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  1. my ex persuade me to play the game but me in 2012 be like " i am not gonna play it unless they have priestess class" because for some reason i am obsessed of being a ex who is new to the game then told me elemental master fits my criteria..but no..he i change to wind sneaker..and tbh..EM might be my very first character..but wind sneaker is the one who stole my heart and the first character i truly loved..hell even tho my main is now sariel i still keep anemos as alt even tho i dont play her much
  2. considering laby is a new character,she could really use more customization option +1 from me
  3. i really dont know how to do cutscene or do shits faster because my skill took too long to cast
  4. i feel like i am the only one who probably likes karis
  5. Grace


    no eta.. and considering this thread has no purpose..i guess it can be locked? @Naivety @Structure @Xera @Shiryelle @PhysicsTM
  6. You cant talk to her in elder with z key but you can just click myu if you need to talk to her.
  7. If they add naeun to those towns. She needs to replace the official npc slot...just like how she replaced lowe in ruben because as far as i know..not every village or town has event npc slot or at least non occupied one..
  8. We already get 3 free erp page,the scrolls and reset coin is pretty cheap too at board..i dont see why this is necessary to be applied in void..and we even got cobo erp reset coin too from achievement
  9. personally..unless i know the seller very well like they are my friend..yes..i would buy the account but if its some random stranger or a friend of a friend then no...i am not gonna do that because its just risky
  10. I like hope bridge..its a linear map,i love the theme of the dungeon,and tbh..i like the scenery as well..which is why i really like it when i got hope bridge on heroic
  11. bring back old what? if you are talking about past limited IM sales they will eventually bring it back at some point just like formal attire..just be patient
  12. Definitely nisha just because the other two laby's path doesnt interest me
  13. Grace


    dont you get it? ..if this shit is not possible aka technical difficulties related stuff even if the gm is in a good mood they wouldnt be able to make it tradeable.