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  1. if new player can download the installer from the website surely they have a good eyesight to see the newest update thread linked about newest event and its content..in case you dont know there's a lot of f2p player here but you need to grind harder than people who use cash obviously.its easy to hit 220k CP with +9 heroic weapon,purple elrianode/decent heroic,and in case you dont know..gear is not the only thing that increase cp..pets and also ERP is important..dont scream let us play the endgame if you dont even use your erp well..just investing 100 in ASD should give you plenty of CP and socket is also important even if you use shitty avatar
  2. they let us craft +10 amulet on christmas,+9 is given like candies in event,getting ed is easy as long as you have only 1 character to fund,what more do you want..
  3. we recently had an event where void provide us with packs and we choose which one get implemented and among all of those has enhancement pack that contain the necessary stuff like fluo to enhance however since the enhancement pack voter lose the pack itself never got implemented but i believe maybe there's a chance in the future void will make an event with similiar concept..however when you make suggestions i suggest to put how do we obtain it. quest? event material? mail? please do not suggest just because i want free 5 blessed fluorite ore and also make a poll.
  4. ^same..like seriously guys..its not gonna be implemented whether you like it or not..at least for now..but if KOG decide to make it possible i believe void will do the same since its official content
  5. you can find ec codes seller in mega and occasionally in forum..but if you expect to find seller with like 7-8:100 everytime it would be hard nowaday because the average rate is 10:100
  6. pin system *cough* you can even exchange the rewards with stella in bethma,i mean..el hammer is rewarding enough
  7. It has been denied few times because of technical difficulties i believe..and i am not gonna let the staff trying experiment just to make it bank share able only for it to end like type void..nope..
  8. Oof..I'll change it when i have time..thanks for the heads up
  9. at first i want to +1 it and even voted +1 as well but as i think about it..this will works like wardrobeable type void..except type void doesnt have the statusless ver and its the weapon itself we hangered and tbh its kinda rewarding ...so doing this to the FoJ kinda seems unfair and i have decided to -1 it..why? because if you want the look imo work for it and if we have a buyable FoJ and if its also tradeable..it would only make rich people able to show of FoJ weapon without working hard and skipping the raids itself...but i might change my mind if the suggestion is about making FoJ actual weapon wardrobeable or make the statusless like the accessories but dont make tradebable
  10. Rika

    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    +1 for davey (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)
  11. nice idea but just my opinion...but if we have specific rotation..people would only burn for specific rotation..i know for sure people would only burn for the 3rd one and not first and maybe sometimes second..drop of the 3rd rotation will overflow while the costume from 2nd rot will be rare and if every week is different then it would add more work to the staff because they have to change it every week because previously we re-rotate it once in 3 months and it include everything
  12. Rika

    Fix +9 amulet

    No..unless if it included red and blue powder..and something else..would be great if you can specify what kind of fix it would br instead of just listing it..why use only purple powder that people dont really need..for such a good stuff why should we use junks to craft it..they hand out amu like candies on event already
  13. they give philosopher scroll that increase 1 lvl upon using one of them when laby arrives..maybe in special event they can bring it back? levelling to 70 is easy and then use the scroll to lv 90-99..
  14. i am gonna have to say no..people can abuse this for easy potion and free sales agent from new character..yea its already got abused..but at least it require effort..now they can get this like a candy because we can go to lv 99 that means 2 sales agent/2 weeks worth + potions