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  1. no because it will break the game...it will literally break it because atm its not possible..not break because of price or anything
  2. perhaps CS means customer service? but if i correct staff wont unlock locked item in game sadly..also i'll suggest you start farming another void weapon in those 3 day like lynthie said or if you dont want your elrianode to go to waste just slap that +10 amulet to an elrianode armor pieces for easy 500m-700m
  3. when the last character basically eve my bf then convinced me to choose EM and i went with aisha but i dont like her at all > so i choose one that i like this time and its WS and then i tried eve..basically aisha,rena and eve. if its in void its ara,rena and aisha
  4. no..making the entrance unlimited will break the market because that means geared player can easily farm for 1 piece of accessory in less than an hour..if you are geared you can one shot the npc in less than 30 second of even below.
  5. That no choice sounds kinda biased..and i have to vote -1 ..really ...you can just play in a new account in the meanwhile..this event is friendly to new fresh made account even tho not as fast as olf account..really..SD and event dungeon should be enough...you can literally go to dessert cafe event dungeon,go afk and then hot 1 mats per run as long as you stay alive...
  6. what is this bait? signature says code sariel but ends up having Luciel banner :PEEPOWEIRD: 


  7. free bump..pls make it happen reeeeee i hope its not a necro since its a suggestion
  8. if you like recolors..nattie's suggestion might interest you
  9. lowkey forgot to bump it reeeeee...
  10. The elstar is literally not even finished yet..only mega cake and trinity ace's is out..i dont think void will release it unless the other 2 team got theirs released first.
  11. Just make it easier to obtain pls...i want that police set..but since us the polices never won that clothes gone to poof
  12. ^basically that or they need to do experiment regarding that..but i dont think its worth the risk..something like missing stage might appear if void force elrianode to be bankshareable when its not..and tbh..a lot of people probably will ended up losing their tears because of visual bug