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  1. Wasn't gonna reply again but you tempt me. LOL Already gave it away bud, sorry. c:
  2. I thought of that, but out of decency I just wanted to say goodbye at least, since I won't be coming back, and will disappear. I have been, the past 3 months, but thank you. c: Sorry, I won't be back. Good luck in the future, I know who you are. c: Nice knowing you too, goodbye! I was officially on break, hadn't quit yet. Same back at you, and no problem. From here on I won't be replying anymore! Goodbye, thank you for everything.
  3. Yes yes I know, "AGAIN YAMAZUKI?!?!" Please just don't, I'll keep this brief, okay? At least let me say goodbye. c: I've been away from void for about 3 months now and I think I'll stay away, I found new places to be. Heh, I don't even really know what to say. What I had to say has probably already been said in my break thread from a while ago. I've been away for a lot longer before I even created that though. I had a blast during the long time I spent here, I've been quite the fuck up I will tell! However can't deny that I've done good for a lot of people, I am honestly very misunderstood. On a sidenote, Thanks @God for recognizing my strengths in PvE. c: It's just a simple game but it meant something to me, and it was fun. Now I could go mention lots of people and give them my last words, but honestly I'm just going to go instead, I don't feel welcome here anymore. Now that might just be 100% my own feeling, and not be true at all. But that doesn't take away that it just feels like that to me. I have to be honest, Late 2015 to 2016 were terrible years for me, and I can't say I've really been happy around here during that entire time due to a lot of personal issues and mental instability, which explains all of those.. "Yamazuki Threads"; I'm fine now, but I just wanted to clarify before I left, no reason really. Anyway, Thank you for the good times. Adios~
  4. Take your sweet time away, you deserve it after what you've been through these past couple of weeks. Hope I did make you feel a bit better. I can genuinely relate to how you're feeling, so I'll be here for you if you need anything. I enjoyed spending time with you and I hope we can keep that going. Take care hun. And as I always say, Don't worry. I help because I want to. c:
  5. give me a suc 

  6. Bumping your thread. This means just putting a new reply to your thread every 24 hours so your thread is "Bumped" up to the first page again.
  7. I did vaguely know you I'm pretty sure, I'm seeing more and more people leave with the same complaints. The hive mind going around nowadays needs to die down. Either way, good luck in the future and I hope you'll find a new place to belong. c: It's definitely possible.
  8. I always got the same lag as that video shows, it gets frustrating so I never PvP'd much.
  9. Doing the same, but for different reasons. And I'm not on NA. c: Have fun though~
  10. Good luck, take your time away to get better and return to us soon. c:
  11. Goodbye, feel better.
  12. So far Ain is the first char im interested in since Elesis. (And she ended up disappointing me) so I think this is a good thing, more diversity in a game is fun anyway.
  13. Welcome back, enjoy your stay. c:
  14. Could I perhaps join on my GA? IGN is Emyr, she's my new main. c: