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  1. Grace

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    Aight..time to burn all my ed and watch me cry after not getting any race go
  2. Grace

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

    Void weapon is still one of the strongest weapon wdym..also it's a -1 from me..your reasoning is just because dont want to grind on the same place all the time..well if you wanna have the weapon then you need to work for it..they even gave the achievement type void cube if yout rng is so bad...and isnt this counted as customs feature on void..most of the custom idea people suggest usually denied because of technical difficulty....the idea of type void being tradeable is kinda meh for me..but if you suggest like its craft able with eds and material i might support it considering it will still took effort to achieve the weapon(btw we dont have seals for legendary item) and its a big -1 from me
  3. Grace

    AoE and Trascendence costumes.

    Cmiiw means correct me if i am wrong..i used it since i am not entirely sure if previously this topic is exist and has been denied since its months ago
  4. Grace

    AoE and Trascendence costumes.

    Cmiiw but months ago i think this idea is declined..for now this idea wont work but maybe in the future they can find a way to make it work just like what they did with chung's..i believe this is the same case as why they cant extract metamorphy hyperactive transformation
  5. Grace

    Opinions on the Event

    I am not really good in writing long reviews but tbh this christmas event went better than i expected..i didnt participate in last year Christmas event but compared to the halloween one or void caffee i definitely like this one more..especially the useful cheap potions..the special pie really helped to maintain awakening and they gave a lot of potion through the timer as for the craft or was imo not bad but i feel like they put too many costumes..we have frost pixie,breadlord,artic fox,christmas fairy,padded hedgehog..and after seeing last year christmas event thread..i kinda wish they put sit or idle motion..and the hoya,merihem and miho's pet section is really they are definitely worth the cost of shard imo..and one more..i kinda think the event material drop rate rng is a little bit perhaps next time there's more way to access the event mats..i know how people dont like the old event material gain method..1x clear dungeon around your lvl yada2 because it's a bother to get out everytime just to get the maybe in next event they can make a custom weekly or daily quest that gave event 10 ish run around your lvl or something.
  6. Grace

    Worst bravery skill.

    idk..maybe its because i like mod frost barrage visual more..and tbh i dont really feel icicle spear damage compared to frost barrage
  7. Grace

    Worst bravery skill.

    i kinda dont like meteor shower and icicle spear
  8. least you are still in the forum..even though we dont talk much but its still sad you are leaving for me because you are one of the active peeps here
  9. Grace

    [Event] Christmas Scramble

    [IGN] Serira [Ran's Items] 3,6 [Lilu's Items] 5,2 [Yata's Items] 9,8 [Structure's Items] 4,10 [Xera's Items] 7,1
  10. Grace

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    there is special place in hell for people who purposely didnt esc and decide to esc once my goddamn energy needless gone..
  11. Grace

    Petition to bring back Star rank

    its really not necessary to bring back star rank considering all the stuff we get from that can be crafted already..if you want star rank to be back just to show off then its a -1 from me because bragging imo only result note this is my opinion and dont throw your argument on me just because i dont agree with you btw..
  12. Grace

    Because 400m in a +11 and 150m in a +10

    we have like 2 weeks to grind and the time you get 150 shard you already get the craft fee as well..i mean in rage of behemoth its 1,5m ish per run..
  13. its -1 from me because EoVD is like 2-3 rotation ago..and considering we still have a few recolor that almost nonexistent like that archdevil recolor(forgot the name),night shaman or celestial dream..the other recolors need to be given a chance too..and considering how its 3 month and not 1 month for the rotation time like Ice burner i would say its fair to give the other recolors a chance..but if ed burner has like only one month rotation time to begin with just like ice burner then only then it would make sense to bring back the EoVD by now.
  14. Grace

    pd/pdr in im (maybe without the same stats)

    i dont see any problem with physic devil in IM but obviously some peeps would probably dissapointed especially some seller because the price skyrocket atm so maybe the best solution would be either putting this in ed burner or make it a limited item mall sales..anyway its a +1 from me and doesnt matter how they bring it back