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  1. Name/Nickname (optional): Adam IGN: HeartcageClass: Nisha LabyrinthPrevious Guild (if you were in one before): DeliveranceGear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): FoJTimezone: -03:00About you (optional): I'm lazy.Why did you decide to join this Guild?: I need a place to stay, been in my private guild for months. I can stay completely shut if you think my personality is a problem (like most people do).
  2. Agree with Henir, but the other 2 dungeons are a lost cause so I'll be neutral there. People try to add event drops/quests to HoB since v1.5 came out and it never happened.
  3. This was already suggested like the guy above said, but above all, Yata mentioned something about pouches being obtainable from time to time (during events or not). So I'll +1 this and say it has a good chance of happening at some point, as long as the staff sees people are interested. His comment below:
  4. My PC specs and internet are too bad for livestreaming, also I've lost motivation to keep going with the channel even if I had a quite big amount of "fans". I'm sorry to disappoint you but I don't think I'm uploading anything there anytime soon. OT again: I just noticed the Denim suits are custom made, do they have same stats as original or is this the long waited meta suit for Labys?
  5. No, why would I do that? Besides, CP means nothing in this game and also EtWs have a massive CP advantage over other classes so the highest CP goes to her. Competing in this game has become pointless and stupid to be honest, past v2.2 at least.
  6. I'm pretty much done with ERP grinding for life, there's no point in going further unless KOG revamps it again in the future. So I'm not concerned with how many EXP boosts they're giving or not.
  7. Awesome event, I really have nothing to complain about this time (and you know I complain a lot) But give my man Solace some snacks, he looks so thin I'm worried. (the art is good regardless).
  8. Imagine how many FoJs lRewritel would have if this passed. -1 to the whole exchange concept. First of all if you can't run raids then too bad for you, just like people said "the world doesn't revolve around you" to people who can run it fine, I can say the same to those who can't. Second, there's nothing in this game that has equal value to the strongest weapon, so even a x999 Void Cube -> FoJ Cube exchange would still be too easy since all it takes is time (no effort, no gear, no party planning which is extremely stressing, no suffering at all like everyone that has FoJ suffered). Third, if you ever get your hands on one, congrats. You just completed 10% of the journey. Good luck and have fun socketing it with mystic stones. "Oh but I farm in 12-8 xddd". Sure. The drop amount there is ridiculously low compared to raids, and forget about Shining Giant stones, you're not dropping them. If you wanna farm the ED and buy them off board, then you'll see getting the weapon was the least of your concerns. Last, if you really want it that bad, learn your character and how raids work and join the low specs parties (4-man max, which allows you to play with much less lag). If you still can't play even under these conditions, then I suggest you to just move to another game or get a better computer. Life is hard, you know.
  9. Do we have any new achievements to get on achievement system? I wanna reach 10k points but it's gonna be hard if there's nothing new.
  10. Ok now that I'm reading the patch notes carefully, I instantly noticed something that every version had so far, but it's missing on this one. Are we not going to have a v2.6 cube? Or did you somehow forget to list it?
  11. @VoidEls You actually picked my name.. I don't even know what to say.
  12. -1 for tradable acc, I don't want p2w whores to walk around with it effortlessly. Don't care for tradable cube, but take it as a -1 for the same reason as above. +1 for Blazing Crystal/Fragments, they should be much easier to farm. To be honest, the accessories itself should be much easier to get, they're actually just as hard to drop as the weapon itself and that's really dumb imo.
  13. I pity you guys more than I pity myself for the absurd effort you put out to keep this thing alive, I gotta say I'm honestly surprised at this point. @Structure @Xera @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Naivety necro here, please lock.
  14. I don't think the staff will ever agree with that pricing. If you want your suggestion to go through you need to negotiate it properly and not just scream "Hey, give us everything easy and for free", even if it's an irrelevant item.
  15. +1 but you'll have to agree the price needs an adjustment. You can't simply ask for a potion that has all alchemist apple type buffs + 50% MP to cost literally nothing. Same goes for a 100% HP/MP drink. I'd say 75~100k for the Pie and 50~75k for the Water.