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  1. Rika


    Even if your idea is easier to implement, wouldnt it be better to just keep related suggestion in one thread so the staff can have easier time to see the feedback tho
  2. Honey..no..the elstar not gonna be here that soon
  3. Rika


    I dont think my heart cant take it if its only stability tomorrow
  4. Vote people..pls..lemme store dis in my alt reeeeee bump..
  5. the material for bs is indeed so expensive nowaday but i still dont think void staff will meddle with economy between players if your suggestion is trying to make staff step in and lower down the price that player sets
  6. so,this acc is from halloween event last year and every other accessories from the same event is bankshareable except this.i know this is just a small thing but it would be nice if the staff can add this acc and and make it bankshareable so people can store this in their alt.
  7. using bs to +11 is still low chance..like teeny tiny chance..which is why you are encouraged to use npc to +11 since bs doesnt do much when it comes to +11
  8. i disagree to put RFvD in IB considering EovD is in ed burner,thus it would be fair if RFvD is also in ed burner/treasure chest as well otherwise its a +1
  9. Eve as Jadis(the white witch) from Narnia ign: Serira item used: ref:
  10. f2p player probably willing to wait that much rather than spend more ed i guess. because seriously nowaday the board prices is crazy..sometimes the cheapest is 150m sometimes it can be 170m ..
  11. not with current crazy board prices..when an event is here the amulet will cost like 90m-110m ish so crafting at naeun's is kinda a hassle and expensive but nowaday the +9 amulet is like 150m or more which kinda make the the craft cheaper