than I pity myself for the absurd effort you put out to keep this thing alive, I gotta say I'm honestly surprised at this point. @Structure @Xera @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Naivety necro here, please lock.
  2. I don't think the staff will ever agree with that pricing. If you want your suggestion to go through you need to negotiate it properly and not just scream "Hey, give us everything easy and for free", even if it's an irrelevant item.
  3. +1 but you'll have to agree the price needs an adjustment. You can't simply ask for a potion that has all alchemist apple type buffs + 50% MP to cost literally nothing. Same goes for a 100% HP/MP drink. I'd say 75~100k for the Pie and 50~75k for the Water.
  4. Yes, Head Hunter works on every room. Previous comment is wrong.
  5. Tried to achieve highest possible on my char, here's the result. Tips: • All Skill Damage tear, EOvD combo and Agate Fragment give a lot of CP. Make sure to get them. • Velder Kingdom Necklace vs. Ereda Hero Chain: Depends on your current setup. If you have low skill damage, Ereda Chain will be best. If you have tons of skill damage, Velder wins. In my case, Ereda gives only 1440 more CP than Velder. • LoW + Formal Attire hair is the highest CP boost 5/5 costume you can use (besides the temp Halloween ofc), unless your Skill Damage stat is really, really low (then 5/5 SR wins) • Highest CP titles (highest to lowest): St.Patrick - Race!Go!/God of Dimensions - Pierce the Heavens - Berserker - Resistant to Destiny - Dark Gaze - Key To Victory - Guardian of Secret Closed Space - Shadow's Descent (Not sure about Cobo Employee and Transcendence Key Code as I don't have them). • Achieving balance on your sockets is important, not only for your CP but for your damage too. Do not stack tons of crit damage while having no skill damage or boss damage. If your class has damage buffs, you'll invest less on it but being aware your CP will also be lower. Stats like Attack Speed and Awakening are also important. • ERP gives a lot of CP, the higher the better. My ERP alone gives me about 250k CP. Invest on Bravery and Strength Damage, MP Reduction, CD Reduction and HP/MP. Hyper Active damage gives 0 CP. • Boss Damage gives a lot of CP. However, Head Hunters will lower or barely change your CP unless it's the Unique one. Also, on Elrianode Shoes, Ignore Defense tear gives more CP than Damage to Boss tear.
  6. sniffs ur butt

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  7. I thought I was the only one. OT: • Going to a field to start dungeons already awakened. I can also equip a RoF when doing it so I'll have 3 beads awk + 3 beads from RoF inside dungeon. Useful on Henir runs. • Making multiple chars for free VIP sales. • Playing with a duo + queuing. If you get randoms that refuse to leave in the end, press "Retain Party", kick them, give your duo the leader (while he's still inside the dungeon) and let him F8 to restart.
  8. 1 - Meh. Reason: They already exist. If you haven't noticed, every new event has slightly different server buffs than the previous one. They are already rotating them and coming up with new stuff. Also, implementing these might be something tiring to do every 1~2 weeks, so keeping them bound to events only is good enough already. 2 - Yes. Reason: It's an official server content we are missing and it's clear enough they won't be able to implement it to work the intended way, so a work around is necessary.
  9. 4 Actually. Soon to be 5. OT: I guess you all know already, everyone is all about comparing me to Gos. No need for me to tell, but I voted.
  10. Can you just wait for v2.4 to come so you can properly test this thing and THEN assume if it needs a buff or not? Like come on, it isn't hard to wait a month or two. Also the only extra skill damage we have compared to officials are the rings + ereda chain (and FA Hair at the most). It's not the end of the world if ASD is a tiny bit less efficient. We are already in an absurd level of power creep compared to NA's +11 people. You guys suggesting this, broken Guild Skill effects and "free" +11s, you're better just shouting out loud "Give everyone a free +12" if you're that hungry for stats. This one covers your first suggestion already and it's a much better alternative. If you don't like ASD, you can still get stack gloves. +1 from me here.
  11. Probably not possible since the transformation changes the character's model completely, especially Lu's. It's not a simple costume like Ain's. I'll +1 anyway tho.
  12. I +1'd it but making a fixed NPC out of nowhere probably won't work well. Adding it to Shy Spirit/Sirena seems a better idea since it's just creating a button for it (and was done before during Spring Event).
  13. This is why each class can have different outputs. You have +40% crit damage from gathered souls and you weren't even using base job buff which would make things worse. In your case, skill damage is more viable because you already have too much crit damage stacked and the balance between the two stats (according to your 2:1 ratio or my 1.5:1 ratio since I don't count the base 50%) wasn't achieved. Since Herrscher has passives and buffs that gives both crit damage and skill damage, I can show a simple test I've run that shows how it works: You can see what each buff does and how I played with them. Case 1 has every buff active and then SR wins. Case 2 has no buffs applied, which shows that with my current stats, I have too much skill damage (which I mentioned in older comments), so crit damage will give me more damage, that's why LoW won there. Case 3 has only the Crit Damage buffs applied, and obviously SR would win because Crit Damage is oversaturated there. Case 4 has only Skill Damage buffs and then the opposite happens. I added an extra Mod Gott Sense (Bravery skill) on Case 1 so you can see that skill stacking actually doesn't change the damage difference between LoW and SR even though you have +65% skill damage applied there (the difference between them scales proportionally to the total damage dealt). I don't know why exactly this happens, but it does, and I believe an All Skill Damage tear will have an impact on this, unbalancing the Skill:Crit ratio once again. That's why I think LoW will serve me better in the future, but for now I keep SR.
  14. @JumperCzech I made sure none of AP/HR passives kicked in at the moment of the tests, I even stated that on my previous post. I'm aware of the +50% Skill Damage from Ruler of the Abyss (RotA from now on), 30% attack and 10% crit dmg from Wechsel, 15% crit damage from Chaos Barrier and other boosts from specific Henir type skills. What I did was simply not use RotA nor Wechsel and picked a skill that's not a Henir skill, thus also not procing Chaos Barrier. However, @Scout what you said is correct about LoW vs. SR, they really do have very similar performances at a certain level. LoW only happened to give me more damage than SR because of the big amount of Skill Damage I already have (which gets even bigger when RotA is present). In truth, there's no way to point out an absolute best for everyone at once, as each class has its individual passives that will for sure change the outcome, even using the same exact gears. The best way to pick what's the best for your char is testing it by yourself, like I did. I still recommend LoW over SR for whoever is going with All Skill Damage gloves, because I think achieving balance between stats is the best way to go (also mentioned and explained in this thread.)